Face Of A God

photo taken November 2019

one year ago: Winter Is Coming
two years ago: Be As You Wish To Seem…
three years ago: With A Fairy, Hand In Hand
four years ago: Golddigger
five years ago: Fall Trot
six years ago: Grand Overlook
seven years ago: Serious With A Side Of Snout
eight years ago: Growing A Winter Ruff
nine years ago: Big Song Under A Big Sky
ten years ago: Of The Earth
eleven years ago: With The Help Of A Tripod
twelve years ago: Fur Coziness

2 Responses to “Face Of A God”

  1. surchin Says:

    Perfect caption.

  2. janaki symon Says:

    recently been marveling how charlie’s face has changed over the years…he’s now distinguished and wizened and what a privilege it’s been to watch him and participate in his life, albeit from afar, all these years. thank you

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