photo taken October 2020

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10 Responses to “Beauty”

  1. Judy Says:

    He sure is!

  2. Jill Says:

    Love this photo-so very handsome. I just watched again the video of Charlie and Chloe from May 2015 with words, music, written and sung by Michael Gaither. So moving-wonderful pics of both Charlie and Chloe-they had love and respect for each other-so amazing-and such an uplifting story. Thank you Shreve again for bringing Charlie into my life.

  3. Mimi Says:

    To the power of a power!

  4. NG in NH Says:

    And all that floof — wow.

  5. sarin Says:

    Those eyes!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I thought of you two today. I followed you back in 2012-2106 . I wondered if Charlie was still around ? SO happy to see this entry! What a great adventure you two have had! Major love!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Correction: Haha guess it was 2008-2016 Whoa, he looks amazing! Wow

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Oh shit.Im sorry.I think I missed something?

  9. VH Says:


  10. Bob Campbell Says:

    I’ve loved Charlie from the very beginning … every step, every photo, every breath of information about this beautiful and loving creature. Thank you Shreve for allowing us to continue to savor the incredible life you have so vividly shared with all of us. We all know the deep love and loss of our kindred 4-legged spirits. There can be no substitution for this kind of love. We go on and the spirits live with us. Love Just Is!
    Thank you for being you. All the best in the New Year.

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