Videos of Charlie

I re-watched my videos of Charlie and thought y’all would enjoy them too. My video skills are terrible but Charlie makes them fun to watch. The links will take you to two separate batches of videos, so visit both links to see all the videos.

Videos on YouTube
Videos on Vimeo

Charlie and I made a lot of great photographs during our last month together and I’ll be sharing those here daily, starting next week.

one year ago: Operetta
two years ago: So Coyote
three years ago: In The Rabbit Brush
four years ago: Nesting
five years ago: Mystic
six years ago: Big Mouth
seven years ago: Almost Equinox
eight years ago: Crazy Eyes (And Everything)
nine years ago: Let’s Play All Day
ten years ago: Octopus Eater
eleven years ago: Golden Goblin
twelve years ago: Being.

14 Responses to “Videos of Charlie”

  1. Pam Says:

    Thank you! Videos and pictures of any quality are so appreciated. Such a treat this morning.

  2. Sarin Says:

    Thank you, Shreve. It was bittersweet watching these videos. I miss Charlie even I never met in person. His daily picture and his stories with his friends made me day for over 13 years. I appreciate your sharing him with us.💕

  3. Ursula Says:

    Thank you, Shreve!

  4. Wo of PDX Says:

    I wanted to go back and find all the audio and video posts of Charlie. Thank you so much for putting these on today’s post Shreve. Sending love and hugs and healing to your farmily. <3

  5. Greg A. Says:

    Thank you, Shreve, love watching those videos.
    Started at The Nubule and went through the whole archive in the last couple weeks, after the first update on him. What a life, what a superstar of a coyote.

  6. Alyxx Says:

    Shreve, thank you. This is a rough time, and I hope that we all (every one of the people whose lives you and Charlie and the Farmly have touched) can give you a little bit of extra love and support right now.

  7. Holly Says:

    Ah Thank you Shreve. I went back and looked at so many of the photos you took of Charlie in his baby days. Just loved his sweet face. I miss him. The videos were just what I needed. Sending hugs and much love to all.

  8. Barbara Says:

    Sending you (here) and Charlie (there) lots of love.

  9. torre Says:

    so fun to watch the videos! love hearing his song and watching him play. Home is so energizing! i’m glad you will share more photos! still so sad to think of Charlie gone but he is in all of our hearts and memories. i started re-reading your book, ” The Daily Coyote, Ten Years” again. so many great pics and expressions – Charlie is one of a kind for sure.

  10. mlaiuppa Says:

    Those were great. You are so lucky you took them. I had one short clip of Caesar which I cannot find any more and I’m not sure I took any video of Ramses. I thought maybe one of him and Candy on their daily walk but can’t find that either. And you never take enough photos. After he passed I was sad to see how few photos I had taken of Caesar. I vowed to take more of Ramses and I did, but still not enough. I need to take more photos of Diana pawPrints and Dolly, plus more video.

    You are so lucky to have these videos and all of the tens of thousands of photos you took of him.

    I must have missed the video fo Charlie kissing calves the first time. It is amazing. More so that they let him do it.

    Watching him play with puppy Chloe I wonder if she will revert to a more dog-like bark and howl now that Charlie isn’t around to influence her.

    I’m still working my way through Meditations with Cows. I was doing about 20 min. per night before bed but that is on hiatus now. Perhaps in a week or two I’ll take it up again. While I never met Charlie, nor have any of us, his passing weighs on me. Perhaps because Ramses’ passing was only two years ago. He was very Charlie-like.

    In a few years, you might consider doing a book on Meditations with a Coyote about Charlie and stewardship of the land and wildlife.

  11. Joy Nored Says:

    I am so glad you will continue to share with us for a while, yet. Charlie has been a daily part of my life for 10’ish years or more. YOU have been a part, as well. Your words and photographs have impacted my thoughts and imagination. I don’t want to ‘let go’ of my glance into your life.

  12. mlaiuppa Says:

    Been going through the archives from the beginning and came across “Charlie Yarn.” How wonderful you not only saved his shedding but found someone to make yarn out of it. I know you knit. A beautiful way to keep a bit of Charlie close to you forever. I wish I had done that buy none of my dogs have had enough fur to collect for spinning. Our childhood dog was part Keeshond and shed trashbags full. If only I had known then. Years later I got a book called Knitting with dog hair but never had a dog hairy enough.

    What have you knitted with Charlie’s yarn?

  13. Anna Says:

    I notice you’re no longer selling prints of your photographs in your Etsy shop – any chance we might be able to order a few yet? There is one in particular I’ve always meant to order, and I hope I haven’t missed the opportunity …

  14. Mike Lee Says:

    I can actually say I know somewhat how you feel. Nothing in my life has ever compared to the transcendental LOVE I get from my coyote family. When I am apart from the experience my life feels empty. But in fact we are never separated only in our distractions.

    You are the luckiest person ever!!! My appropriately, socially distanced bond with a wild coyote and his family is the most emotionally satisfying experience in a lifetime bonding with our wild cousins. What you must experience with Charlie few could begin to comprehend except from your sharing. Even then, to experience the mind of a coyote is pure unadulterated bliss, something one must experience first hand.

    Please know your friend is always with you. We send our sympathies. But we are the most fortunate humans who know the coyotee spirit. Tears of joy and sorrow to you and a long mournful howl.

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