My Munchkin

photo taken October 2020

one year ago: Solid Gold
two years ago: Snow Rove
three years ago: Winterland
four years ago: Is It Called Macaroni If It’s In His Mouth?
five years ago: Snuggly
six years ago: Nest Of Light
seven years ago: Just Beauty
eight years ago: Feeling Fall
nine years ago: Pile Of Play
ten years ago: Octopus Meadow
eleven years ago: Eli These Days
twelve years ago: How Cute Can A Baby Be

21 Responses to “My Munchkin”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    Hello, beautiful boy. How are you, Shreve? Sometimes I wonder if you feel his spirit coming to say hello to you and the gang or if you feel he’s made his journey happily onward (not that souls we love don’t come back to say hello!).

  2. sarin Says:

    Miss you, Charlie❤

  3. Alan Andrews Says:

    That’s a fantastic photo of Charlie. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Jill Says:

    Such a handsome boy. Another amazing photo of Charlie-sweetest face ever! Prayers and hugs to you, Shreve-and thank you again for sharing your special coyote boy, Charlie, with all of us.

  5. Shannon Armstrong Says:

    What a face.❤️ 🙏

  6. VanessaH Says:


  7. Gene Forsythe Says:

    Eyes that see into your soul. God’s dog.

  8. Torre Says:

    love his expression here – focused on you

  9. Paul F. Says:

    What a regal and handsome face. I have shed many a tear as I watched him grow up and vicariously loved him as you Shreve. Hated to see him go. Love to you and Charlie’s spirit.

  10. Sarah Says:

    Those eyes! Hope you’re doing okay, Shreve. I know you miss your boy!

  11. Sandy T Says:

    Such a dear precious boy. Love that picture! And love your idea with the blog pics! I ‘m so happy you are continuing with the Charlie photos. I love to see them every day. Maybe it will help you and all of us to always remember him every day, keeping his spirit with us. The October pictures are so special, And love seeing the baby pics :)
    You are amazing to be able to do all that you do and press on through all that you have been through in the recent weeks. Lot’s of love always sending your way! :)

  12. Joan Wood Says:

    So sorry for the news of Charlie’s passing, Shreveport. I have followed your adventures since finding your early blog back in 2006. I have read your book about Charlie’s story and your Vespa adventure before that. I know the impact that he has had on your life. His story is such an amazing adventure as he was literally dropped in your lap. He was fortunate to have you as his champion. And I know you are grateful for his acceptance. I am so glad you have decided to continue the Daily Coyote honoring his memory.

  13. mlaiuppa Says:

    For some reason I had to come and read some Charlie posts. I should be baking bread and working in the garden a bit. It’s rained and the ground is soft. But instead I am sitting here and looking at photos of Charlie. Has it been three months? It seems like only yesterday, and yet that he has been gone so long. But it will never be truly gone. He lives on in the many who knew him in this blog and his books. As long as he is remembered he will never be truly gone.

  14. Holly Says:

    This is a most beautiful photo of Charlie. I miss him, but these photos keep him with
    us every day. Sending hugs to you Shreve and I pray you are keeping well.

  15. Sarah Says:

    What a beautiful soul. I still refresh your blog every day, and sometimes finding myself crying. Charlie is truly a gift.

  16. C in Florida Says:

    I’ll always love Charlie and all that he loved.

    It is the greatest gift I can imagine to be able to see the pictures all the time.

    The Farmily is dear to me, every single day. I never expected to have this much happiness available to me.

  17. Nancy Sue Rose Says:

    Altho I have not left comments, I think of you and Charlie everyday. The calendar helps. Sending love to you and the dogs and farmily, and Mike, too. I keep copies of you book to give away to people who I feel need to read it.

  18. Alister Scheidler Says:

    Thank you !❤ Did Charlie pass? When did that happen?😪
    Are you going to have a 2022 calender? Thanks for the book and all the pictures! Your spirt lives in me for the rest of my life! ❤ Charlie!!!❣🐾

  19. Deb Gridley Says:

    Dear Shreve,
    I found your book via a recommendation on and
    I stayed up very late into the night reading of your journey with Charlie. I have no words that haven’t been written to you many times over. But the lessons you drew from Charlie that formed so much of who you have become are profound. The patience, the tenacity, the insights, the goodness and the desire to connect with understanding each of you gave the other shone through your words. What a lovely and important legacy…and many thanks for writing the book so we could understand more about Charlie, about you and about the balance of nature we need to continue seeking and honoring.
    I just found the website and will subscribe to the dailies in hopes that a 2024 calendar
    will evolve and I may obtain one.
    Bless you. And thank you.

  20. airwavedefenderusa Says:

    I’ll always love Charlie and all that he loved.

    It is the greatest gift I can imagine to be able to see the pictures all the time.

    The Farmily is dear to me, every single day. I never expected to have this much happiness available to me.

  21. Heidi Walton Says:

    I absolutely love your Daily Coyote, purchased in Wyoming. I read it in 2 days. Originally I bought it for my granddaughter but thought I’d scan it to be sure it was right for her. I can’t wait to send it to her now. What a wonderful story, and it’s really true. I love the life’s lessons in this book. Now I am looking for your 10 years of photos but I’ve not found it to date. On reading this blog I’ve found that Charlie has passed. So very sorry to hear that.

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