photo taken October 2020

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9 Responses to “Singalong”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Aww, this might be my favorite yet.

  2. Jill Says:

    A fantastic shot of Charlie singing-love that he continued to share his song with you everyday. Hugs and prayers, Shreve.

  3. Joanne Hopkins Says:

    So very poignant. Singing the song of his Tribe. Singing his identity; his presence; his love …

  4. sarin Says:

    Love this shot. You captured Charlie in his elements ❤

  5. Diana Says:

    I’ve been looking through the archives at some old photos of Charlie and Chloe. How has Chloe taken the loss of Charlie? She must miss him at least as much as any of us.

  6. Torre Says:

    can almost hear his song!

  7. Marya Says:

    oh my heart!

    Shreve — thinking of you and how much you must be missing Charlie. I got a copy of Meditations with Cows. I love it.

  8. L Says:

    Hi! Wasn’t sure how to contact you so I’m throwing a dart in the wind. I love your book. I completely fell in love. I’ve bought it and read it twice lol. I can hardly wait to read Meditations with Cows. Random question, I have a yote (pulled from a den after the mother had been shot) How did Charlie do with his vaccinations? I want to vaccinate mine and can’t find any info on if it is safe to do so. Only info on not keeping one.

  9. Marilyn Enos Says:

    I’m just reading you book and love it. How blessed you were to have a companion like Charlie. God bless you all!

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