photo taken October 2020

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11 Responses to “Gorgeousness”

  1. sarin Says:

    Charlie❤ such a beautiful picture❤

  2. Andy Says:

    He really was the most beautiful boy.

  3. Torre Says:

    on his hill!

  4. Jill Says:

    Wonderful picture – such handsome boy – he was so happy and loved his life with you! I love this photo-thank you again so much for sharing your Charlie with us.

  5. susan Says:

    I can imagine how much your heart aches missing sweet Charlie.

  6. MJ Says:

    Statuesque and beautiful! A perfect memorial picture of Charlie:)

  7. NG in NH Says:

    For sure!!

  8. Sharon Says:

    Just seeing Charlie’s photo makes my heart stop. I can’t imagine how much you miss him, Shreve.

  9. Joanne Hopkins Says:

    God , he was a magnificent creature!

  10. Glynnis Gangwer Says:

    Shreve, I’m still filled with such sadness every time I see a photo of Charlie!💔 I don’t know how Charlie filled my heart with so much love without having ever met him, but he did!! Thank you so much for sharing him!!! He lives on in the hearts of all the people that followed him through your photos❣️ Charlie was a blessing to all of us! I pray your happy memories of Charlie are starting to outnumber the sad times that have followed your loss. ❤️

  11. Pat Bull Says:

    Glennis couldn’t have said it any better. I followed him since he was a pup and spoke about Charlie to my grandchildren and my students. He was a big part in many lives. You were so blessed to have him in yours. I’m glad I have his book. I’m looking forward to his blogs.

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