photo taken October 2019

one year ago: Seeds
two years ago: Rust And Gold
three years ago: Little Coyote Eyelashes
four years ago: I’ve Got You
five years ago: Peaceful, Easy Feeling
six years ago: Mystery Makes Us Live
seven years ago: Jump Jump
eight years ago: Oh This Charlie
nine years ago: It Makes For Quite A Mouthful
ten years ago: Billy Idol
eleven years ago: A Beautiful Light
twelve years ago: Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

2 Responses to “Refluffifying”

  1. Alyxx Says:

    Wow…it seems like just a few days ago you were telling us about “defloofing” and pulling out the shed….he’s fluffing right back up now!!

  2. Jo-Mary Says:

    Stay strong Charlie. You do a fabulous job taking care of Charlie since 10 days old pup. Love all pictures.
    Any chance to purchase a book. “The Daily Coyote. 10 years Photographs”?
    Email me

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