Beautiful Boy

Having spent a full third of my life working online, it’s not often that I’m surprised by The Internet anymore. But to say last week surprised me is a massive understatement. I have been in complete awe of the response to my post about Charlie. I’ve received close to three thousand emails, and ten times that in telepathic messages. They’re still coming in, each one so full of love and connection and kindness and care. Some are just a few words, some are several paragraphs with stories and photos of your beloved animal companions. Some make me laugh and some let me cry. I’m still reading through all your messages but know that I am reading each and every one of them. So much good advice, so many kind and loving words. Thank you for showing me how profoundly Charlie has touched your lives.

Along with info on medication and supplements, there have been numerous suggestions for a heated dog bed. Charlie lost his privileges to be around cords a long time ago but I loved the idea of a warmer bed for him. Charlie has always had his own twin mattress on the floor beside my bed (this is because it’s the only bed he can’t drag outside and cover in mud) which is soft and supportive to begin with, but after reading your notes, I made it even cozier. I folded a queen-size feather duvet in half, which happened to be the exact dimensions of the twin mattress, and put that on Charlie’s mattress with a flannel sheet over the top to secure everything. The feathers hold his body heat around him and he looks so cute and cozy and comfortable on his new deluxe bed!

When my mind goes into a pretzel spiral of reconsidering my stance on diagnostics via blood draw or wondering if I should give him an injection of antibiotics or other medication “just in case,” a voice in my head states a simple yet resounding “NO.” I believe this is coming straight from Charlie, and so I have heeded this directive. Charlie’s lack of appetite is worrisome but his spirit is bright and he is singing and modeling with an air of calm confidence that is so palpable, I feel wrapped up in his calm.

A few housekeeping notes because I have not had time to blog: Signed copies of my new book Meditations with Cows will be available from Storyteller Books indefinitely. There was so much demand, the bookstore owner decided to order an extra batch of books which I signed the last time I was there so that she can continue to fulfill orders as they come in. These are not personalized but they are signed and you can get them HERE.

If you’ve already read and enjoyed Meditations with Cows, will you please leave a review on the amazon page? Amazon reviews help the book SO much and you can leave one even if you bought the book somewhere else. It doesn’t have to be a book report – your notes to me (like “Couldn’t put it down” or “A masterpiece!”) make phenomenal reviews. Thank you so much.

And yes, the 2021 Charlie Calendar is in the works – I know it’s usually ready by now but I didn’t want to release it before sharing the news of Charlie’s health in case sensitive souls would find it painful to own if Charlie takes a turn for the worse. Regardless of what the next days/weeks/months hold, I’ve decided to create the calendar in celebration of Charlie’s immortal magnificence, even if only five people want it (I count myself among them).

Thank you again for the love you share, and I will update you again on our beloved boy next week.

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24 Responses to “Beautiful Boy”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Warm wishes and love to Charlie (and you!) from Canada. Xo

  2. Marg Says:

    We are all standing beside and behind you in adoration of Charlie. Hugs

  3. Amy Drago Says:

    Prayers for you and Charlie♥️🙏🏻🌀

  4. Ursula Says:

    Thinking of you and Charlie every day with lots of love and prayers.

  5. Sheri Nugent Says:

    Oh Shreve – feeling so much love for you and Charlie.

  6. Judy Says:

    Sending wishes for the best outcomes possible, and love and prayers too.

  7. Libby in Utah Says:

    I’ve followed you and Charlie since he was tiny, and I think of him and your unique life with him often. Sending warm and comforting thoughts to you both. Thanks for the updates. <3

  8. Rose Marie B Says:

    It’s been such a joy to watch Charlie grow up, your photos have been such a joy! Your blog was literally one of the very first I read, after I found the USA Today article about this unique experience of living with a coyote. Sending love & strength from Oklahoma to you all.

  9. Stefanie Kruczkiewicz Says:

    Sending lots of love and healing prayers to both you and beloved Charlie!! Love your book and the amazing photos of Charlie, from little adorable pup to adult…he is such a gorgeous soul and has pure love in his eyes. Sending all the healing love to sweet Charlie that he feels better soon. Thank you for saving Charlie and sharing your story with us all. Hugs from Connecticut! :)

  10. NG in NH Says:

    Thanks for the update, and I’m not surprised at the feedback you are receiving. You and Charlie have impacted thousands upon thousands, and we are all with you on this difficult journey. We continue to hold you in our thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  11. bonnie Says:

    thanks for the update! by the way, the meloxicam is a tiny 1/4 pill that can be concealed in a bit of chicken or something to get it down the hatch. the pic of him on his mattress is one of my favourites… i can just see him nesting in it with the duvet :) sending tons of love…

  12. Janice in GA Says:

    Love and mojo to you both. Always.

  13. Crystal Perkins Says:

    Just hope beautiful Charlie gets better most of the way soon :(
    No matter want happens, I’ll still get Charlie calendar

  14. Sherri Says:

    I know that I probably don’t have to tell you this but, love him with all your might.
    I pray he recovers from what ails him, or at least he is able to live comfortably with your assistance. He will let you know if and when enough is enough. Hugs and much love to both of you <3

  15. Andy Says:

    It’s amazing and gratifying to hear how many lives you and Charlie have touched; thank you for sharing that with us!

    I’m glad Charlie’s spirits are up even if his appetite isn’t. Maybe he’s just trying for a new, more slender look this winter? (sorry, I deal with stress via humor)

    Got my copy of MwC. I wasn’t sure how enthused I’d be about it, but the beginning sucked me right in!

  16. Jody Meizelis Says:

    Hi Shreve, You and Charlie have been “in my life” for about five years now, and I really enjoy your pictures of him. Thank you. In addition, I am sending loving thoughts and prayers to you both for his complete recovery. I am confident that you will find an answer for him, whatever that might be. I do care very much. Jody

  17. Jody Says:

    Hi Shreve, You and Charlie have been “in my life” for about five years now, and I really enjoy your pictures of him. Thank you. In addition, I am sending loving thoughts and prayers to you both for his complete recovery. I am confident that you will find an answer for him, whatever that might be. I do care very much. Jody

  18. Nancy Says:

    I have followed your journey from almost the beginning. Looking at Charlie has been part of my morning routine for so many years. There is something special with you and with him. Somehow, it always makes the world seem a kinder place. I have never before posted a comment.

  19. mlaiuppa Says:

    Sounds like he’s got a deluxe bed to ease his old bones.

    I still believe that this is a pain issue, likely arthritis. When the pain is dealt with, and that bed sounds perfect, his appetite will start to pick up. I know you have plenty of treats and tidbits to tempt him.

    I’ve told you before but will repeat, that your beef saved my Ramses. He had to have surgery on his ear as he was shaking his head do often that he burst a blood vessel and his ear poofed up. The vet said it was likely a food allergy. So when he came home, for two weeks I fed him nothing but beef because I knew he wasn’t allergic to it. I cooked him the roasts that I had gotten in my first order, which was a quarter of a cow, too much for me to eat alone. I would cook a roast, then cut it up and he’d have it for two or three days. Did it for two weeks and the itching stopped. When we went back to have his stitches out the vet told me that was it, allergic to chicken. Suddenly allergic after 8 years. It happens. So after that he had beef and pork and lamb and fish, but no chicken. Not even in treats. And he was fine for the next 6 years. I truly believe your beef saved him.

    You have a ton of responses you’ll have to sift through, but I suspect you are going to be hearing the same thing over and over regarding pain management. Once that is managed, his appetite should pick up. But him being so bright and alert and singing is a good sign.

    I’m reading a bit of Meditations with Cows every night and I must say it is your best book to date. At the rate I’m going I’ll be done with it in a week or less. It is my bedtime read; 20 min. a night.

    Diana pawPrints’ birthday is coming up. She’ll be two. I am debating whether to sacrifice one of my hamburger packets to make her a little Muttloaf for her birthday as a treat. I’ll be running the dehydrator to make her some lovely treats too.

  20. Chana Says:

    Just sending love Shreve, all we have. My/our hearts are full for you. and Charlie.

  21. Ticia Says:

    Thank you so much for the Charlie updates, Shreve. As so many I have been following the two of you since Charlie was a wee one. It’s been such a lovely journey. I hope he continues to feel calm and serene. I will definitely be getting a Charlie calendar… he will always brighten my day. Love to you both!!!

  22. Ingrid Ritchie Says:

    I am watching your blog with Charlie for years, and it has been such a joy. It is wonderful that you go about your feelings what is best for Charlie. You two are so connected. My sister has a poodle who is 16 years old and stopped eating sometimes for three days.
    Otherwise he is a happy boy, so she thinks it is maybe age related.
    She found something what helped tremendously. It is called OPTAGEST It comes in powder form it’s an enzyme, available online. Now her poodle has a great appetite like before.
    I know, that you received so much
    advise but maybe this is something for you to consider.
    Sending lots of love and healing.

  23. Steve Hensley Says:

    For those who have read this blog though the years, Charlie has become a part of us too. I wish our special coyote improving health and a good life as all creatures deserve.

  24. torre Says:

    ohhhh feather bed – nice! looking forward to calendar – i would want one either way.Tim Newton, photographer in Alaska, just saw a coyote in his backyard woods and managed to get an awesome photo before it went on it’s way. i sent him to this blog so he can see Charlie!

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