photo taken March 2020

one year ago: Jewel Tones Of Summer
two years ago: It’s A Stick Up
three years ago: In Like A Lion
four years ago: Snouterrific
five years ago: Receding Snow Line
six years ago: Ya Dig Dig Dig
seven years ago: Glare
eight years ago: Content
nine years ago: April Fool!
ten years ago: Halo
eleven years ago: El Trio
twelve years ago: Shy Baby

4 Responses to “Coy”

  1. NG in NH Says:

    Coy Boy brings Joy!

  2. Andy Says:

    What a lovely picture of a handsome boy to see on my birthday!

  3. shreve Says:

    NG ~ a far superior title to mine!
    A ~ happy happy birthday!!!

  4. NG in NH Says:

    Shreve ~ I merely expounded a bit on what your title set in motion in my brain. I would dry up very quickly if I had to think up a title on a daily basis. Kudos — I so enjoy checking in every day!

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