Eternity In An Hour

words by William Blake
photo taken October 2020

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5 Responses to “Eternity In An Hour”

  1. Jill Says:

    Charlie-so handsome-he left footprints in my heart and in yours too-that will last an eternity.

  2. sarin Says:

    Beautiful words and beautiful picture of Charlie. Charlie will be in my heart forever…

  3. Gene Forsythe Says:

    Every day now your images of Charlie bring tears to my eyes, as I know they must to you as well. What a wonderful life you had together. Thank you for sharing your lives with us for these last 13 years.

  4. c in Florida Says:

    I will always be grateful for the chance to know Charlie, and think of him every day. He is part of many lives and has made a difference to us all.

  5. Vanessa H Says:

    Ditto Gene Forsythe ♥ …I can hardly believe he’s gone ☹

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