Sleeping & Shedding

photo taken July 2019

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3 Responses to “Sleeping & Shedding”

  1. scotty Says:

    It has been a rough year, in the spring Scruffy my orange tabby became very sick and passed. Tigger was attacked by a javelina from a troupe that moved in under my neighbors house, she received a very very nasty bite cut all the way through her body but survived it and it healed nicely. Unfortunately after a few weeks she began having serious seizures every day and there was nothing the vet could really do, apparently some bad pathogen had got in her system from the bite.

    I look in on Charlie quite a lot but have not felt much like commenting. But I remember you talking about a new book/project somewhat recently and I wanted to wish you good luck on that I will be checking in again.

  2. Vee Says:

    stunning image.

  3. Andy Says:

    He looks so tiny in this picture!

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