Little Bunny

photo taken December 2019

one year ago: Roly Poly
two years ago: Drifter
three years ago: Before The World
four years ago: Happy New Year!
five years ago: Snowball
six years ago: Puppies In The Window
seven years ago: Bonehead (Kidding, Charlie!)
eight years ago: Slope Of Nose
nine years ago: Beaming
ten years ago: The Catcher In The Sage
eleven years ago: Dance
twelve years ago: My Five Dollar Stetson

4 Responses to “Little Bunny”

  1. Vee Says:

    Absolutely stunning – Charlie and the photo.

  2. Tamara Says:

    Hi there, I’m a devout man who fell off the wagon following you for a bit. Read the book all that stuff. Anyway, I can’t believe he is 12 years old! I can’t believe I’ve known you virtually that long. You are a good Mama

  3. Tamara Says:


  4. torre Says:

    how deep is that snow?!

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