Wild Thing

photo taken June 2020

one year ago: Flower Child
two years ago: Angelface
five years ago: Leaves Of Grass
six years ago: Charlie’s New Bed
seven years ago: Graupel
eight years ago: Charlie & Snarly
nine years ago: Four Years Together
ten years ago: Spending A Snow Day On A Rainbow
eleven years ago: Hungry
twelve years ago: Grand Vista

4 Responses to “Wild Thing”

  1. Julia Says:

    “I think I love you”… :)

  2. Kim C Says:

    Hahaha, perfect, Julia!

  3. StephC Says:

    “Wild thing, you make my heart sing
    You make everything groovy, wild thing”….

  4. Torre Says:

    LOL ok, not the song to get in head before sleep! you’re focused on something Charlie!

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