My Sunshine

photo taken October 2019

one year ago: Color Cornucopia
two years ago: What A View
three years ago: The Moment Was All…
four years ago: Nose To Nose
five years ago: Eye Of The Beholder
six years ago: It Snowed. In September!
seven years ago: Brunch In The Brush
eight years ago: Underdog II
nine years ago: Not Inclined To Share
ten years ago: She’s A Tease
eleven years ago: Nibbling Grass Together
twelve years ago: Veil of Grasses

6 Responses to “My Sunshine”

  1. Vanessa H Says:

    We are SO blessed that you share your sunshine with us! :-)

  2. pam Says:

    Mine also! Thank you for everything, Shreve!

  3. Anne W. Says:

    my sunrise & sunset!!!!

  4. bonnie Says:

    yes! thank you for sharing him with us!

  5. torre Says:

    awwww so sweet – definite ray of sunshine

  6. Shelley P. Dodge Says:

    I stumbled across your book this weekend in a thrift store in a shop in colorado, I just finished reading it and it was wonderful. I hope you and Charlie are doing well. thank for the book and I hope to follow this website now. I have always been enchanted with coyotes and actually used to see them regularly in my dog walks in Denver where I think they migrated from the old ( now closed and redeveloped )Lowery Air Force base.

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