All-Seeing Eye

photo taken October 2020

one year ago: Colors Of The Spirit
two years ago: Rabbit Brush Bouquet
three years ago: Lines And Angles
four years ago: Go Above….
five years ago: Sunset Colorscape
six years ago: An Easy Smile
seven years ago: In The Spotlight
eight years ago: August Warmth
nine years ago: Sniffing Every Wildflower
ten years ago: Flashback
eleven years ago: Every Day With You Is A Day To Celebrate!
twelve years ago: Riding High

4 Responses to “All-Seeing Eye”

  1. Greg A. Says:

    Gotta say I prefer his to Sauron’s.

  2. April Says:

    Thank you for sharing Charlie’s life with us. Your stories and photos are so wonderful, you truly have a gift. We will all miss Charlie, the most amazing coyote❤️

  3. Jil Dawicki Says:

    I’m so sad, and yet so happy to have known Charlie. Every day, every photo was a blessing. You made a choice fourteen years ago to say yes, and we are all richer because of it. He lived a wonderful life because of you, and died a beautiful death – who could ask for more? Thank you again and again for sharing him with us.

  4. elaine winget Says:

    I just read your book Daily Coyote for 2nd time, effected me so more this time and the first time I read it I was so enthralled..I have a kitty that was orphaned and nursed him by bottle; he sleeps with me and comes when I I understand you and Charlie a sad about him..what a wonderful life the two of you had..If I ever come back in a second life, as a coyote, I want to live with you..A mantra that I choose in my life..Don’t cry because it is over, laugh because it happened..I say, don’t cry because he’s gone, Laugh because he was here….I know that is what you are doing..blessings sent your way.

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