Colors Of Autumn

photo taken October 2019

one year ago: Color Cornucopia
two years ago: Sundog
three years ago: The Moment Was All…
four years ago: Drifter
five years ago: Glow Worm
six years ago: Spin Cycle
seven years ago: Brunch In The Brush
eight years ago: Underdog II
nine years ago: Sun-kissed Sweetheart
ten years ago: Channeling Munch
eleven years ago: Speedshot
twelve years ago: Veil of Grasses

3 Responses to “Colors Of Autumn”

  1. Sandy G. Says:

    Beautiful colors!

  2. Vanessa H Says:

    Oh My Gosh….I was so busy focusing on the red hills in the background I almost missed Charlie! I’m always amazed how well he blends in :-)

  3. torre Says:

    Vanessa – right? i did the same. Charlie blends in well with his surroundings1

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