Peach Fuzz

photo taken October 2020

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5 Responses to “Peach Fuzz”

  1. VanessaH Says:

    He was so majestic, so regal…so Rico suave’ :-) 💕

  2. Marcia Rogers Says:

    How can I get the 2021 calendar?
    Marcia Rogers

  3. Jill Says:

    Fantastic photo of the very handsome Charlie!!! I’m always amazed as he looks right into the camera-but I know he is really looking at you with so much love. With Thanksgiving tomorrow I want to tell you how thankful I am to you for sharing Charlie with me and everyone all these years-I bought The Daily Coyote book in 2oo8 and have followed you and Charlie since-although I didn’t write comments until recently-I knew you were busy person and didn’t want to add work to your life. I hope on Thanksgiving day you can be thankful for all the special moments you had with Charlie, and other furbabies that have passed. I know I’m thankful for every minute I have with loved ones-human and fur-present and past. Take care.

  4. Torre Says:

    i always love this contrast. – Charlie and his surroundings

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, I could paint this!

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