Dancing Light

photo taken August 2020

one year ago: Pumpkin
two years ago: Sleek Stare
three years ago: Looking Skyward
four years ago: Foxy
five years ago: Oh My Darlin’
six years ago: Growing A New Tail
seven years ago: Bye Bye Birdie
eight years ago: Rain Dance
nine years ago: Gold Dusk
ten years ago: Seeking Shade
eleven years ago: Dandelion Man
twelve years ago: Awwwww

One Response to “Dancing Light”

  1. Barbara Jarvik Says:

    Dear Shreve,
    I am so happy to see that Daisy is still alive! After you posted about her illness, I never found anything further about her, so I assumed that she had died, and didn’t want to renew the pain for you by asking, so this is very good news for all!
    Best wishes,

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