Good Sit

photo taken July 2019

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10 Responses to “Good Sit”

  1. ng in nh Says:

    Wow, good camouflage, Charlie! This photo is so monochromatic — just gorgeous.

  2. Andy Says:

    Beautiful coyote, beautiful photograph!

  3. Polly Jackson Says:

    His sweetness shows, he’s matured into a glorious being.

  4. Bob Says:

    Charlie looks young in this picture

  5. c in Florida Says:

    He is so wonderful!

  6. JoAnne Soper--Cook Says:

    He is so beautiful. What a gorgeous animal, and there is such sweetness in his face.

  7. Australian Pet Says:

    Love the eyes – so bright and glossy and attentive – you can see real intelligence there!

  8. Kevin Says:

    Such an earnest look. It makes me want to hug him and scratch him behind the ears.

  9. torre Says:

    amazing how he blends in.

  10. Vee Says:

    oh, you pretty boy <3

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