Floofy Poof Or Poofy Floof?

photo taken January 2020

one year ago: Wildheart
two years ago: Snowball
three years ago: With Sprinkles On Top
four years ago: Fader
five years ago: Snow Flurries
six years ago: A Wink And A Smile
seven years ago: Foxhole
eight years ago: Toy Monster
nine years ago: To The Point
ten years ago: Sneaky Spy
eleven years ago: Mouse Mouthful
twelve years ago: In Dreamland

3 Responses to “Floofy Poof Or Poofy Floof?”

  1. c in Florida Says:

    And fluffy muffs :)

  2. c in Florida Says:

    I tot I taw a Floofy Poof

  3. shreve Says:

    omg C, that made me laugh for like ten minutes

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