Day Brightener

photo taken April 2020

one year ago: You Are My Sunshine
two years ago: Moody Views
three years ago: Zonked In Flowers (And I’m Jealous)
four years ago: Soul Song
five years ago: Spring, Exclamation Point
six years ago: Wet
seven years ago: Slap Me Some Skin
eight years ago: Acute Blue
nine years ago: Statuesque
ten years ago: Surprisingly Skinny Sans Snowsuit
eleven years ago: The Familiar Path
twelve years ago: Charlie Kissing Calves

2 Responses to “Day Brightener”

  1. Anne W. Says:

    happy boy, happy me~~~~

  2. alyxx Says:

    That floof! Those EYES.
    Shreve, you share a bunch of YOU with each photo, not just of our beloved Charlie. Your farmly and your kindness have meant the universe to me over the years, and I don’t think I’ve ever been able to tell you that before.
    Thank you for being you, and sharing that light.

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