Chroma Coyote

photo taken August 2020

one year ago: Wild Blue Ponder
two years ago: Sunrise Saunter
three years ago: Happy Yappy
four years ago: De-Light
five years ago: Wild Thing
six years ago: A New Moose
seven years ago: Wildflower
eight years ago: Monkey Roll
nine years ago: Platinum
ten years ago: Emerging
eleven years ago: Soul Snippet
twelve years ago: The Chase Is On

2 Responses to “Chroma Coyote”

  1. C in Florida Says:

    This is exquisite and masterful, soothing the mind in soft air . . . while we gratefully ponder coyoteness and anticipate bovine truths and thankfully love the certain Someone who leads us to them . . .

  2. Crystal Perkins Says:

    Beautiful Charlie picked a good place to have his beautiful picture token What seems like a rainbow of colors

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