photo taken March 2009 • title thanks to Tina

Incredible entries from all of you – this morning was hard having to choose just one.  I recommend opening one browser window for Charlie’s picture and a second browser window next to it for the comments so you can scroll through them, side by side with the image.  Thus, instead of a “short list” as I sometimes do, I’m just going to copy the words of Chief Seattle that Britney left in the comment section:

“If all the beasts were gone,
men would die
from a great loneliness of spirit,
for whatever happens to the beasts
also happens to the man.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the Earth
befalls the sons of the Earth.”
- Chief Seattle

As for the title, Tina, I think you sum it up ~ thanks for the perfectly articulate pun.  And thanks to all who share what they see.

• • • I’m not even going to type a preface for fear of saying something -
I want to hear what you have to say for this shot, and see what you see in it.
So without ado ~ leave your title, caption, and/or commentary for this photograph in the comment section of this post (simply click on “xx Comments” directly under the post title to leave your entry) and you will be in the running for this week’s prize: an 8 x 10 signed print of THIS image (the eye is the focal point in this shot too, if you can spot it….) Happy Monday!

445 Responses to “Mesmereyes”

  1. Dawn Says:

    The eyes have it.

  2. Red Wolf Says:

    Are you awake yet? Food bowl’s empty!

  3. Coloradolady Says:

    I only have eyes for you!

  4. Coloradolady Says:

    “Golden windows to the soul”

  5. Dave Says:

    You eyeballin me? (from officer and a gentleman)

  6. Nancy Says:

    “Maybe It’s Maybelline” or “Guyliner”

  7. Shawn Says:

    The Hunger.


    EYE SPY..

  9. June Says:

    I honestly love you.

  10. Nancy Latimer Says:

    First one who blinks loses….

  11. Glenys Dukes Says:

    See no evil….

  12. Tina Says:


  13. Kristine Says:

    Huevos Rancheros

  14. Dana Says:

    Windows to a wild soul

  15. Kristine Says:

    ojos de dios (God’s eyes)

    ojos de ombre hombre

  16. Kathy Engel Says:

    I’ve only got eyes for you!
    the look of love and trust in Charlie’s eyes
    reflects the bond he has with you.
    Lucky You!
    Kathy Engel

  17. Eddie Says:

    Golden Eye

  18. Eddie Says:

    Reflections of a heart of gold

  19. Shanon Says:

    Into your soul

  20. Tina Says:

    You are getting sleepy. Veeery sleepy!

  21. Tina Says:

    Window to the soul

  22. JE Says:

    “Pretty please?”

    Seems like Charlie is saying that with his eyes.

  23. Wendy Says:

    Burnished Bond

  24. Mary Says:

    “I can’t remember – is this my cute-little-boy look or my you’re-dead-meat look?”

  25. Annemiek Says:

    I spy with my little eye…

  26. Annemiek Says:

    Eye to eye

  27. Annemiek Says:

    Bettter yet:


  28. Lucky Says:

    are you talkin to me?

  29. Sandy Says:

    As my 10 year old son would say…


  30. Lucky Says:

    in your eyes
    the light the heat
    in your eyes
    I am complete

  31. John Robben Says:

    I see you see me see you…

  32. Jan Says:

    Eye Communicate

    Eye Communication

  33. janice Says:


  34. SandyF Says:

    My Eye’s Adored You…

  35. Bobbbie Says:

    “Come with me to the Casbah”

  36. Carrie Hirsch Says:

    “You are in my power… you will obey my every command… first I want more treats… than I want more play time… you must obey me…

  37. Susan Says:

    Eye See You…

  38. Shannon H. Says:


  39. BessCT Says:

    Gazing into Charlie’s soul

    Hypnotic Coyote

    “I am completely focused on you my loving Shreve” (not intended on sounding stalkerish…lol)

  40. Katie Says:

    I Love You Mom

  41. sybann Says:

    Amber Gaze

  42. Claudia Says:

    Undeniably You!

  43. Susan Says:

    The eye is the mirror to the soul.


  44. Kathy Says:

    “My Eyes Adored You”
    (Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons)

  45. Wincey Says:

    Ol’ Yellow Eyes is Back

    (Actually, I think that’s the title of an album of standards sung by Brent Spiner [Data in Star Trek], but it fits well here too)

  46. Melissa Says:

    wise prOWLer

  47. Melissa Says:


  48. Ingrid Says:

    The eyes have it.

  49. Jeff Says:

    The ayes have it.

  50. Jeff Says:

    “Look into my eyes…you are getting sleepy…very sleepy”

  51. Jackie Brwon Says:

    window to a soul

  52. pam Says:

    Golden Eyes, Golden Boy

  53. Marie Moore Says:

    All the better to see you with my dear

  54. Wo Says:

    purposeful submission…

  55. Robin N Says:

    you. don’t. see. me.

  56. Pat Says:

    The eyes have it.

  57. Have the T-shirt Says:

    Read my Eyes

  58. Barry Says:

    Make my day

  59. Roocifer Says:

    Windows to the soul.

  60. MK Ray Says:

    “what immortal hand or eye
    could frame thy fearful symmetry”

  61. Bethrusso Says:

    Daze of summer

  62. Cynthia Says:

    You saved me, and I know it always.

  63. Paulaa Says:

    my, what big eyes you have

  64. Kristan Says:

    Darn, I was going to say “The Eyes Have It” too!

    Maybe just “Look Into My Eyes” or “Hypnotic.”

  65. Bethrusso Says:

    The eyes apprise…

  66. Bethrusso Says:

    Eye candy

  67. Barbara Says:

    Eye Spy

  68. Patte Says:

    Silent Scrutiny

  69. Bethrusso Says:

    Beware…the stare

  70. Ruth Says:

    Look of Love

  71. Rebecca Says:

    The eyes have it!

  72. carol Says:

    Soul Exchange

  73. Nancy Says:

    “Forever Amber”

  74. nancy Says:

    the look of love

  75. Robin B Says:

    Are you really going to wear that shirt with those jeans???

  76. Steven Swanson Says:

    The eyes, the gateway to one’s soul.

  77. Melissa A. Says:

    Because Charlie’s eyesight is 6 times greater than mans.

  78. Patty Says:

    Maybe he was born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.

  79. moondoggie Says:

    Golden eye
    (or Golden Eyes)

  80. moondoggie Says:


  81. Tina Says:

    One to One

  82. Patr Says:

    Look into my eyes. You are getting very sleepy…..

    Windows to his soul

    Eye Liner au natural

  83. Hawksong Says:

    I think “The eyes have it” is pretty dang good too, but it’s been said enough haha!
    Other notions I had:

    “Soooo…is it dinner time yet?” (my son’s notion is he looks like he wants something)

    Eyes Wild (I’s Wild!)

  84. Barbara Says:

    “My eyes adore you”

    Love you to the moon

  85. Charley Says:

    Whatsamatter? I’ve been up for hours!

  86. Courtney C. Says:

    Wide Open

    Captured Humanity

    More Than Meets the Eye

    Unguarded Honesty

  87. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    The eyes have it… er, you!

  88. Suz Says:

    The Ides of March – (The “Eyes” of March)

  89. Rick's Cafe Says:

    You are getting sleeeeepy.

  90. Fabia Says:

    Pale Fire

  91. caligirl Says:

    my eyes – on you

  92. Judy Says:

    Wild Soul

  93. Pat Says:

    Said with a Béla Lugosi accent…. “Look into my eyes…..”

  94. Tess Says:


  95. Molly N Says:

    “No one knows what it’s like

    To be a good Charlie

    the sweetest coyote

    Behind gold eyes”

    (From The Who song ‘Behind Blue Eyes’)

  96. Heather Says:

    Reflections in a golden eye…

  97. Molly N Says:

    Or just ‘Behind gold eyes’ I suppose <3

  98. Amy G. Says:

    Nature’s first green is gold. – Frost

  99. darci Says:

    He looked right through me

  100. kate Says:

    Flocked wallpaper

  101. ilana Says:

    Lost in his eyes

  102. Tia Says:

    Elf leg?

  103. Karen Says:

    Your soul is looking a bit smudged lately. But I love you anyway.

  104. Catherine Says:

    “Shiny Soul”

    Shreve, I love this photo!


  105. Lizzie Longenecker Says:

    One cannot look deeply into the eyes of an animal and not see the same depth, complexity and feeling we humans lay exclusive claim to.

  106. Ed Says:

    Bright Eyes, Bright Soul!

  107. Natalie S. Says:

    The Eyes of March


  108. Janet Says:

    The mind’s eye…

  109. Chris P Says:


  110. Shannon H. Says:

    Collective Souls

  111. Mandy Says:

    Purest Soul

  112. Elizbeth Says:

    Tamed through love…but wildness still in my soul.

  113. Cynthia H Says:

    It’s already been said in another form but all I could think of was:

    “Love ya Mom.”

    Its the same look one of my cats gives me when she sits by my side and cuddles.

  114. Melissa Says:

    Freeway to the soul of a Coyote.

  115. Barbara Says:

    Wild thing…you make my heart sing…
    You make everything

    The Troggs – Wild Thing Lyrics

  116. Ann J. Says:

    “Eye’ll” be watching you.

  117. Bill Says:

    “Hello, Lunch”

  118. Deeann Says:


  119. Leah Says:

    Look into my eyes…

  120. Meredith Says:

    Lovingly waiting.

  121. LHays Says:

    “Eyes on Fire” from the song by Blue Foundation

  122. Cheryl Says:

    Eye love you

  123. betharoopie Says:

    Golden Ice

    Turn around, Bright Eyes

    What did I do? What did I say,
    to turn your angel eyes my way?
    (Jeff Healey Band)

    Fool’s Gold

    Someone to Watch Over Me

    ~kind of random, but it’s that kind of mornin’…

  124. cathy Says:

    Soulfull love ….unconditionally

  125. robyn Says:


  126. Sam Says:

    You have someone to watchover you now

  127. Christy Says:

    Soul Chasm

  128. Marquand Says:

    Look closely,
    ‘W’ is for Wild.

  129. ln Says:

    Wyes Eyes

  130. Debi Says:

    I am thinking of a number…..

    (Windows to the soul was already taken!)

  131. Catsquatch Says:

    Golden Love

  132. nina ikeda Says:

    Amber Pools of Love

  133. Barbara Says:

    Hocus focus

  134. Kelly Says:

    Hocus Focus

  135. Cori R. Says:

    Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

  136. paula Says:

    ever watchful

  137. jia en Says:

    “Eyes Eyes Baby”

  138. Angie Webb Says:


  139. lois hansen Says:

    “Eyes of the Heart” from a song by India Arie. Check out the lyrics.

  140. Sara Says:

    Casting a Golden Spell

    Flaxen Stare

  141. Caroline Says:

    Eye love you

  142. Kathleen Says:

    “These eyes”

  143. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    In Sight … Insight … InSight

    whichever way you want to use it if it’s chosen

  144. Kelly Planer Says:

    Single Sense

  145. Kathleen Says:


  146. MaggieMNM Says:

    Windows to his soul.

  147. Craig Says:

    Depth of Perception

  148. Angela Says:

    I love you, mom.

    (Not very clever, I know.
    I miss my dog.)

  149. Lisa Says:

    I am sure someone else has said this, but I couldn’t get passed “My, what big eyes you have!” : )

  150. Terran Says:

    “Good morning, mom! I love you! Now can we play?”

    This photo is so beautiful, Shreve! My pup has the same beautiful golden eyes and she looks at me like this every morning when I sit down at my desk to start work. I often call her “my little Charlie.” :)

  151. Evan Says:

    I see!

  152. Anonymous Says:

    Odd action shot.
    His eye has caught
    Me, taking his photo.
    Reflected in his eye and soul.

  153. Susan Says:

    Pensive Jewels

  154. jeffII Says:

    “The better to see you with my Dear.”

  155. SuzieQ Says:

    “Angel (furry) Eyes”

  156. jeffII Says:

    Sorry Marie……I missed yours….my bad.

  157. SC Says:

    Look into my eyes… are getting very sleepy….

  158. sarah Says:

    Into the Wild

  159. Carmen Says:

    What golden eyes you have.

    I could stare into his eyes for a long time. Have a great Monday. : )

  160. Kathy Says:

    Hungry Eyes

  161. Kathy F. Says:

    “I see the tears in your eyes” from the Disney movie, Dr. Doolittle, as he sang to the seal.

  162. Kathy Says:

    Always Focused

  163. jeffII Says:

    “The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  164. Kevin Says:

    Caramel brown coyote stare-down!

  165. Siobhan Says:


  166. domenico Says:

    completely centered

  167. ash Says:

    uh-oh, here come the antlers…sorry mom!

  168. Meghan Says:

    Amber Orbs

  169. domenico Says:

    calm, cool, and collected

  170. Kevin Says:

    There’s no guise in these eyes.

  171. cookie Says:

    Pirate of the Plains
    The Plainsman Pirate

    (lovable but mysterious)

  172. domenico Says:

    luke wants to add

    i see you

  173. Lisa W. Says:


  174. Lisa S. Says:

    I couldn’t take my eyes off of this photo! How about:

    Love, Haunted or Haunting Love (don’t mean to sound ghoulish, but “haunting” was the word that first came to mind when I saw the photo…)
    OR: My soul for love… My soul, my love OR: Wild, amber eyes… OR: “You had me at ‘Hello’” Ha.

    I got up at 4:oo am and finished reading your book. The story of your relationship with Charlie moved me more than anything else has for a long, long time (I’m struggling with another bout of severe major depression) and I thank you for it..

    I admire and respect everything you’ve done with Charlie. Only once in a great long while does a human get the magical opportunity to interact intimately with one of God’s wild creatures. It is a gift and should be nurtured and appreciated. Those that criticize you have probably never had such an experience. Ignore them. I’ll be 50 this year and in half a century (I CANNOT be that old, can I…) I’ve learned that there really are a lot of ignorant people in this world. You really just have to pity them!


    P.S. Charlie looks like he was created out of the very things in his world…the red mountains, the gray skies, the black winter trees, and the golden sun. I never knew a coyote could be such a beautiful thing.

  175. Tanja Says:

    “Say What?”
    …but then I took a second look, and wondered if Charlie was actually caught trying to ham it up with the appealing big sad puppy eyes ’cause he really really wanted something…and his ears aren’t back, so he’s not apologizing for it. Almost like Oliver Twist: “More, please?” :)

  176. Bonnie Says:

    bird is the word

  177. Lori Says:

    Pu-pu-pu-PLEEEZE Mom?!

  178. Trebor Says:

    No one knows that there’s a bug on my nose.

    Eye Talking

    When the elk leg pile is complete, i’ll howl twice and you’ll awake.

  179. jani Says:


  180. Carla Says:

    Tweaked Beak

  181. Kelly Lewis Says:

    Optic Obversation

    Stately Stare

  182. Trisha Says:

    You are PREY…

  183. Lydia Says:

    Love behind fierce eyes

  184. Miriam Says:

    You have something for me. I know you do. Give it up.

    (my dog gives me this look when I have something for her)

  185. bonnie Says:

    You WILL open the refrigerator….NOW.

  186. Emily Says:

    Windows to my soul mate.

  187. Elizabeth Says:

    The Eyes Have It

  188. littlebobina Says:

    “You are getting sleepy, your eyelids are heavy, you will give me the food in your hand…..”


    “Look of Adoration”

    “Coyote Clairvoyance”

  189. littlebobina Says:

    Unspoken Understanding

  190. kyle cassidy Says:

    i CAN has cheezeburger.

  191. Deidre Says:

    Pure Devotion

  192. Deidre Says:

    Absolute Trust

  193. Deidre Says:

    We Are One

  194. Holly Says:

    “Lookin` back at you”

  195. Martha Says:

    Beloved Eyes

  196. Kelley Says:

    The Devil In Your Eyes

  197. Beth Says:

    The “eyes” have it.

  198. tigeron Says:

    You might remember that several months ago I wrote you in response to just such a picture as this. My feeling now is the same as then. I see…

    Two Souls

  199. Vicky Says:

    Seein’ Eye-t0-Eye

  200. KA Says:

    Are you ok?

  201. mlaiuppa Says:


    “You lookin’ at me? YOU lookin’ at ME? YOU LOOKING AT ME?” Charlie does Di Niro.

  202. mlaiuppa Says:

    If looks could kill

  203. Shanna Says:

    I Am Not Amused

  204. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Pay no attention to that dog and cat. These are the dog and cat you’re looking for. Move along.”

  205. Deidre Says:

    I love and trust you with my whole heart and soul

  206. ember Says:

    What big eyes you have.

    Through the looking glass.

    Soul Intent.

  207. mlaiuppa Says:

    “I am a coyote. Hath not a coyote eyes? Hath not a coyote paws,
    organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same
    food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases,
    heal’d by the same means, warm’d and cool’d by the same winter
    and summer, as a human is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If
    you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?
    And if you wrong us, do we not cry? If we are like you in the
    rest, we will resemble you in that.”

    With apologies to William Shakespeare.

  208. mlaiuppa Says:

    “Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.”

  209. Allison Says:

    “Bright Eyes”


    “The Better to See You With”

    My apologies if someone has already suggested one of these.

  210. Regina Ellis Says:

    The face of intelligence

  211. Audra Says:

    Amber Waves of Longing

  212. HPH Says:

    My Heart.

    (How interesting that his fur pattern makes a heart around his face! And, of course, he has your heart.)

  213. Spike Says:


  214. SarahThe Says:

    Eye love Ewe.

  215. mlaiuppa Says:

    “I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart.”

    Pope John XXIII

  216. Lea' Says:

    Wild Reflections

  217. Nic Says:

    Painfully aware.

  218. Corinna Says:

    Sweet Soul

  219. Sally Says:

    You and Me

  220. maureen Says:

    feared by many, loved by one

  221. Lea' Says:

    Mind’s Eye

  222. Mary Says:

    “Antler? Please?”

    “Isn’t There One More Elk Leg in the Freezer? Just One?”

  223. Anna Says:

    Eyes for you

    Look into my eyes… you are getting sleepy.

  224. Lea' Says:

    Calculating Intelligence

    Deep Reflections

    Ancient Soul

    Reflections of Light

    Points of Light

    Soul Piercing

    More going on in there than you think.

  225. beth Says:

    One ring to rule them all…


    F* you Amazon amazing Three-Wolf T-shirt!

  226. Amanda Says:

    These little eyes of mine, Im gonna let em shine.

  227. Pat Says:

    “All the better to see you with, my dear.”

  228. Dinah Says:

    Killing me softly

  229. Linda Says:

    “I’m innocent, I tell ya.”

  230. Sherri Says:

    You are getting sleepy……very very sleepy!

  231. Danielle Says:

    Amber Wisdom

  232. Steph Says:

    The song “Hungry Eyes” came into my head as soon as I saw this picture so, there you go. Hungry Eyes. (The Patrick Swayze version from Dirty Dancing, of course. Because I imagine Charlie would be a stud in the coyote world like Patrick Swayze was in that movie.)

  233. Anonymous Says:

    “I’m Mama’s boy.”

  234. Jennifer S. Says:


  235. Farmer Lady Says:

    Coyote Love


    The Eyes Have It

    (gorgeous pic!)

  236. TJ Says:

    I’ll be seeing you (in all the old familiar places)


    Why so serious?

  237. pkc Says:

    You. Me. Farmily.

  238. Maggie Says:


  239. Maria Says:

    I was struck by the almost perfect symmetry of Charlie’s face. The eyes were first noticeable, with the dark black dot within each pupil, but then the patterns and colors of the fur are almost identical on each side of his face. Spectacular.

    My captions:

    - Profound Symmetry
    - Exquisite Symmetry
    - The Chief Form of Beauty is Symmetry

  240. Cheryl Says:

    My, What big eyes you have…

  241. Angie P. Says:

    Thank you.

  242. Diane Says:

    Connection with his Soul

  243. Penny Says:

    I see by your outfit…

    (from a wonderful novel from Boulder’s Clay Evans about Wyoming cowboys..) Charlie’s look hits this for me..

  244. Sarah Lopusnikova Says:

    I stop the world and melt with you.

  245. Penny Says:

    eye heart you

  246. tracy bessire Says:

    a mirror to the sole.

  247. tracy bessire Says:

    Silent question.

  248. Deborah Says:


  249. Laura Says:

    A soul, Eyes haz one!

  250. Suzette Says:

    When first you cuddled
    the little nubule
    in your bed,
    did you
    dream of theses eyes?

  251. Bruce Evans Says:

    “Deep Instinct”

  252. AmyM Says:

    These are not the droids for which you seek.

  253. Helioprogenus Says:

    Gazing through the deepest layers of my being

  254. kallimao Says:

    Private Eyes



    (I got lost staring into those beautiful eyes of his while trying to think up a caption entry!) xox

  255. Mandy Says:

    Hungry Like The Coyote

  256. Barbie Says:


  257. Kat Says:

    “Eye to Eye”

    Do I have your attention?

    Windows to the soul

  258. Kelly Says:

    These Eyes.

  259. Lydia Says:

    Hellllooooooo. Anybody in there?

  260. WifeMotherMe Says:

    Mom, I had a bad dream, can I please sleep with you.

  261. Kat Says:

    Go Ahead..make my day

  262. Donna L. Says:

    Look deep into my eyes…deeper…deeper.

  263. marsha Says:

    You had me at hello

  264. Megan Says:

    All Seeing. All Knowing.


    Masquerade Mask.

  265. Evelien Says:

    Amber glaze

  266. Misia Curtin Says:

    “An eye for an eye, and the whole world would be blind.”

    ~Kahlil Gibran

  267. Lisa Says:

    Come closer.

  268. Jeremiah Atkinson Says:

    I see you!

  269. The Girl Nerd Says:

    With Sugar on Top?

  270. dana Says:

    coyote hOwl

  271. jendragonhart Says:

    Gypsy King

  272. puck's mom Says:

    The Elegance of the Coyote

    (with apologies to Muriel Barbery)

    Sue (Puck’s Mom)

  273. Lacey Says:

    Coyote dare stare

  274. Stephanie Says:

    Eye didn’t do it…

  275. Lisa Says:

    To dream with eyes open

  276. juliet farmer Says:

    my eyes adore you


    do you see what i see?

  277. Rhonda Says:

    Reflection of trust and love.


    Perfect makeup, as always!

  278. Michel Says:

    Eyes to the sky… or Kelly Clarkson’s song “Behind these hazel eyes”

    The one that made me giggle was Nancy’s “Guy-liner”

  279. Desiree Says:

    Soul Deep


    Open Windows


    You wish you had these eyeliner skills!

  280. Karen Says:

    Amber Gaze

  281. sticklink Says:


  282. Rita Says:



  283. Celia Says:

    Amber-Eyed Devotion

  284. MarieEFL Says:

    He had yellow eyes! So help me, YELLOW EYES!

    hey who doesn’t love “A Christmas Story”?

  285. cfritz Says:

    Longing……for what?

  286. Kim Says:

    Coyote Cutie

    Charming Charlie

  287. sesroh Says:

    Bettie Davis Eyes!

  288. Aisha Says:

    “Don’t call it puppy love”
    “Here’s my windows, don’t abuse the access.”

  289. Charles Swanson Says:

    Eyes of Ages, in the moment.

  290. Wendi Says:

    “I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart.” Pope John XXIII

    ” The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “The eye is the jewel of the body” Henry David Thoreau

    “Instinctive Adversion”

  291. Lindsay Says:

    “The Abstruse Ogle”
    “Profound Peepers”

  292. Lindsay Says:

    “Amber Ambiguity”

  293. Jason Says:

    Private Eyes are Watching You

  294. Betsy Says:


  295. Jennifer Griffith Says:

    The Beholder

  296. Liza Lundell Says:

    The eyes are the windows of the soul

  297. Julia Says:

    “Look into my eye.” Sgt. Apone, “Aliens”, 1986

  298. Kathy Says:

    Right Between the Eyes

  299. Betsy Says:

    melts one’s heart

  300. DeeAnne Says:

    I love you mommy!

  301. cath Says:

    so many excellent choices! my two cents …

    soul gazing

  302. Angelique Says:

    The Sentinel

  303. Shira Says:

    “Here’s lookin at you kid”

  304. David Says:

    Golden are his eyes, a symphony of gold.
    Perfection such as this can scarce be told.

  305. Paula Regan Says:

    Gaze into my eyes…you are getting sleepy…you will go inside and get me a steak…:)

  306. Amy Says:

    I dare you

  307. Cheryl Wicks Says:

    My soul is more deep and profound than the heaven’s above. I am wise

  308. Patti Says:

    My what big eyes you have….

  309. DeeBee Says:

    Friend or Foe?

  310. Laurie C Says:

    Your soul is bare, under the coyote’s stare…

  311. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Look deeply into my eyes and my soul will speak to yours.

  312. Nancy Peacock Says:

    “I Only Have Eyes For You”

  313. ymp Says:

    It is up to you, or whoever is looking at the picture to decide what Charlie wants–love, attention, a toy, a snack.

  314. Mary Says:

    Reflections of love…

  315. Jason Says:

    You are getting sleeeeepy.
    Sooo sleeeeepy..

    Now look into my eyes.

    When my lil feets hurt from the little walk to my sleeping tree,
    You will rub them.
    When I get a little munchy,
    You bring me yummies.
    When I need to howl at the moon,
    You be my pillow.
    When I need to scare the pants off Eli the cat,
    You giggle when I have succeeded.

    After all, I am the master. I am king of all I see.
    You are mine.
    I am Coyote.
    I am Charlie.

    Now wake. Love on me, care for me, comfort me.
    Be mine…

  316. Jenna Says:


  317. Wendy Andersen Says:

    The eyes are the window to the soul…….

  318. JayneZ Says:

    Eye candy!

  319. janet fate Says:

    Hellooooo Baby

  320. Kathryn Says:

    I am wild, still

    Looking at these beautiful eyes I cant help but think that Charlie only consents to being in your world. And I know you are a lucky woman. Kathryn

  321. Kathy W Says:

    Knows No Nose and Nos


    Kohl’d Coyote

  322. Isobel Says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder



  323. MJM Says:



    Wise Eyes.

    With a lot of accent, the second suggestion can sound either like the Three Stooges or a stereotypical Italian mobster, your pick. Gorgeous picture/great photography/wonderful subject in any case!

  324. JESSIE Says:

    The light, the heat.

  325. MJM Says:

    Whoops, I just saw “ln Says: July 6th, 2009 at 11:02 am’s” entry, so nix “Wise Eyes” for Wyes Eyes unless that translates as Why Yes Eyes. So much for searching the page for duplicate entries via “wise!” I still stick by my accent comment, though. :)

  326. Michelle Says:

    “Rabbits worst nightmare”

    “Up close and personal”

  327. Jeremiah E Atkinson Says:

    I spy with my little eye…

  328. Nancy Says:

    Love you More!

  329. J.A. Says:

    Loving eyes of a loyal friend.

  330. Michelle Says:

    “Looking into your soul”

  331. maureen Says:


  332. Sugar Plum Says:

    Oh, Honey…

  333. Kathy W Says:

    Stone Kohl’d Stare

    (or if ice cream is your deal//)

    Kohl’d Stone Coyote


  334. Nicole Says:

    A glimpse at the surface of fathomless golden depths.

  335. Diane Brown Says:

    Infinite Insight.

  336. Arcene Says:

    Can’t Keep My Eyes Off Of You

  337. Margaret C Says:

    I can’t decide if this picture wants a poetic or humorous title, so I offer one of both:

    “Windows to a Wild Soul”


    “Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear!”

  338. Jonathan Says:


    1 a: free from guilt or sin especially through lack of knowledge of evil : blameless b: harmless in effect or intention ; also : candid c: free from legal guilt or fault ; also : lawful
    2 a: lacking or reflecting a lack of sophistication, guile, or self-consciousness : artless, ingenuous b: ignorant ; also : unaware
    3: lacking or deprived of something

  339. Kathleen Says:

    Mirror, mirror…

  340. Jennifer Says:

    You blinked!

  341. jarerocks Says:

    Do you think I need glasses?

  342. Cassandra Margarf Says:

    Pure Truth

  343. Kit.e Says:

    Hungry eyes.

  344. Betsy Says:

    melt me

  345. Lisa Says:

    Elf Bone Says You Blink First

  346. Cher Says:

    Amber window to the soul…

    Just beautiful, Shreve!

  347. Cher Says:

    And, now that I have read the comments, I see others were on the same vein as I was… LOL


    Amber reflections of a wild heart

  348. Mac Says:

    Here’s Looking at You!

  349. Susan Says:

    An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. (Martin Buber said it, but your photo is the proof!)

  350. Sue from New Zealand Says:

    TOPAZED OUT (topaz as in gemstone)

  351. Julie Says:

    Get Lost in the Found

  352. Alice Says:

    So many that I thought of were already taken so…

    Look deeeep into my eyes…and give me an elf bone.

  353. Ciara Says:

    Soul Searching

  354. Stacey Says:

    Study in Butterscotch and Brown.

  355. vicki Says:

    eye adore you

    i adore you

    it’s our secret

  356. kerry Says:


    my title suggestions are:

    Looking through to a coyote’s soul

    The eyes say it all

  357. Cyrus Says:

    The eyes have it!

  358. Heather Says:

    don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful ;)

    (lurvvv u….)

  359. Kim Campbell Says:

    The eyes have it

  360. Kimberly Driscoll Says:

    Intense loyalty

  361. Britney Says:

    I don’t know what to put here Shreve. Having worked so long with wolves, this is a gaze with which I am very familiar, and its one that always leaves me speechless. There are no words to describe the gaze of a truly wild thing when it fixes itself upon you. You just have to be fortunate and strong enough to look back.

    This is my favorite of your pictures. Thank you for sharing. It’s too long for a caption, but I was remined of the following words from Chief Seattle:

    “If all the beasts were gone,
    men would die
    from a great loneliness of spirit,
    for whatever happens to the beasts
    also happens to the man.
    All things are connected.
    Whatever befalls the Earth
    befalls the sons of the Earth.”

    Chief Seattle

  362. Debra Says:

    window to intelligence

  363. Kate Says:

    You are getting very sleepy…

  364. Heather Says:

    Two possibilities spring to mind:

    Thin Boundary Between Us



  365. Roxanne Says:

    I don’t have a caption. But the beautiful soul looking out from those eyes has brought me back here to look several times today. It touches my heart!

  366. Jenny C Says:

    Ancient soul through young eyes

    (Ahem… is this the same goofball who did the “Donkey in Tap Shoes” schtick?)

  367. Sherry Says:

    Can I please have a piece of that pizza/

  368. Oz Says:

    Can’t say no

  369. V Says:

    Fire in your eyes.

    “The soul that can speak through the eyes can
    also kiss with a gaze.” – Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.

    Look into my eyes and hear what I’m not saying, for my
    eyes speak louder than my voice ever will.

  370. Nancy Says:

    Eyes are windows to the soul

  371. Sally Says:

    Those bedroom eyes with lots of mascara!!

  372. Heather Says:

    See the world through my eyes, so wild and beautiful!

  373. Richard Says:

    ” a look that time can’t erase”

  374. Nancy Says:

    Truly, madly, deeply…

  375. Ava Says:

    Pure gaze

    I’m always awed when I look into the eyes of other creatures. Their eyes don’t have the filters and disguises humans put over ourselves. Everything they are is right there in their eyes.

  376. Beth Says:

    I just see…Love for Mom

  377. tamara Says:

    Who will blink first?

  378. Jenn Says:

    impersonating Bambi

  379. Kat Says:

    sleeeeeepy…. you’re getting very sleeeeeepy….

    (gorgeous pict, btw – you can’t help but be mesmerized!)

  380. Sydney Says:


  381. Barbara R Says:


  382. Nismo Says:

    A simple “I believe in Shreve.”

    or a introspective look on a classic through the lense of life w/ Charlie…
    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference. ” – Robert Frost

  383. pam Says:

    ” Please? Pretty please? ”

    It looked to me that he was pleading with you for something. like the eyes a person makes to another when they want something.

  384. Dianne Says:

    “You Lookin’ at Me Lookin’ at You”
    song title by Ozzy Osborne

  385. Lindsay Klick Says:

    this photo is so intensely captivating. no words can really describe it.

  386. Bean Says:

    Give me the grilled cheese. You want to give me the grilled cheese. Go ahead. Drop it. It won’t even hit the floor.

  387. Cibeles Says:

    I can see you, too


    I SEE you, too

    because one thing is to see something and to SEE something

    He looks gorgeous as always, thanks for sharing the photos they’re awesome. :)

  388. Cristina Salazar Says:

    Worth a thousand words

  389. Linda in NC Says:

    The Eyes have it

  390. Janci Says:

    Jedi Mind Trick.

    “The Force is with you, young Charlie, but you are not a Jedi yet” ~Eli Wan Kenobi

    “I have you now!”

    “Use the force, Charlie!”

  391. D-Carol Says:

    With this gaze, I offer boundless devotion.
    I am Charlie; I am wild. I am here by choice.

  392. linda in NC Says:

    Didn’t see The Eyes have it has already been done. So. Here’s another.

    Eye to Eye Connection

  393. Darrell Says:

    I trust you with my life.

  394. karen hanson Says:

    Mesmer “EYES” ing

  395. Pat in Denver Says:

    Golden Mirrors to my soul

  396. D-Carol Says:

    Know by my gaze that love is a risk, then choose to be brave.

  397. PJ Says:

    I didn’t want to leave a caption, just say that Charlie’s eyes are so direct, it’s eerie. Beautiful, Shreve.

  398. Cindy Says:

    it can only be this -

    “mama’s kiss”

    that spot where the bridge of Charlie’s nose and the arch between his eyes meet, where the fur is still so soft and the memories are so long…….

  399. Pat in Denver Says:

    Piercing golden trust

  400. Cynthia Says:

    this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart –ee cummings

    Leaping the Language Barrier

    The Edge of Humanity

    Honey, I can’t look away from you. –Lisa Bastoni

    So Full

    Electrolite –R.E.M.

    Take a picture, it’ll last longer!

  401. karen hanson Says:

    i’m with Roxanne on this one, it’s a breath taking photo and i’ve also checked back and used as desktop pic…. Beautiful! A different variation on mine “Mesmer’EYES’ed

  402. Kenz Says:

    Optical Allusion to the Soul

    If Looks Could Kill

    Stop and Stare

    Or maybe, “Headlights” like the classic saying, a deer in the headlights. I imagine that a prey animal caught in those “headlights” wouldn’t last long.

  403. Maegan Says:

    Eyes of Ash and Flame
    And the Prairie Looked Back
    Wyoming Window
    Vision of the West

  404. Chelsey Says:

    No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die. – Goldeneye
    C’mon who doesnt love 007?

  405. Denise Smart Says:

    Unadulterated Love

  406. beth Says:

    Love and trust….

  407. Sun Rock Says:


  408. Lydia Says:

    I put a spell on you.

  409. 'Nise Says:


  410. Ladyfox Says:

    Ojos Asi
    And now it seems, that I
    Without your eyes could never be

    My one desire, all I aspire
    Is in your eyes forever to live

    And I could not find Eyes Like Yours

  411. Chelsia Says:

    “And all I loved, I loved alone.
    Then- in my childhood, in the dawn
    Of a most stormy life- was drawn
    From every depth of good and ill
    The mystery which binds me still:
    From the torrent, or the fountain,
    From the red cliff of the mountain,
    From the sun that round me rolled
    In its autumn tint of gold,
    From the lightning in the sky
    As it passed me flying by,
    From the thunder and the storm,
    And the cloud that took the form
    (When the rest of Heaven was blue)
    Of a demon in my view. ”

    From Poe’s ‘Alone’

  412. liloaktree Says:


  413. kyra Says:

    I See Me

    Amber Oasis

    Me, Caught in Amber

  414. ursula Says:

    Tempt me….

  415. ursula Says:

    I trust you…

  416. Anonymous Says:

    Bright eyed and bushy tailed



  417. Kimi C Says:

    Sorry, that entry above was me.

    Bright eyed and bushy tailed



  418. Tracey Says:


    “More than meets the eye”


    “Untamed Soul”

    …because we only think we know.

    i don’t know the context in which the picture was taken, but I feel like whatever he was communicating to you is just one of the seemingly infinite number of things he is so articulate at conveying without ever needing words. every picture you take captures a completely unique moment or expression (which is definitely due in large part to a gift of perceptive photography), and i think it reflects the fact that even in an animal that has been “tamed” there is a wild and beautiful spirit that is part of what intriuges us so. everyone sees something different in the eyes of an animal, and i think that is because there is so much there to see in a deepness that humans will never truly understand. we are so lucky when they trust us enough to let us see a little part of their soul

  419. Stacy Says:

    Sunset at Coyote Ridge

  420. Connie Says:

    Me, too, you, Mom

    I have this picture in my mind of you behind the camera, telling Charlie that you love him, and that’s his answer to you. Whatever you’re saying to him, he’s listening, understanding!

  421. annbb Says:

    Eye will follow you…anywhere.

  422. eloise Says:

    One look at you and I can’t disguise I’ve got… Hungry eyes

    Without a noise, without my pride, I reach out from the inside

    ^For some reason the ’80s come to mind!

  423. DJ Says:

    Hungry Eyes

  424. Kristine Says:


  425. Cyn Says:

    Pools of gold

  426. Natalie Says:

    I know.

  427. Beth Says:

    Eye do

    Upward inflection

    The seeker

    Under my gaze

    On the qui vive

  428. FLAConnie Says:

    The Eyes Have It

  429. Jasper Says:

    Trance 2: Electric Boogaloo

  430. Barleysoup Says:

    “He has “Charlie Coyote Eyes”.

  431. Fran Says:

    Forever Amber

  432. Sue Says:

    The look of love.

  433. Lyn Says:

    This is undoubtably the most beautiful and soulful face in the canine species. Why are wolves so favored by animal fanciers and this glorious “singing dog” so casually maligned?

    I will never understand our species lack of understanding and appreciation of these amazing earth brethren.

    You are wonderful to have saved his life and share your friendship with him with us.

  434. Kim Says:

    My Windows, your soul!

  435. wagga Says:

    Stare Master

  436. jm Says:

    masked man

  437. Tessa Says:

    “And water’d heaven with their tears”

    from The Tiger by William Blake

  438. angela r Says:

    Mirrors of his wild soul

  439. Debra W. Says:

    Will LOOK for food.

  440. Maggie Says:

    In case no one got my pun… I wrote “Sunrise” – meant to make you think of Sunreyes… but I didn’t think it was necessary to spell the word wrong to convey the pun. Ah well.

  441. Milaka Says:

    We completely forgot to check the contest this week! I think that the winning caption is perfect. Those eyes are amazing – one could really get lost in them. Thank you, again, for sharing Charlie with us.

  442. Lanny R. North Mililani Says:

    This is something of the same understanding, mindful look that I recieve daily from my Juneau, an american Indian dingo. There seems no greater mentor than that which eminates from the zen mind of a canine.

  443. Gabriel Celibataire Says:

    He is so beautiful :)) and this look makes me pricking :) I love this kind of animals, you have a good friend and always can rely on them :)

  444. Janie Sanders Says:

    I waited awhile before I decided to leave you a comment… I spent my first vacation in Wyoming in May… I have to read to sleep, went into the local Walmart in Cody and found your book, the perfect read while travellining 27 hrs in a car home. You are living my dream. Planning on spending next summer in your beautiful state. Charlie has been a very special part of my day since I got home to Alabama. Thank you for helping me to deal with my issues with nature and the death of animals, didn’t think I would be able to finish your book when I first read about Charlie’s parents. You’ve helped me to begin to see nature for what it really is, rebirth. Thank you.

  445. Deb Says:

    Greetings, Just spent a wonderful weekend in our cabin get away where I read your book. Wanted to send you a message to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Are you planning a follow up? I see you have added a new member of your family since then (congratulations!) and after looking at your website(s) think am going to join up for my dose of daily coyote! Thanks for sharing your story ~ Deb

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