Light Blend

photo taken July 2020

one year ago: Limelight
two years ago: Early Morning Singin’ Song
three years ago: Hello, I Love You
four years ago: They Grow As He Sheds
five years ago: Those Coyote Ears
six years ago: Wild & Light
seven years ago: Up Close And Personal
eight years ago: Sleek
nine years ago: Snaaaaake!
ten years ago: Sun Kissed
eleven years ago: Contemplation Of A Doorknob
twelve years ago: Coyote Moon

One Response to “Light Blend”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    Hi Shreve, I just had to write to say again what a talented artist you are. Your mastery at capturing the light, especially in today and yesterday’s pics, is breathtaking and so evocative. Thank you so much for sharing Charlie and continuing to post.

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