photo taken September 2019

one year ago: Mojo
two years ago: Goldilocks
three years ago: Raindrops On My Snout
four years ago: You’re Worth Saving
five years ago: My Munchkin
six years ago: Love Is The Only Gold
seven years ago: Small Fry
eight years ago: Señor Isosoles
nine years ago: Mouthfull
ten years ago: So Happy Together
eleven years ago: TP’ing The Room & Eachother
twelve years ago: Exploring the Wide Wild

2 Responses to “Coy”

  1. Alicia Soret Says:

    Soooooo freaking handsome. I love him so much! I’m happy to see he’s still got his spunk.

  2. Andy Says:

    …I’m pretty sure he’s scheming.

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