Path Of Gold

photo taken October 2019

one year ago: 2019 Charlie Calendars!
two years ago: Daybreak
three years ago: Autumn Rainbow
four years ago: Splash Of Light
five years ago: Delish
six years ago: Heard In Whispers
seven years ago: Ahoy
eight years ago: King Of The Mountain Meadow
nine years ago: Running Off Into The Sunset
ten years ago: Monkeying Around With A Gorilla
eleven years ago: Good Life
twelve years ago: Exploring A Bucket

3 Responses to “Path Of Gold”

  1. Julie Says:

    Beautiful picture, Shreve! Great job of capturing all of nature’s glory and Charlie’s elegance in one photo.

  2. torre Says:

    looks like he’s ready for the cold weather!

  3. Sandy G. Says:

    Beautiful colors!

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