He’s So Cute

photo taken January 2020

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six years ago: Teddy Bear Treat
seven years ago: Rug Wrestle
eight years ago: Snowy Angel
nine years ago: Delightful, Delicious, And To Some, Deeesgusting
ten years ago: Cute Coyote With Soon-To-Be-Severed Arm
eleven years ago: Protector
twelve years ago: Magic Majestic

4 Responses to “He’s So Cute”

  1. Bev Says:

    He absolutely is! He’s adorable!

  2. Government Drone Says:

    “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

  3. Kim C Says:

    Don’t know how close you are to Charlie here, but he seems to have pure love in his eyes for you!

  4. Sandy G. Says:

    Yes, so very cute!

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