The Popsicle Stage Of Shedding

photo taken June 2020

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7 Responses to “The Popsicle Stage Of Shedding”

  1. Mirjam Says:

    Too cute :D

  2. Andy Says:

    World’s Most Handsome Popsicle!

  3. Amy Says:

    When I see pictures like this, I always wonder if he’s as soft as he looks. Thank you for continuing to share Charlie every day. Now, even more than before 2020, I look forward to this slice of wonder and beauty every day.

  4. shreve Says:

    A ~ His underfur wool is SOOOOOO SOFT. And his longer guard hairs are as coarse as a horse’s tail!

  5. Rhonda Says:

    Hi Shreve, for a good laugh check the web for ‘owl legs.’ Charlie immediately made me think of that. Thanks for continuing to share your wonderful photos. ~R.

  6. mlaiuppa Says:

    Okay. That’s pretty funny.

    But I would call him my poofy dandelion. Or Dandy Lion.

    You can knit with the undercoat you know. You can gather it up by the bag-full and there are places you can send it and they will spin it into yarn. They’ll even knit you something with it if you don’t knit, crochet or weave.

    I have a book called knitting with dog hair. Unfortunately we haven’t had a dog with a significant undercoat since my child-hood Cuppy. All of my dogs haven’t had any worth gathering. It would have taken me a lifetime with Caesar and all of the undercoat I’m pulling from Diana pawPrints, which isn’t that much is an inch or less long.

    If he would let you furminate him I imagine you could fill bags every year. Imagine the mittens, scarves, caps and even sweaters.

    And no, it doesn’t smell. Not even when it’s wet. They wash it and when the oil is removed it doesn’t smell like dog. Or coyote.

  7. Torre Says:

    shedding time! so cute

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