photo taken July 2020

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6 Responses to “Twilight”

  1. Alyxx Says:

    WOW. Shreve, that is probably one of my favorite Charlie pictures yet!!! PLEASE make that on the next calendar or print!!!!

  2. NG in NH Says:

    Yes, the lighting and colors are amazing in this one. Wow!

  3. bonnie Says:

    WOW! the colors are so amazing , almost surreal. and yet Charlie himself looks just like our local coyotes in this pic… a bit more of the wild vibe than usual.

  4. Sherri Says:

    Hi…will there be a second book like your first? Charlie is so darn handsome. I might have missed this but did Eli pass away?

  5. Vanessa H Says:

    What a beautiful hue of blue! Sir Charles looks good in any color <3

  6. torre Says:

    what a fun picture – great lighting!

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