A Spoonful Of Sugar

photo taken May 2007

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8 Responses to “A Spoonful Of Sugar”

  1. Johnathen Says:

    Ah. Baby Charlie and Ellie?
    Good memory.

  2. janaki symon Says:

    i miss eli…can you post some old pictures of that precious pair?

  3. Andy Says:

    I suspect this picture was not in fact taken in January. :p

    Though the notion that you have a new coyote pupper makes my heart swell at least three sizes.

  4. bonnie Says:

    i sometimes wonder how you managed to keep your hands on the camera — like, i would have been having a smooch attack!

  5. Debra Says:

    Photo taken January 2020? My mind is a whirl with happy and sad questions, Coyote Girl!🐾

  6. Catherine Says:

    Baby Charlie and Elie ?

  7. Diana Penhaven Says:

    Charlie is so young in this picture, and is trying so hard to bond with Ely, that I think it must have been taken in 2007.

  8. dailycoyote Says:

    just a typo…

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