Hay Trail

photo taken March 2020

one year ago: Mayday
two years ago: Dog Days Of Winter
three years ago: Winter Wander
four years ago: Wide Open Spaces
five years ago: Hidden Within
six years ago: Double The Fun
seven years ago: So Much Longing
eight years ago: Mudbelly
nine years ago: Scaling Snowdrifts
ten years ago: Snow Smooch
eleven years ago: Pointy Toy, Pointy Boy
twelve years ago: Frosty Morning

One Response to “Hay Trail”

  1. bonnie Says:

    thank you so much for all your wonderful posts! in these days of upheaval, it’s an even bigger treat than ever to be able to have a glimpse into Charlies life of innocence each day. and the Instagram flash-backs are a sweet bonus! peace and love to you and all the farmily.

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