photo taken October 2019

one year ago: Undeniably Autumn
two years ago: Perfect Poser
three years ago: Hoarder
four years ago: A Dream Of A Dream
five years ago: Lineage Of Light
six years ago: Monday?!?
seven years ago: Turkeyface
eight years ago: Charlie And The Big Red Dog
nine years ago: Lip Smackin’
ten years ago: Champagne Quirks
eleven years ago: Oh, The Expression!
twelve years ago: My, What A Big Nose

4 Responses to “Charles”

  1. Sandy G. Says:

    He’s gotten quite fluffy again! :)

  2. Mike Smart Says:

    I must confess I was loyal subscriber, watcher and reader of your site for years. And then I stopped. I don’t know why. I just came back to find Charlie. I will miss him even though we never met. He was my daily coyote. Thank you for sharing a life with me and all that have read your posts. I would also like to thank Charlie for sharing his life with me. Mike

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