Work Of Heart

photo taken October 2020

one year ago: Treasure Hunt
two years ago: Angle Of Nose In Repose
three years ago: Glowtime
four years ago: Shadowdance
five years ago: Shooting Into The Sun
six years ago: Apparition
seven years ago: Nippers
eight years ago: The Softest
nine years ago: Below The Belt
ten years ago: Solopuss
eleven years ago: Rub! Mah! Belly!
twelve years ago: Notes On Charlie ~ July 16

4 Responses to “Work Of Heart”

  1. Vanessa H Says:

    He was the most beautiful subject for your photography work.

    Sending healing thoughts every day your way…

  2. NG in NH Says:

    And he is held in SO many hearts — for which we are all thankful. What a gift he was/is.

  3. Jill Says:

    I always love the profile shots of Charlie-and this one is extra special with his beautiful golden eyes-he is deep in thought about something important-I expect it would be how much he loves you!

  4. Torre Says:

    love the profile pics

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