Beyond the Fence Lightly We Tread, the Leader and the Led

photo taken November 18, 2007 • title thanks to Doug

Poetry turned out to be the theme of the day.  From Dr. Seuss to Shakespeare, from holiday carols to popular song lyrics, I was captivated by the poetry this image inspired and which so many of you recited in the comments ~

“Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost was most-quoted:
Whose woods these are I think I know….
…Of easy wind and downy flake….
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep….

Also from Frost:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the ‘one less traveled’ by,
And that has made all the difference.

Sunshine cannot bleach the snow/ Nor time unmake what poets know

Dr. Suess:
What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store
What if Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more

And more:
“But soft…”
“Not all who wander are lost.” – J.R.R Tolkien
“All is calm, all is bright” – Silent Night
“When the snow lay round about, deep & crisp & even.” – King Wenceslas
“Into the Mystic” – Van Morrison
“Hey there Little Red Riding Hood” – The Animals
“Watch out where the coyotes go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow…”
- Frank Zappa
Coyote is a survivor/I reckon he’s got to be/He lives in the snow at forty below/Or in Malibu by the sea
“The Coyote and the Cowboy” by Ian Tyson

And the winner: Doug, I chose your words.  After I decided to use them for the title of this photo, I googled them, to see if they were quoted and nothing came up, so I believe they are your own. I love them, and they speak to me in the most significant way right now.

Thank you all!

• • • A caption.  A title.  A thought-bubble.  Words are needed here.  Post the jewels of your imaginations in the comment section and you will be in the running for a signed 8 x 10 print {click HERE to see the image}.  I can’t wait to spend this rainy, rainy day in awe of you all!

451 Responses to “Beyond the Fence Lightly We Tread, the Leader and the Led”

  1. Dawn Says:

    “Off to see the Wizard…”

  2. Sheryl Kenoyer Says:

    The illusive “perfect” Christmas tree…………

  3. Kim Says:

    come on Eli! i know the snow is deep, but we have to get back before momma gets home!

  4. Gindy Says:

    Are you sure this is the right pose for the 2009 Christmas cards?

  5. Charlotte Says:

    Pines and Fur!

  6. Cindy... Says:

    Are you coming or not? I don’t have all day to investigate this new snow…

  7. IrisM Says:

    Prince of the Winter Forest

  8. louanne Says:

    Checking Six

  9. Dawn Says:

    Whose woods these are, I think I know…

  10. Courtney Says:

    In His Kingdom

  11. Suzan Says:

    God’s Beauty

  12. Ida Says:

    Looking for the “gang”

  13. Meghan Says:

    Anyone up for a snowball fight??!!! Anyone?! Guys???….

  14. Moira Says:

    “Where’d the wardrobe go?”

  15. Chris Says:

    Be veerery qwiet. I am hunting wabbit!

  16. Lu Says:

    Can you find the hidden animals in this photo?

  17. David Says:

    From on high…

  18. Joanne Says:

    Watchful in Winter

  19. Kathleen Says:

    at home in the snow.

  20. Kathy Says:

    “Where IS that cat?”

  21. Jessica Says:

    Hide and Snow Seek

  22. David Cavlovic Says:

    If I don’t bring the right tree home this year, she’s gonna kill me!

  23. cassie Says:

    “. .calculation . . . .”

    I so loved your book, we need the sequel!

  24. Sarah Says:

    Over the river and through the woods to MC’s house we go….

  25. Susan Says:

    O Tannenbaum

  26. Joshie-Boy (Jo) Says:

    Hmmm. Which way did she go…?

  27. Eni Says:

    Walking on Clouds

  28. Milly Says:

    Thinks….Hmmm…I hope these are short trees and not just the tops otherwise this is one heck of a drift and some drop awaiting me!

  29. Dog-geek Says:

    “Snow Angel”

  30. Victoria Says:

    ‘I could have sworn these tree were bigger last time I saw them…’

  31. Ann from Montana Says:

    Snow Good

    If “our” weather comes your way, your rain will be snow shortly…

    Happy Spring in the mountain West!

  32. CJ Says:

    The woods were lovely, bright and deep…

  33. Mental P Mama Says:

    Eli? Hurry up. I’m scared.

  34. Cuidado Says:

    Winter Wandering

  35. Vanessa Says:

    Pinelings Silhoutte

    I can barely see Charlie’ footyprints…almost looks like he’s been dropped in.
    (Gosh I miss the snow)

  36. Aldyth Says:

    Eli? Did you hear that?

  37. Ingrid Says:

    This will be a good year for Christmas tree sales!

  38. Courtney Crocker Says:

    “Searching for Red”

    As in the wolf looking for Red Riding Hood, or in this case, hehehe, a ginger kitty.

  39. Wo Says:

    Master Of His Domain
    “Mar-cooooooo”……. (typed as an echo)
    Pondering Paws

  40. Mary Calhoun Says:

    Pining Coyote

  41. AmandaAmandaAmanda Says:

    Home on the mountain

  42. danielle Says:

    Sheesh, talk about Cold Mountain.

  43. Holly Shepherd Says:

    Eli….where are you?

  44. dutchman in ohio Says:

    here hare (here)

  45. Sarah Says:

    Searching for the Tomten

    (because this picture reminds me so strongly of this amazing children’s book:

  46. Maggieface Says:

    Can’t see the forest for the trees…

  47. Julie Says:

    This picture is stunning beyond words. It would be a lovely holiday greeting card.

  48. Sandi Says:

    Picture Perfect!

  49. Helene Says:

    Picture Perfect of the Prince and the Pines.

  50. Ruth Says:

    Coyotoe Winter Wonderland

  51. Denise Says:

    Do I hear reindeer?

  52. Kacie Says:

    Chloe! Playing tag is NOT fair in the snow!

    Okay Chloe, get up- I can’t find you.

  53. Ruth Says:

    I mean “Coyote Winter Wonderland ” I can’t spell this early in the morning

  54. Susie Says:

    On pines and needles.

  55. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Pining away.

  56. Jeanine Says:

    “Will you follow where I lead?”

    Shreve, I would pay big bucks to send this as a Christmas card with just Seasons Greetings inside or maybe blank. You ought to consider it…

  57. skimmie Says:

    Snow many Christmas trees to choose from!

  58. EL Fay Says:

    ELI! Dis not funnie! Iz gettin skeered!

    Trees. Dey haunts meh.

    I know, I know, way too much LOLspeak! This is such a perfect Christmas image. Who says wolves are the noblest denizens of the forest?

  59. Maggie Says:

    Stopping by the woods on a snow evening. (lifted from the Robert Frost Poem)

  60. tigeron Says:

    Wonderfully Wild

  61. MNM Says:

    Downy flakes on Downy Fur

  62. Carrie Says:

    I spy

    (he spies something… you spy him…)

  63. Kim Philpot Says:

    King of the Mountain OR
    The Pine King OR
    Where’d she go? Chloe was right behind me a second ago.

  64. Ashley Says:

    Not all who wander are lost. -J.R.R Tolkien.

  65. Pianolady Says:

    Uh, let’s see now, which way to get home?

  66. Colleen Greco Says:

    Looking for Little Red Riding Hood!

  67. Bethrusso Says:

    Snow bunny

  68. Lynn Says:

    Who said Mother Nature isn’t purrfect?

  69. Julie Says:

    Nature in Nature

  70. Annemiek Says:

    Lovely tracks

    (it reminds me of the fun of making tracks in freshly fallen snow)

  71. Linda D Says:

    Sweet Serenity

    Totally AWESOME picture. It is so peaceful and quiet looking that I can hear the snow falling off the branches of the trees.

  72. Alyssa Says:

    “Evergreen Hunter”

    I like it because he’s in the trees which are green regardless of season, and he’s always hunting, regardless of season.

    *hugs to Charlie*

  73. jennifer v Says:

    Christmas Tree Hunting

  74. Terry Says:

    Quiet Beauty

  75. Luci Says:


  76. Bethrusso Says:

    Homeland security.

  77. Kathy T. Says:


  78. Bethrusso Says:

    Peace out

  79. Drew Says:

    “Thicket Senses”

  80. cyndi Says:

    “C,mon you guys…hurry up!!! We have places to go, things to do…”

  81. Judy Says:


  82. laura Says:

    Be very quiet…I am hunting wabbits

  83. Kat Says:

    Nature at it’s finest

  84. Milaka Says:

    “I’m ready for my close-up, Ms. Stockton.”


    “Want me to look over this shoulder, Mom? Is that a good pose? Can I stick my tongue out now? Can I make a funny face after this one? Are we done yet? Where’s Eli? Why isn’t he in this picture? Mom? Are we done yet? Can I make snow coyotes now?”

  85. pamela Says:

    “Watchful eyes”

  86. Carol Says:

    Shhhh! I’m stalking snow angels.

  87. Rick's Cafe Says:

    …what was that??

  88. Amy Says:

    Snowy Specter

  89. Stacey Says:

    “tranquility of the fresh snow”

  90. Lana Says:

    Trailblazing for his pack.

  91. Lori Says:

    Walking in a Winter Wonderland

  92. TJ Says:

    Pause (paws) for reflection

  93. Bethany Says:

    I really liked Ashely’s “Not all who wander are lost. -J.R.R Tolkien.”

    Mine is “Snow Place Like Home”

  94. Sandy Says:

    I seek relief in the trail…….

  95. Katie Hanson Says:

    So this is what it is like to be a wolf…Now where are those deer?

  96. Maureen Says:

    Look back. (herding language for watch for the sheep that is getting away)

  97. Janet Says:

    Rose Among the Thorns

  98. Ann Ezzell Says:

    Mr. Tumnus? Is that you?

  99. KF Says:

    If a tree falls in the forest, and Charlie’s there to hear it…

  100. Patte Says:

    Sublime Magnificence

  101. Juliet Farmer Says:

    Mother Nature, at its best.

  102. sandy f Says:

    Master of His Kingdom

  103. Dori Says:

    Retracing his steps…

  104. Ava Says:

    Looking for Prancer and Dancer

  105. jon Says:

    Snow Pea

  106. Ashley Says:

    At the Gates of Emerald City

  107. Siobhan Says:

    “Come on, Eli! It’s not THAT deep!”

  108. Lizzie Says:

    Wait a second… did I leave the oven on?

  109. Katie Blue Says:

    ” Gods Place”

  110. tanya Says:

    Snow Day

  111. Jia En Says:

    Which was the last tree I marked?

  112. megan Says:

    Eli/Chloe; hurry, I’ve found THE perfect tree

    watch out where the coyotes go, and don’t you eat that yellow snow…
    F. Zappa

    Is that Eli under the bump?!

  113. Ursula Says:

    Fur and firs in snow.

  114. pat hulser Says:

    “I know I left that cat around here someplace!”

  115. EL Fay Says:

    Coyote is a survivor
    I reckon he’s got to be
    He lives in the snow at forty below
    Or in Malibu by the sea
    - “The Coyote and the Cowboy” by Ian Tyson

  116. Katie Says:

    where the wild things are

  117. Dianne Says:

    “There’s always one in every crowd!”

  118. Abigail Says:

    The Call of The Wild

  119. Bess Says:

    Prince amongst the Evergreens

  120. jen Says:


  121. Linda Says:

    Mom, come quick here is the PERFECT Tree!!!

  122. Bevy Says:

    Shhh, I think that’s Santa back there.

  123. Terri Says:

    Lord Snow-dune.

  124. Ginny Says:

    And miles to go before I sleep

  125. Missy Says:

    Camo Chloe. “So this is what it’s like looking for me in tall grass…”

  126. Erika Says:

    A coyote in winters clothing.

  127. Eris Says:

    So many choices… only so much pee.

  128. Deborah Ziegler Says:

    Coyotes Rule.

  129. Carlene Says:

    OK, I know you’re in here somewhere!

  130. Sharon Says:

    Can you see me now?

  131. Wolf Lahti Says:

    Too short. Too scraggly. Too tall… Ooh! I like that one!

  132. Michelle Says:


  133. Carol Says:

    This corn is weird . . . but there sure is a lot of it!

  134. Larraine Says:


    (Both because of the cold and of the beauty!)

  135. Holly H Says:

    “Narnia” or “In search of Narnia”

  136. Patti Says:

    A Prince Among Trees

  137. Holly H Says:

    …or “Winter Coat”

  138. Rachel Says:

    “So THAT’s what Santa looks like.”

  139. Jeff Says:

    “I’ll wait for you, we’ll go together”

  140. Dianne Says:

    More captions:
    Pause Among Pines or Caught Pining

  141. Bobbie Says:

    fabulous entries….LOVE Ursula’s “fur and firs in snow”! Mondays are worth getting up for these comments alone! I agree….Shreve, we need a sequel!

  142. Deeann Says:

    Look back in awe!

  143. Ember Says:

    The Perfect Presence

  144. Lindell Castle Says:

    The Snow King

  145. Jennifer Sciarroni Says:

    Pure Bliss

  146. Holly HF Says:

    Picture Perfect

  147. mj Says:

    A Tribute to Robert Frost – “But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep”

  148. Denise Smart Says:

    Perfection In The Pines

  149. Julia Says:

    “But soft…”

  150. Diana Says:

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
    I took the ‘one less traveled’ by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    Robert Frost

  151. Terri G. Says:

    Survival of the Fittest (both Charlie and the pines)
    Hmmm..I know I buried that elk leg here somewhere yesterday

    Holly H. already beat me to Winter Coat—I think it’s just perfect!!

    Much love to the farmily Shreve :-)

  152. IrisM Says:

    another one:

    Deceiving Camouflage

  153. Kerry Says:

    What nature is all about

  154. kat Says:


  155. Dave Z. Says:

    “Mountain Patrol”

  156. Evelyn Says:

    Shreve, I second the motion. I’d love to send this photo as my Christmas card this year.

  157. Sandy Keech Says:

    “Winter Trickster”

    Shreve this picture is almost too beautiful to be real…

  158. Mareike Says:

    “The woods are lovely, dark and deep” (Robert Frost) but one must be ever on alert.

  159. Dave Says:


  160. Lisa S Says:

    Oh good. I think I finally lost them!

  161. Mareike Says:

    Dang, I’m not the only one who thought of Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening” (The only poem I memorized as a child and can recite to this day.)

  162. Jenn Says:

    Snow Beauty

    It is the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the picture.

  163. Chris in NY Says:

    “WHO keeps leaving tracks right behind me?”


    “Hope no one saw me bury that watermelon…”

  164. Margaret G Says:

    No original idea, here, but casting a vote, if I may be so bold, for “Prince of the Winter Forest” by IrisM!

  165. Phoenix Kathy Says:

    The Meaning of Life



  166. Sherri Tiedemann Says:

    Eli!! I give up!!! Show yourself!

  167. Intransigentia Says:

    I wonder if Santa left any more elves around – that last one was mighty tasty.

  168. DeeBee Says:

    Charlie says, “Life is good because Shreve has my back.”

  169. Beth Says:

    “Mom, are you still there?”

  170. Kate Says:

    “Sunshine cannot bleach the snow,
    Nor time unmake what poets know”
    – Emerson



  171. Scale Says:

    Christmas card 2009

  172. Penny Says:

    Snowy Sentinel

  173. Connie Says:

    “Nature’s Magnificence”

    Is it still just raining over there?! We’ve got one of those “wonderful” spring blizzards over the mountain!

  174. Nancy Peacock Says:

    “Lonesome Charlie”

  175. ymp Says:

    “I know where I’m going.”
    Love this picture!

  176. pinktootoo Says:

    “a whisper in the pines”

  177. Karen Says:

    “I think we’re being followed…”

  178. LN Says:

    This is the forest primeval

  179. Cynthia Says:

    The Path Less Pondered

  180. gi Says:

    Call of the Wild

  181. Bruce Evans Says:

    Snow shoo

  182. Liz Says:

    Pining for the woods.

  183. KenG Says:

    Where’s Waldo.

  184. Steven Swanson Says:

    Simply I call it “Contemplation”.

  185. ANGELA Says:

    I wonder if eli realizes that the yellow spot in the snow is not a lemonade sno cone… should i run back to tell him?

  186. JasonM Says:

    Doing Robert Frost Proud

  187. Lauren Says:

    Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

    (a fav poem by Robert Frost)

  188. Lauren Says:

    The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

  189. Feather Says:

    “Winter’s Silence Betrays”

  190. ChristinaBobina Says:

    I instantly thought of the Robert Frost poem when I saw this picture.

    “Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening”

    “Whose woods these are I think I know”

    “Easy wind and downy flake”

  191. Marcy Says:

    “Did I lose her? *phew* that woman is ALWAYS taking pictures of me…”

    (I sometimes feel like that’s what my cat and child are thinking… =P )

  192. Beth Says:

    Covering my tracks.

  193. Mo Says:

    Charlie to the Pevensie Pets: “This way to save Narnia!”

  194. Tanya Says:

    Coyote Silent

  195. Sue Says:

    Stunning. You’re a great photographer and writer. I loved your book.

  196. Doug Says:

    Beyond the Fence Lightly we Tread, the Leader and the Led.

  197. Mandy Says:

    Wait…where did I park the car?

  198. Cheryl Says:


  199. DiPhi Says:

    “King of the Forest”

  200. I-Ching Says:

    Into the Woods

  201. Deb Says:

    Winter Blankets

  202. Laffindog Says:

    Coming, Eli?

  203. Amy Says:

    “Shoshone Sentinel” because the Coyote was the creator god of Shoshone lore. The coyote was so important that they called praying ‘coyote talk’.

  204. Karen Says:

    Charlie’s Winter Wonderland

  205. janice Says:

    Red Pine

  206. Tony Says:

    Winter Coat

  207. Sherri Cox Says:


  208. SuzieQ Says:

    C’mon, Eli, I’m breaking trail for you!

  209. Marion Says:

    Lost in Narnia

  210. Pamela Says:

    Splendor in the Snow

  211. katy Says:

    “Do these pines make my tail look big?”

  212. Farmer Lady Says:

    “Hey Mom! I found the perfect Christmas Tree!”

    … now where is it?

    hmmm… I marked it so I wouldn’t lose it…

  213. Bethrusso Says:

    Shreve – I have to ditto the suggestion someone made about making this into a Christmas card! You could do a whole line of Christmas/note cards. Think about it and keep us posted!!

  214. Todd Says:

    Fur betwixt Fir

  215. Margaret Says:

    “Snow Shrouded Pause”

    …with of course a double meaning in ‘Pause’/'paws’….

    Thanks so much for your inspiring writing and photographs Shreve; they bring a smile to my heart every day. I love the treasures you put up on etsy as well, but they are snatched up so fast! Thanks again!

  216. joyce Says:

    I can’t think of anything, but I’d like to vote for katySays. I’m still laughing.

  217. Chris K Says:

    Winter Wanderland

  218. Kate Says:

    Magic in the forrest

  219. Betsy Says:

    ” beauty amongst the pines”

  220. Picaron's mom Says:

    Postcard From Wyoming

  221. Helioprogenus Says:

    Four feet deep

  222. Lisa Says:

    Winter’s Sentry

  223. Arthurus Says:


  224. Hilary Says:

    Snow Angel

  225. Carolyn Says:


  226. skimmie Says:

    Snow pause.

  227. FK Says:

    Not sure if you’re a fan of Haven Kimmel, but a little play on words…

    Something Falling (Light and Swift).



    Your book was so beautiful and honest. Thank you a million times.

  228. Andrea Says:

    Enjoying the snowy landscape.

  229. Deb H. Says:

    Caption: Snowy Blanket Vigilance

  230. Susan Says:

    A Winter’s Tail

  231. coloradolady Says:

    Follow me……not the cat!


  232. Patr Says:

    Is this stuff Gluten free?

  233. Maggie Says:

    Maybe I buried that elk leg back there…

  234. Misia Says:

    One of Three Kings

  235. KRISTIN Says:

    Cloud walker

  236. Tammy Says:

    I can’t wait to get off this set and get to the real out doors!

  237. Rebecca Says:


  238. Stephanie Says:

    Wait! How’d I get into this Christmas card world anyway?



  240. Christine Peterson Says:

    Sears Portrait Studios

  241. carolh Says:

    I didn’t read through the comments, so I don’t know if these have been mentioned.

    The Watcher in the Woods

    Fur to Fir

  242. Melissa Says:

    “Torn between two worlds”

  243. Marion Says:

    Waiting for Little Red Riding Hood

  244. Lea' Says:

    Second Growth

  245. Courtney Says:

    “Snow Drifting”

  246. cfritz Says:

    What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store
    What if Christmas, perhaps means a little bit more
    - Dr. Suess (the Grinch)

  247. Courtney Says:

    OR, “Snow Drifter”

  248. Barbara Says:

    White Reign

  249. Linda Says:

    Footprints are following me.

  250. janice Says:

    naughty pine

  251. Kristine Says:

    Delousing….Coyote style.

  252. Debbie Says:

    He looks like an Indian brave silently walking through the woods in search of prey….Braveheart!

  253. Martha 3782 Says:

    I agree with everyone who quoted Robert Frost’s “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” which has always been a favorite poem. The words were set to music, and the song has become a favorite with my choir for Winter Solstice, “The darkest evening of the year.”

  254. PJ Says:

    Charlie’s fur doesn’t appear to attract “snow balls” like a lot of domestic dogs’ fur does, he’s seems serene and perfectly adapted to his environment. Maybe you caught him at just the right moment, but in this portrait he looks like he’s above it all, quietly passing through this stand of small pines, so I thought “Untouched By Snow” was appropriate.

  255. Paladin Says:

    “Hey Eli, fetch the snowshoes!”

  256. Angela Says:

    The Coyote, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

  257. Fran Says:

    All is calm; all is bright

  258. kk Says:

    why did the coyote go up the mountain? why not?

  259. Dianne Says:

    Just one more caption:

    An Evergreen Seen

  260. Sophie Says:

    “Looking Back”

  261. Kathy Says:

    “I feel that call of the wild, yet I look back to Shreve for my roots.”

  262. Paladin Says:


  263. Susan Says:

    Forest Watch

  264. Heather Says:

    Listening to Winter

  265. Roxanne Says:


  266. bcats Says:

    living the dream

  267. Theresa Says:

    Winter wonderland

  268. Ruth Says:

    “This is a REALLY big wardrobe!”

  269. Catsquatch Says:

    “IM KINGA DA JUNG….. ah… FOREST! Yeah thats it…..”

  270. Patia Says:

    Winter Wanderland.

  271. kibbles Says:

    Here comes Johnny Appleseed

  272. Kim Newman Says:

    Wyoming Wonder-ful!

  273. Julie W. Says:

    Sweetness reigns snow

  274. Lynn Says:

    “Dog days of Winter”

  275. Richard E. Wright Says:

    Name: “Not Even Knee Deep”

  276. Jen Says:

    “A Winter Past”

  277. Shelly Says:

    “Was that a camera I just heard. Dang paparazzi!”

  278. Cindy Says:

    “maybe…..I think I hear Santa”

  279. TheGirlNerd Says:

    O Tannenbaum…

  280. Liza Lundell Says:

    Sweet snow pea!

    This would make a fabulous Christmas card.

  281. weaverbird Says:

    Nice Christmas trees! Now, which one do I want to take home?

  282. Barbara Cannas Says:

    “Council of the Noblest Spirits”

    Just finished your book “The Daily Coyote.” Loved the story, your writing and photography. Keep writing. I’m an old (69) lady just taking up writing and I admire your vision and sensitivities. I’m hoping to learn more from you.

    All the best,

    Barbara Cannas

  283. Marissa Says:

    Fur among firs

  284. Chris Says:


  285. Vegas Princess Says:

    Searching For Yellow Snow

  286. Susan Says:

    This photo made me think of the King Wenceslas carol, “when the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even.” I went to reread the lyrics and found “In his master’s steps he trod, where the snow lay dinted / Heat was in the very sod which the saint had printed.”

  287. Barbara Says:

    …and miles to go before I sleep

  288. Jonathan Says:

    Let there be peace on Earth and good will towards men.

    Until then, better watch your back.

  289. Judy Says:

    comment for image in the snow – my 2009 christmas cards

  290. Barbara Thurgood Says:

    Fur among the firs.

  291. Laura J Says:

    Fur & Firs

  292. Debi S. Says:

    Snow Angel

  293. vicki Says:

    winter thoughtfulness

  294. mavis Says:

    Charlie and the pine tree factory

  295. John in KC Says:

    Brrr. Maybe I should go back for my socks…

  296. Len Says:

    Dog Days of Winter

  297. Agnes Says:


  298. Andrea Says:

    The Beauty of Nature.

  299. Anonymous Says:

    Popsicle Toes

  300. Anonymous Says:


  301. Anonymous Says:

    The Silence of Snow

  302. Anonymous Says:

    Adrift in His Thoughts

  303. K. Says:

    “Okay, so left at the lamppost… But where’s that wardrobe?”

  304. Anna B. Says:

    Born to be wild, glad to be here.

  305. Diane Says:

    Backwoods Glance

  306. Mellissa Says:

    needle in a haystack

  307. daisy Says:

    all is calm, all is bright

  308. Sherri Cox Says:

    For deep pause…..

  309. nimisha Says:

    “My mystical spirit animal guide.”

  310. Sea Wolf Says:

    Sooo many trees. Sooo little time.

  311. jovi Says:

    “walking in a winter wonderland”

  312. Anonymous Says:

    Fresh Powder

  313. JK Says:


  314. Tony Says:

    Coyote Drift

  315. Tony Says:

    Furry Flurry

  316. Min Says:

    *look around
    …I think the trees are shrinking…

  317. Anonymous Says:

    Hrm..That one’s a bit “Charlie Brown” don’tcha think?

  318. dru Says:

    “Walking in a winter wonderland. . .”

  319. Anonymous Says:

    Either “In his element” or “Mountain Deva”

  320. Dave Wallace Says:

    “I sleep with him”

  321. Bibi Says:

    Come, this is my land

  322. Dave Wallace Says:

    Oops – meant to say

    “He sleeps on my bed”

  323. Kim Says:

    It’s getting DEEP out here!

  324. Jaimie Says:

    “Did you hear something?”

  325. Amelia Says:

    Snow angel

  326. Ilana Says:

    “Conifers and a Coyote”
    keeping it simple but it was the second thought that came to my mind, first was Serenity since looking at that picture is just so peaceful, but then I noticed someone else said that already. Wonderful picture as usual, I don’t know what was going on when you took that picture but for that moment in time it seems like all was quiet and still (even if only for a second!)

  327. Celia Says:

    Shadow Through the Trees

  328. Alice Says:

    Majesty & Wonder

  329. Robin L. Says:

    “I’m a little tired of this WINTER WONDERLAND! How about some Spring already?”

  330. Paladin Says:

    Winter Rapture

  331. Sarah Says:

    Coyote Pines

  332. Jenny C Says:

    Ridiculous to put my oar in – unspeakably GOOD ideas here!!! – but here are my puny
    attempts to add a label to one of my all-time FAVORITE photos:

    *Elegance… defined

    *Aslan in Winter
    (Shreve’s personal Narnia)

    *En route to the coronation…

  333. karzie Says:


  334. Paladin Says:

    A Pause in White

  335. keabird Says:

    Fur and Ice

  336. Lea Says:

    I know that girl in the red hood is around here somewhere…

  337. Beth aka EweMamab Says:

    A Drift in the Wilderness
    Adrift in the Wilderness …

    both seem appropriate.

  338. dru Says:

    “Lewis and Bark”

  339. Judy in MA Says:

    “Dang…should’ve asked for directions.” :)

  340. Alice Says:

    Did anyone see a large man in a red suit and some PRESENTS?

  341. Masha Kozyavka Says:

    The photo is so serene and quiet, but all I have on my mind is a silly line “Furry and Fir-ry”. Although, I am sure I will be corrected that those are not fir trees, those are PINE. Eek, at least I didn’t say “Christmas trees,” right?

  342. Carmen Says:

    Where did I hide that bone again????

  343. Melody Says:

    Silent in the Snow

  344. Ant Eun Says:

    Freezy Feets!

  345. Laura Says:

    “Come on, Eli. No, it’s not that deep….”

  346. jodi Says:

    are those sleigh bells I hear?? after all, I am walking in a winter wonder land!

  347. Ruby_7777 Says:


  348. Maggie Says:

    OK, I’m pretty sure it was the 3rd pine tree from the left. Or maybe it was the 2nd……

  349. JenniLu Says:

    Tiptoe Through the Treetops

  350. marcy Says:

    Enchanted Forest

  351. Lulu Says:


  352. Nancy Says:

    First let me say Awesome shot!!

    Then I will say the first thing that popped into my mind was an old song by the Animals called “Hey there little red riding hood” I know its a wolf in that but it still makes me think of it and If its my first response its a gut reaction and I go with my gut reaction.

    “Hey Little Red Riding Hood”

  353. Ann J. Says:

    Here I’m King of the World!

  354. Nancy Says:

    Okay .. I wasnt finished. I got overzealous and hit send.


  355. Tanya Says:

    Do elk hibernate?

  356. Monica Says:

    Silent Majesty

  357. Cheryl Cornell Says:

    Now where did I bury that deer horn?

  358. Gina Says:

    Piney for your thoughts :P

  359. Jessica Says:

    In the pines, in the pines

  360. Janet! Says:


  361. Janet Says:

    or to quote Van the Man…
    “Into the Mystic”

  362. bonnie Says:

    what’s the hold-up?


    are you guys coming?

  363. Robin N Says:

    King of his Domain.

    Hey Shreve! Hope you have a windless day tomorrow! Hand in there!

  364. Robin N Says:

    I meant ‘Hang’. Doh!

  365. Kim Campbell Says:

    Coyote Wonderland

    or for fun

    I think I lost them……

  366. Carrie Mc W Says:

    Where’d Eli go?

  367. Clark Says:

    tree hearder

  368. jeanna Says:

    lone ranger

  369. Betsy Says:

    The Prince of Pines

  370. Cher Says:

    Magic Eye…

    remember those? I never could see what I was supposed to. Charlie looks like he’s got it all down pat, though-

    Gorgeous picture, as always~~

  371. Deanna Says:

    “She’s not following…is she??”

  372. J Conklin Says:

    Snow stalk

  373. mlaiuppa Says:

    Hey! That Jan Brett book said there would be mittens out here.

  374. Carolyn Says:

    And one day Charlie woke up and realized his wildest dream had come true…he was taller than the trees at last.

  375. Charley Says:

    Chloe, come out of that snow mound!

  376. J Hildebrandt Says:

    Leader of the Pack

  377. schatze Says:

    Walking in a Winter Wonderland

  378. azlori Says:

    Coyote Beautiful


    Damn Groundhog! He said spring was on it’s way!

  379. V. Says:

    Wild things.

  380. LJ Says:

    Ancient Archetype

  381. Kinta Says:

    A whisper in the pines

  382. Jim M Says:

    Hey, Eli…is this where I buried that bone?

  383. jb.snowfish Says:


  384. Meiki Says:


  385. Whisker Kisses Says:

    Too many good ones here…
    I offer:

    The Prince of Pines

    Virgin Tour

    Shreve, kiss my buddy Eli for me. Loved your book, thank-you for that gift of sharing your life and Charlie with me, I can’t wait for two and three!!!

  386. Swim Girl Says:

    A perfect holiday card: ‘Tis the Season to be Furry.

  387. Jess Says:

    ethereal winter

    Frosty Paws

    looking back at fall

  388. Marlene Says:

    backward freeze framed

  389. Fiona Says:

    Pins and Needles

  390. Critterfriend Says:

    Charlie seems so aware in this shot: cold pads, perked ears, keen eyes, scenting the crisp air.

    Sentinel in the Snow

  391. DeeAnne Says:

    On the prowl for snow bunnies.

  392. lenje Says:

    Charlie Goes Green :)

  393. Leslie Says:

    Coyote Heaven

  394. Joseph Sheader Says:

    Now that’s a Christmas tree over yonder!

  395. Jerry J Says:

    I know I buried my toy at the…tree…yah, right. Which tree????

    Or, “Sacred Spirit”

    I also like Snowy Specter from Amy and Snowy Sentinel from Penny.

  396. Michelle Says:

    “Have fur will travel”

  397. Heidi Says:

    Hallmark Moment.

  398. Christy Says:

    Coyote pines for a snow day. More news at 11.

  399. LC Says:

    Narnia Coyote

  400. Hoarseman Says:

    Now where did I leave that elf leg?

  401. Douglas Says:

    Did you hear food?

  402. steviemk Says:

    so many trees
    so little time.

  403. Melissa Says:

    Snowy Serenity

    Another awesome picture…would be great as a Christmas card!

  404. Claudia Says:

    Chloe, how many times do I have to tell you???

  405. Moni Says:

    Surveying the kingdom – I know, not very original, but this came into my head first :-)

  406. Elaine in the UK Says:

    Shreve, PLEASE – as several posters have already asked – have this picture made into a ‘Seasons Greetings’ card and make it available for sale! I’ll order a couple of packs already for December!

  407. Beth Says:

    Snow problem

  408. Alina (London) Says:

    Yes, perfect Seasons Greetings card. It reminds me of a magical book I used to read when I was little, looking at it makes me so happy. Actually, a print would be fantastic too….

    Love the ‘so many choices, only so much pee’ comment.

  409. Cara Says:

    Fur in Fir

  410. Denise Says:

    “Master of His Domain”

  411. Elizabeth G. Says:

    In Search of a Misplaced Snowball

  412. Denise Says:

    “Going home…”

  413. Annabelle Says:

    Now where did I bury that ‘elf’ bone?

  414. Kathy Says:

    C’mon Guys!

  415. DrLoco Says:


  416. Tracy Says:

    “Whose woods these are I think I know…”

  417. Debi S. Says:

    I chose the path not taken…

  418. Jayne Z Says:

    Silence is golden.

  419. TJ Says:

    Snow pause (paws)

    Pause in the snow

    Pause for thought

  420. Debi S. Says:

    It is not the destination, it is the journey.

  421. Elena Says:

    Hunting Santa’s Elf Legs

  422. Lannan Says:

    Wintery Glance

  423. Justnia Says:

    The Path Less Traveled

  424. Elyse Johnson Says:

    Bliss in the Big Horns

  425. Kim Darnell Says:

    The young among the new…

  426. Owen Says:

    “Wild In The Calm”
    “Still (Wild) Life”

  427. Wendi Says:


  428. LinMN Says:

    Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf: a charming furry tale

  429. Jennifer Says:

    “Looking for Mr. Tumnus”
    (gotta be a Narnia fan to get that one!)

  430. Wordgirl Says:

    Silent snow

  431. craftcat Says:

    shhhhhhhh …… listen to the quiet

  432. Barbara Says:

    Pigment of My Imagination

  433. Mattingly Says:

    I don’t know if it’s been said because I haven’t read all 431 comments ahead of me, but actually, we feel this picture needs no words. We love this new thing you are doing every week, but every now and then there is a picture that really doesn’t need anything said about it. And we (Harlie and I) think this is one of them. (Though we also enjoy reading all the responses!)

  434. Eugenia Says:


  435. Sandi Says:

    “knee-deep “

  436. Nancy Says:

    A walk in the beauty of winter

  437. kathleen Says:

    Snowed In

  438. Jen Says:

    “hunter or hunted?”

  439. beck Says:




    *means “an ache for the distance”

  440. wandering visitor Says:

    Whispering Mountains

  441. Tracy Bessire Says:

    White Out

  442. Debbie Says:

    “Call of the Wild”

  443. Wehaf Says:

    “Wait, did I leave the gas on?”

  444. Dolores McNany Says:

    I understand your orginal problem of not letting others know about you having a Coyote as a pet. My son found a one yr. old dog who was part Alaskan Malamute/part Alaskan Wolf. Originally bred to be a sled dog. She was one of the most sweeties dogs we ever had, from mutts to show dogs. But where I live it is ilegally to have a hybrid wolf as a pet. We passed her of as an Alaskan Malamute. She was always, and she would let you know at times, the Alfa member of the family.
    The family including everyone who knew her misses her very much. She lived to be 17 yrs. old. Nickie never ever attached or bit anyone.

    I cried when I read your book about Charlie……….. Memories!

  445. Marisa Says:

    Hey.. Where is Eli? He was right behind me…

  446. Tinare Says:

    “The perfect Christmas tree has to be around here somewhere.”

  447. Karen Says:

    Beautiful Winter Coat

  448. Linda Fleming Says:

    Looking back with no regrets…

  449. Roxanne Says:

    “Not all who wander are lost.” – J.R.R Tolkien

    Funny the things that touch your heart. This brought tears to my eyes this morning.

  450. shirley Says:

    I really enjoy the pictures of Charlie such a pretty animal
    I have read your blog ever since you go Charlie and have really enjoyed it
    I just ordered your book and can hardly wait to read it.
    just thought I would write a note to let you know much I enjoy your site

  451. Pat D. Says:

    “Winter’s Quest”

    Lovely picture!

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