Power Ballad

photo taken March 2020

one year ago: Butterball
two years ago: Red And White And Blue And Gold
three years ago: Luminosity Of Souls
four years ago: The Soul Of That Place
five years ago: Teeny Tiny Ear Flaps
six years ago: Ghost Dancer
seven years ago: Brrrrisk
eight years ago: Glove Lunch
nine years ago: Snow Plows
ten years ago: Snow Patrol
eleven years ago: Howl Meets Bark
twelve years ago: Um, You’ve Got Something In Your Teeth

2 Responses to “Power Ballad”

  1. Kevin Says:

    But which power ballad would Charlie be most likely to sing, were he able?

  2. Vanessa H Says:

    I’d love to listen to a concert of Charlie right now…I’m sure he’s full of soul <3

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