Charlie is Thirteen!

photo taken April 2020

one year ago: …..And Ears!
two years ago: Seeing Green… Tiny Bits Of Green!
three years ago: Stride
four years ago: Happy Hump Day
five years ago: Munchkin
six years ago: Rawr
seven years ago: Grrrrr, Interrupted
eight years ago: Sunset Stalk
nine years ago: Selecting A Stuffie At Sunset
ten years ago: No Words, Just Googly Sounds
eleven years ago: Precious Handful
twelve years ago: Peekaboo

34 Responses to “Charlie is Thirteen!”

  1. NG in NH Says:

    Wow, a teenager — how did that happen? Happy Birthday to Charlie, I’m sure he’ll celebrate in suitable fashion!

  2. Kevin Says:

    Happy birthday, Charlie!

  3. Karen Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie dear! Awoooooo!

  4. Heather Says:

    Happy birthday Charlie!!!!!!!!

  5. Sheila Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!

  6. Torre Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie! i love following your adventures – so glad you like to medel for Shreve 😃

  7. Alyxx Says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ve been following you for 13 years! WOW!!!!
    Healthy and long life, my friend, and Spring joy to you and the whole Farmly, Shreve!!!!

  8. Betsy Says:

    I am so pleased to see Charlie in this terrific good health at this age. This is twice the average lifespan of a coyote. It’s due, not doubt, to your wonderful care, Shreve. Every year is precious.

  9. Janet M Says:

    Happy Birthday! Love and hugs.

  10. Steph in Oregon Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!! I love you.

  11. Vanessa H Says:

    Oh! My! Goodness! – when did that happen…grew up from that adorable lil pup to such a striking handsome gent??

    Happy Birthday Handsome!

    PS: you share you birthday w/my oldest who turned 39 today :-)

  12. Andy Says:

    13! And he doesn’t look a day over 10!

    Happy Birthday Charlie, you handsome trickster devil you.

  13. Sarah Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie! Looking as handsome and proud as ever! A big howl and yip yip to you! Hope you get a special birthday bone :-)

  14. mj Says:

    Wow! It’s amazing how fast that 13 years went. Happy Birthday to the sweetest Coyote ever. He (and you Shreve for sharing him with us) has brought so many smiles and so much joy over the years. He is definitely a rock star in his own right. Many blessing to both of you and may he continue to provide wonderful poses for all of us to appreciate for many years to come.

  15. Bonnie Says:

    wow! how time flies! happy birthday Charlie! he’s looking so good! may he enjoy many more years of good health. thanks for sharing him with us Shreve!

  16. mlaiuppa Says:

    Happy Birthday and congratulations to Charlie. He is going to live to a ripe age for a coyote with all of the care he gets.

    Hope he got a special elf leg and maybe a toy to destroy.

  17. Bev Says:

    Have a very Happy Birthday and good health for years to come! Still gorgeous!!

  18. Steph Says:

    Wishing you a Happy Howling-Yip-Yip-Yipee Birthday, dear Sweet Charlie.

    May you have many more grand birthdays and good health for many many more years.

  19. Bruce Says:

    HAPPY BORN DAY Charlie!!!

  20. Elizabeth Says:

    No way! Happy birthday, Charlie. Thank you for bringing us joy for the past 13 years.

  21. Mirjam Says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Charlie!

  22. Georgeanne Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie! Many happy returns of the day to you.

  23. Marya Says:

    Happy birthday, Charlie. You are loved around the world. You put a smile on many faces! A say awwwooooooo wooooo woooo wooooo to you.

  24. Wendy Alcorn Says:

    Thank you Shreve, for continuing to document your extraordinary journey with Charlie. I fell in love with you both when your book first came out and I feel joy each time I visit your website and see your latest wonderful photos. Happy Birthday Charlie!

  25. Mona Michaels Says:

    Shreve, time flies and it is hard to believe Charlie is 13. I read your book years ago because I have had two coyote pups and I think they are amazing animals. My experiences were much briefer but I still have some delightful stories about these wonderful experiences. I know you will lose him someday and my heart hurts already for you. A statement I made when I lost my first coyote, a female I named Cootie, which was baby talk for “you are such a cutie” was “I don’t think I can live without a coyote in my life.” However will you manage without Charlie?

    Mona Michaels
    Laton, California

  26. Terry Jenkins Says:

    Happy Birth Day, Dear Charlie! You are still so beautiful. With the excellent care you have gotten all your life, you should be still going strong years from now. Those “average lifespan” numbers are sadly for wild coyotes, and mostly due to most humans being at battle with your kind. In your sheltered life you may well get closer to 20, and I hope it’s so.

    Love from the Redwoods of California,
    Terry Jenkins

  27. Debbie Reno Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie! I lost my GSD Maggie last July and she would’ve been 13 in October. Charlie always reminds me of her. I love him and hope he lives a whole lot longer. Keep those pictures coming!

  28. Gene Forsythe Says:

    Hurrah Charlie ! Happy 13th. You were so lucky to have landed with Shreve, the most dedicated person ever to have a pup. You have been her star and the heart in her soul. Your book continues to be a hit with everyone I (very carefully) loan it to. Enjoy your bright spring and have a wonderful summer this year, and tell Shreve that her pictures of you lighten my day. Many happy years to you.

  29. Alan Says:

    Happy birthday, Charlie-yotee!

  30. Judy Says:

    Hope you have many more Happy Birthdays, Charlie. You sure aren’t sh9wing your age.
    Have enjoyed you for 13 years, and enjoyed the comments of your Loving Mom, Shreve. I’m sure she has a birthday treat or 2 to celebrate the day.

  31. Jayne Zabala Says:

    Happy, happy birthday Charlie ❤️ I’ve followed
    your adventures since you first came into Shreve’s life. Can’t believe it’s been 13 wonderful years. The best to both of you!!!

  32. Carol Gaudino Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Charlie! I found your story by accident way back near the beginning, and I’m truly glad I did. The story of Charlie and Shreve, along with all the other characters in the crew, inspires me, and in certain moments causes me to pause and dream of what I could be doing if things were different. Thank you for that.

  33. Nhumey Tropp Says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie!! Thank you Shreve for continuing to post about your life and the wonderful animals you live with. All the best to you!

  34. Lisa Marie Says:

    Happy 13th Birthday 🎁 Charlie!
    You are so loved!

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