First Position

photo taken February 2020

one year ago: Jaws
two years ago: Another Day, Another Blizzard
three years ago: Charles
four years ago: Texture & Tone
five years ago: McDreamy
six years ago: Frozen Egg
seven years ago: Surveying The New Snow
eight years ago: Beautiful Boy
nine years ago: Capture The Flag
ten years ago: Moody Views
eleven years ago: Feast With Friends
twelve years ago: Belly!

3 Responses to “First Position”

  1. C in Florida Says:

    Oooh, tres charmant!
    Do you have one of him in fourth?

  2. Surchin Says:

    不不不不不Charlie! Deux? Next?

  3. Vanessa Says:

    What a beautiful pose <3

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