Solid Gold

photo taken November 2019

one year ago: Puff Daddy
two years ago: Winterland
three years ago: Confetti Eyes
four years ago: A Grand Adventure
five years ago: Grand Vista
six years ago: Just Beauty
seven years ago: Sun Dumpling
eight years ago: Chillin’ In The Cow Camp Cabin
nine years ago: Napball
ten years ago: Summer Is For Gazing
eleven years ago: Velvet
twelve years ago: Five Weeks -from the archives-

9 Responses to “Solid Gold”

  1. torre Says:

    great closeup! love the golden colors!

  2. LISA Says:

    Absolutely beautiful shot! Looks like he’s feeling a little giddy :) Love the page and love the photos so much. Thank you for sharing this wonderful creature with us.
    -Lisa xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Beverly Williams Says:

    Please please get another coyote when you feel you can. Thank you so much Beverly Williams

  4. Beverly Williams Says:

    Read your book and have been following Charlie from the beginning and have loved Charlie beyond measure. We all need a new coyote baby to follow. I’ve been crying so much for Charlie

  5. Nell Angelo Says:

    I followed your blog years ago — must have been during your first year, because there were daily postings. Probably I was in Ethiopia at the time. I’m now in South Tx, and what a pleasure to have just run across your current postings. Congratulations on your long relationship w Charlie.

  6. Linda Clark Says:

    I just this moment finished reading your book. My best friend loaned it to me as she knew that I would enjoy and appreciate it. I most certainly did. I am now on your website and will continue to check it out. Hopefully you will continue to post pictures and stories of your life with Charlie. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Dan Gebhart Says:

    Just finished reading your book. Having grown up in South Dakota where the coyote was our University mascot. I laughed at your transition from City girl to Country Girl. I did the opposite. I’m really impressed that you were able to raise a wild animal like that. I didn’t know they were so beautiful. I’d like to see a picture of the antler you used to keep him at bay. I had never seen a coyote up close until we visited my girlfriend’s son in San Diego it came right up to the backyard on the other side of the wrought iron fence. By the way we happened to stay in Ten Sleep
    at a campground on a trip from California to Connecticut a couple of years ago. I need to stop there again and see if I can find your homestead. I could show you how to milk a cow if you’re interested. I could completely relate to your throwing the hay bales off the back of a pickup in the winter to feed the animals.

  8. Brenda Hill Says:

    Thank you for your gift of words in sharing your life with Charlie. I just finished your book and now will be spending more time with your website

  9. Jane Smith-Decker Says:

    I’d like to know what happened to Charlie. I have been reading your book again and decided to look up your blog. I saw a comment that he was missed and my heart dropped. Say it isn’t so!

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