Spring In His Step

photo taken March 2009 • title thanks to Marquand

Beautiful words to go with a beautiful scene, from all of you!  It’s a gorgeous early morning here, so I’ll make this short & sweet ~ tied for runner-up are Sara with Smile E. Coyote, Michele with A Smile is Worth A Thousand Words, and Bethrusso with two: Walkin’ On Sunshine -and- The Roamin’ Empire.  Marquand, what else can I say, yours did it for me!  (Plus, in a sweet turn of phrase you note the Spring light & pastel colors, the lightness in his posture & optimistic attitude, and even tied in his adorable pointy hind paw…) Thanks to one & all ~ hope your day is as beautiful in one way or another as this morning is here! ~ S.

• • • I love these colors.  I love the feeling of this photo.  But honestly, I had a really hard time titling it when I sent it out in the Daily email…. so, for posterity and public permanence on this site, it is up to YOU to give this photo a proper title.

Please leave your title, caption, or Charlie-commentary in the comment section of this post.  The winner of this week’s prize will receive a delicate obsidian arrowhead, hand-knapped by Mike, and a naturally-shed antelope horn.

If you missed my previous post on antelope horns, they make great chew toys for the canine in your life; you can slice up the solid upper end with a saw to make gorgeous buttons; or, of course, simply showcase it’s natural beauty on your mantle or desk.  Enjoy!

332 Responses to “Spring In His Step”

  1. Claudia Says:

    This is the life!

    My daughter would say that while swimming in the pool as a little girl.
    Charlie has such an expression of glee on his face that her words came right to mind!

  2. Neil McIntosh Says:

    That’s a lovely picture. Evening (or dawn) light is rightly called the golden hour.
    “Dawn Patrol” might work only I still think it’s evening.

  3. Nancy Says:

    Color My World

    (credit Chicago)

  4. Dave Says:

    Mountain Majesty

  5. Steven Swanson Says:

    On the hunt.

  6. Nancy Says:

    Packing Light

  7. Craig Says:

    A romp through my park.

  8. Craig Says:

    Color me Charlie.

  9. Victoria Says:

    ‘Perdus patter’

  10. Have the T-shirt Says:

    A ‘horse’ of a different color

  11. Xenia Says:

    Depth of focus

  12. Elizabeth Jolie Says:

    Where coyotes roam. As a child I lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation and I remember how it feels to roam in the moment of time.

  13. Jeffrey Says:

    King of the Mountain

  14. Jeffrey Says:

    Coat of Many Colors

  15. Jeffrey Says:

    Earth Tones

  16. John Says:

    This Land Is My Land

  17. Susan Says:

    A journey of one’s own

  18. Tina Says:

    The Shadow Knows

  19. Anna Says:

    Do You Think I Can’t See That Elk Leg Behind Your Back?

  20. Tina Says:

    Shadow Walker
    He walks in the shadows

  21. pam Says:

    I immediately saw this in Charlie when I looked at the picture…

    Peace. contentment. happiness. comfort.

    Charlie looks all those feelings but I want to go with simply…


  22. Terry Says:

    Over the hill, and through the woods…

  23. sara Says:

    welcome home !

  24. Ulrika Says:

    My wild

  25. sybann Says:

    Roam Home

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Home on the Range

    The photo reminded me of this poem I read awhile back:

    It was here, on This Hill
    that pure nature was blessed
    with a man who cared.

    It was here that the Shawnee
    lived, and died,
    and were led by a man who cared.

    I am here, on This Hill
    overlooking the valley
    on our farm.

    To remember and ask
    for a message from the past.
    To keep me from doing such harm.

    I say his name,
    Tecumseh, in shame,
    and walk where he walked
    long ago.

    I climb to the top
    of the mountain and stop.
    to blow my horn at the ghosts
    down below.

    I hope they can hear me
    and I hope they don’t fear me.
    For I love this land and I’ll care
    for this ground.

    through the rain,
    through the summer,
    through the snow.

    by Carter Parks

  27. Patr Says:

    I was the
    Anonymous Says: July 13th, 2009 at 8:41 am

  28. Brianna Says:

    “Mysterious Beauty”

  29. Melissa K Says:

    Ranger of the Ridge

  30. Trisha Says:

    Just Roamin’ Around!

  31. Jan Says:

    Coyote Colors

  32. Paula Says:

    I don’t know why, but Call of the Wild popped in my head and the term
    country gentleman stands out… so:
    Country Gentleman

  33. Bethrusso Says:

    A walk on the wild side…

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I also thought about that sweet movie “Homeward Bound” where the 2 dogs and cat go on an adventure so:
    Homeward Bound

  35. Meghan Says:


  36. Robin N Says:

    Home! Home on the range!
    Where the deer and the antelope (and elk) plaaaaay!
    Where seldom is heard
    a discouraging word
    and the skies are not cloud all daaaaay!

  37. Bethrusso Says:

    Walkin’ on sunshine

  38. betharoopie Says:

    “Giving a voice to the forest, giving a voice to the dawn”
    – from John Denver’s Wild Montana Skies

  39. Bethrusso Says:

    The Roamin’ Empire

  40. Kathy Says:

    Are you looking at me!

  41. Jessica Says:

    “Spirit Animal”

    Native American boys used to go out into the wild to try to find their spirit animal, which you probably already knew. The landscape and the fact that Charlie looks like he’s walking down a path of light made me think of this right away. He also looks terribly surreal here; I’m sure any colonial-era Native American boy who saw Charlie as he’s shown here would probably go home satisfied.

  42. Shanna Says:

    Over the river and through the woods…

  43. Laura Says:

    Twinkle Toes

    The way they’re held so high, it looks as if the grass is tickling his feet.

  44. Ruth Says:

    Miles to go before I’m home

  45. Mary Says:

    “Hurry up already! I’m tired of posing on three legs!”

  46. Alex Says:

    A Not-So-Still Life
    It looks like a painting behind him! Beautiful!

  47. Jim Says:

    “This is great, mom, but I’ll be glad when we’re home”

    I really understand your rant. Privacy is a large component of freedom, as I see it, and I’m a big fan of freedom. The people who accept that the government can listen in on their communications at any time or monitor their house with infrared cameras (etc.) must lose track of the right to privacy as important to a free people.

  48. Holly Says:

    “Scouting the Perimeter”

  49. Kari Says:

    Lopes along Charlie

  50. Sarah G. Says:

    Rocky Mountain High

  51. Heather Says:

    Here I come to save the day!

  52. Art Says:

    Wild thing –
    You make my heart sing –
    You make everything … groovy

  53. Pat Says:

    Color and I are one. I am a painter.

    Paul Klee

  54. Mary Says:

    The Happy Wanderer

    Good for you, on your rant! You go, girl!!
    Privacy is the least of worries, by some who think they have a right to other peoples lives.

  55. Erin Says:

    Land O’ Charlie

  56. cookie Says:

    Lone Ranger

  57. Sue Says:

    Take a walk on the wild side.

  58. J.J. Says:

    “I love to go a-wandering/Along the mountain track/And as I go, I love to sing/My knapsack on my back.”

  59. Karen Hargett Says:

    Home on the Range

  60. Eija Says:

    Colors of my domain.

    Charlie – the portrait.

    “I belong!”

    ….where coyotes roam.

  61. cfritz Says:

    Big Horn Boss

  62. caligirl Says:

    “SPLASH of the color NATURE”

  63. Rebecca Says:


  64. Cheryl Says:

    Colored by Nature

  65. Jaimie Says:

    Above the fruited plain…

  66. MBeth Says:

    Happy Trails!

  67. kat Says:

    “I got yer autograph…right here

  68. Rick's Cafe Says:

    Outta my way, I smell rabbit

  69. patty Says:

    Because it looks like a painting.. a nod to one of our famous Western artists.

    Coyote O’Keeffe

  70. patty Says:

    or the other way round

    O’Keeffe Coyote

  71. Maria Says:

    Heh, Heh, Heh

    (That’s what his face is saying!)

  72. Dori Says:

    “King of his Mountain”

  73. Stacey Says:

    “Beautiful Elements”

  74. Terran Says:

    “Running Wild”

    Charlie is so beautiful! :)

  75. Leah Says:

    Born Free

  76. Hans-J Says:

    When I am out here I am free to be a part of all I can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. I am all this. I am my world.

  77. Paula Says:

    Sorry, this was me:
    Anonymous Says:
    July 13th, 2009 at 8:52 am
    I also thought about that sweet movie “Homeward Bound” where the 2 dogs and cat go on an adventure so:
    Homeward Bound

  78. Sundar Says:

    “Aural Coyote”

  79. Photon Says:

    Typo in post: should be “its”, not “it’s” when talking about showcasing natural beauty.

  80. Kate Says:

    Western Color Wheel

  81. Angela Says:

    Because his eye’s look like they’re green in the photo, I thought of

    “Green eyes in Wyoming”

    or maybe

    “Coyote Land”

  82. Michele Says:

    Coming ‘Round the Mountain

  83. Kerry Says:

    …and he is rounding third base and headed home!!!

  84. Heather Says:

    Hot to Trot

  85. ktbug Says:

    I’m not sure which philosopher said it first but:

    Not all who wander are lost.

  86. Sue Says:

    Wyoming Watercolor Walk.

  87. Dayna Says:

    Nature is all its glory.

  88. Dayna Says:

    That should read: Nature in all its glory. Never try to type before coffee.

  89. Heather Says:

    Living on the Edge

  90. crow Says:

    Charlie looks like he’s posing for a tourism brochure to me, so I’m offering:

    Wyoming: Walking in the Wild, Wild West!


    Wyoming: Come take a walk on the wild side!

  91. LHays Says:

    Wild E” Coyote

  92. Erika Says:

    Harmony parallel with nature
    (Cezanne’s definition of art)

  93. V Says:

    Got a couple, couldn’t really decide!

    “To the Wild Country”
    “Back Home Again”
    “Seasons of the Heart”
    “A Wild Heart Looking For Home”

  94. Katherine Says:

    Pining for a Walk
    Pining For You

  95. pam Says:


  96. Kathy F. Says:

    Romin’ in Wyomin’

  97. Bess Says:

    Hiking nature’s trail

  98. Jax F. Says:

    “Ready or Not, here I come!”

    Gorgeous Pic

  99. Marquand Says:

    Spring in his step.

  100. Dianne Says:

    Coyote Canter

  101. Tony Says:

    Mountain Sun, Prairie Sway

  102. Kathy F. Says:

    Roamin’ in Wyomin’

    (sorry sp error above)

  103. Annemiek Says:

    Evening prowl

    There was another picture you posted about a year ago (Charlie standing on a hill) that had such beautiful colors. This one reminds me of that one.

  104. Deeann Says:

    Brushed in Sepia and Sienna

  105. ursula Says:


  106. Kimberly Says:

    Just doing my thing….

  107. Danielle Says:

    Lone Ranger
    “I want me a goose”

  108. Ursula Says:

    Blendin` in

  109. Trebor Says:

    Wild Walk in Beauty

    Panorama Walk

    Daylight Dancer

    Heart of Nature

    Romance of the Wild

  110. mlaiuppa Says:

    Cast a long shadow

  111. Liza Lundell Says:

    Comin’ AT cha!

    Lousy caption but what a fabulous photo!

  112. Deb Says:

    “Homeward Bound”

    “Home, where my thought’s escaping
    Home, where my music’s playing
    Home, where my love lies waiting
    Homeward Bound”

    (lyrics by Simon, sung by Simon and Garfunkel. :-) love your writing. love vision.)

  113. susand Says:

    Happy Trails

  114. Janet in NYC Says:

    Making Tracks!

  115. Deidre Says:

    Walk on the Wild Side

  116. Annie Borresen Says:

    “Comin Around the Mountain”

  117. phyllis Says:

    ready or not…

  118. Heather Says:

    Walk this Way

    Looking for Adventure

    Long may you run

    Born to Run

  119. Dedre Says:

    Wild, Happy, Loved & Free

  120. Deidre Says:

    How could I misspell my own name above?!?!?! Should be Deidre!!!

  121. Barbara Says:

    His Nature

  122. Heather Says:

    “Ramblin Boy”


  123. Jen Johnson Says:

    Wild Heart in the Water Color Sky

  124. Sherri Cox Says:

    Yote Patrol

  125. Cheryl Says:

    True Colors

    Au Natural

    Master of his Domain

    (Not sure if any title does it justice – it’s a gorgeous shot!)

  126. b Says:

    On the high road

  127. Anonymous Says:

    Wild Mountain

  128. Teresa C Says:


    Wild Mountain

  129. Farmer Lady Says:

    Wyoming Coyote

    Coyote On High (’cause it looks like he’s on a mountain top)

    Look At My Beauty

  130. Lisa Says:

    Springs Whimsy
    Sur-really Natural
    Coyote Way

  131. Susan Says:

    Walks in Beauty…

  132. jeff2 Says:

    The Call of the Wild

  133. Coloradolady Says:

    ” Into the Wild”

    I wanted to say how sorry I was for how rude some people could be…your post over the weekend shocked me that anyone would be so stupid.

  134. Teresa Says:

    At one with the Universe

    I understand your anger. People who have no boundaries assume they’re entitled to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Sometimes to have to get in their face to make them understand otherwise.

  135. Rhonda Palmer Says:

    Vroom at the Top….

    a play on a Tom Petty song and a car commercial.. Charlie looks like he is on the prowl!

  136. Sherri Says:

    Tiptoe through the tundra……

  137. Deb F. Says:


  138. Keri Says:

    A Colorful Journey

  139. deb Says:

    Doe……a dear…..blew me cover

  140. Laura H. Says:

    Paula and I have nearly the same idea. Mine is…..Frontier Gentleman.

  141. Bruce Evans Says:

    ” Lassie-Like Latrans”

    This setting reminds me so much of my childhood and watching Lassie shows. Now, if Charlie would sit and raise one paw…

  142. Paladin Says:

    Nature Stirs All Souls

    Wyoming Roamancer

  143. Arcene Says:

    “Be aware of wonder” -Robert Fulghum

  144. Laura h. Says:

    Also…..Roaming Wyoming.

  145. Sandra Says:

    “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

  146. Caroline Says:

    Treading softly

  147. Sandra Says:

    “The Eyes Have It!”

  148. Dave Z. Says:

    Tripping Lightly

  149. Michelle Says:

    Home Sweet Wild

  150. Trebor Says:

    Splendor in the Grass

  151. Erika Says:

    The light, the energy this photo made me psyched for Monday. Thanks! I would title it:
    ‘Carpe Diem!”

  152. Myrialynn Elder Says:

    Wild Blue Yonder

  153. Anonymous Says:

    “Right where I belong”

  154. Jennifer R Says:

    oops, forgot to leave my name!
    “Right where I belong”

  155. mlaiuppa Says:


  156. mlaiuppa Says:

    Footloose and fancy free.

  157. Wendi Says:

    Leader of the pack

  158. domenico Says:

    on the right track

  159. domenico Says:


  160. Darryl Aoki Says:

    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
    I took the one less travelled by,
    And that has made all the difference.”
    -Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”

  161. TJ Says:

    Close Range

  162. Christy Says:

    The Perfect Palette

  163. Marissa Turner Says:

    “Home, home on the range..” Sorry, it popped into my head.

  164. tracy bessire Says:

    Me and my shadow.

  165. tracy bessire Says:

    Easy Breezy Beautiful, Cover Coyote.

  166. tracy bessire Says:


  167. bonnie Says:

    Home on the range.

  168. jeanne Says:

    the running man. if you read the novel by steven king, you might understand why it immediately sprang to mind. i can see charlie taking care of those lagging behind.

  169. Sue Lynn Says:

    Sorry—-I don’t have a caption but I just had to comment on what a beautiful and regal animal Charlie is…..he is a treasure.

  170. Barbara Says:

    Wild Thing

    Wild at Heart

    Sun and Shadow

  171. Trudy Jewell Says:

    Eye of the beholder

  172. bonnie Says:

    Poetry in motion.

  173. Ms. Pierce Says:

    “In Summer, the song sings itself. ” – William Carlos Williams

  174. domenico and company Says:

    Koa says, “Is that Lewis or Clark?”
    Olive says, “I”m looking for wabbit.”
    My mum says, “Rustic Charm”
    Miss Sydneysays, “Perfect Highlights”
    Keely says, “On the beaten path.”
    The twins Tyler and Taylor say, “Is this the way to Disneyland?”

  175. Heather Says:

    Charlie’s Planet

  176. Roberta Says:

    Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished – Lao Tzu

  177. Maggie Says:

    Cool Shadow, Cool Stare, Warm Light

  178. Courtney Says:

    “His Majesty”

    (you know, like King Charlie or Purple Mountain’s Majesty, etc…)

    Also, he’s such a handsome creature and lucky to have your love :)

  179. Christine Says:

    “Summer afternoon . . . summer afternoon – the two most beautiful words in the English language. ” – Henry James

  180. Linda Says:

    America the Beautiful-free to roam

  181. Dave Says:

    Homeland Security

  182. Kathy Says:

    Coyote Evergreen

  183. denise Says:

    Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man…

    Allman Brothers

  184. Nancy Peacock Says:

    “Where the Wild Things Grow”

  185. Carol Says:

    Strollin’ under a Monet sky

  186. kallimao Says:

    King of the Mountain

    or King of the Hill (depending on the elevation!)

  187. LindaS Says:


  188. Mark Gustafson Says:

    The High Life

  189. Linda Says:


  190. Donna Says:

    Dawn Patrol

  191. Al Says:

    You want a piece of me? -Charlie

    Why yes, yes I do. – me

  192. Christy Says:

    Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  193. Sandra Says:

    Loved the book! Love Charlie! Loved seeing both of you grow throughout the book.

    “Wild Thing, You make my heart sing.”

  194. sailorjohn Says:

    Mountain LRP (long range patrol)

  195. flarg Says:

    “Hot to Trot”

  196. kookie Says:

    “Charlie was a Rolling Stone”

  197. Shari Says:

    And miles to go before I sleep…..

  198. Grasshopper Says:

    “Majesty in His Kingdom”

    “Wild Valley”

  199. Terri Says:

    Charlie – “Right Now, You Look as Good as a Steak!”

  200. Goose Says:

    Fire Burning Within

  201. lucky Says:

    Crazy in His Eyes

  202. Lizzie Longenecker Says:

    Under a Vanilla Sky

  203. Anonymous Says:

    Charlie – “Who You Calling Cute?”

  204. Ed Says:

    For those who claim animals have no soul, I say look into my eyes!


  205. Sandy Says:

    Punxsutawney Phil has nothin’ on me…although he might make a tasty snack!

  206. finnegansmom Says:

    Light Prowler

  207. Kay Says:

    “Coyote Crossing”

    What a wonderful photo… Charlie reminds me of one of the cowboys I fell in love with in the old western movies of years ago. Follows is part of a poem I found that, for me, fits the mood of your photo.

    A Westerner
    By William Guthrie

    A Westerner finds great pleasure
    in most everything they see;
    the deserts and the mountains,
    both in perfect harmony.

    They like to watch the eagles fly,
    see the daylight turn to dark;
    watch the moon rise through the tree tops
    and hear an old coyote bark.

    P.S. Rant on, rant on… unwanted visitors are inconsiderate cretins and should not be tolerated. Your freedom and privacy should be a priority, no matter what!

  208. Debi Says:

    Welcome to my world, let me show you around…..

  209. Allison Says:

    The colors of the wind paint the path of earth and skin

  210. Celia Says:

    Nature’s Own

  211. maureen Says:


  212. Sandy Says:

    “Happy Trails to you….”

    This old Roy Rogers song came immediately to mind!

  213. Sara Says:

    Smile E. Coyote

  214. Kevin Says:

    Over The Hill and Through the Woods….

  215. Ruth Says:

    Oh beautiful ‘fur’ spacious skies

  216. NANCY Says:


  217. Kristine Says:

    Ombre Hombre meets Sage

  218. Eddie Says:

    Exit Sage left

  219. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Ah, Spring!

    (Shreve, I totally agree with you on being extremely angry with strangers who think they can just drive up and be welcomed with open arms. Sometimes it happens even with people you know – once my brother showed up without warning – no advance notice, no phone call, nothing! – and couldn’t understand why we were not overjoyed to see him and his family.)

  220. Nancy Says:

    One Perfect Day

  221. Theresa Szpila Says:

    My heart sings the songs of my wild coyote ancestors.

  222. Anonymous Says:

    sundance kid (coyote?)

  223. Julia Says:

    Climb every mountain.
    Credit: The Sound of Music

  224. Lori Says:

    On the way to the Cartwrights’ ranch……….

  225. Eija Says:

    The portrait of coyote happiness

    The Divine Coyote (see Charlie’s halo)

    Syntax in motion

    Shreve’s “photo catch” of the year!

    One in one with God’s country

  226. Lori Says:

    Adding some more!

    “Going to visit Adam, Hoss and Little Joe…”

    “Sing-Sing’s cookin’ somethin’ good!”

    (I’m on a Bonanza kick here.)

  227. Carla Says:

    Sweet Hills of Mine

    Crayola Maize: A Tribute

    (My favorite Crayola color that was discontinued some years ago.)

  228. Penny Says:

    earthly prowl

    (what an amazing shot….)

  229. jackie Says:

    Call of the Wile(d)

  230. Wendy Says:

    Wonder Lust

  231. Lindsay Says:

    “In his element…”

  232. Ann Says:

    Did I hear someone say ‘dinner’?

  233. Lois Says:

    Land of the Free

  234. Ann Hagan Says:

    Easy, Breezy and Lovin it

    Welcome to my world

    What a wonderful life

  235. Todd Says:

    The nice man in the roadrunner suit said the Acme store was right over this ridge… (insert bomb whistle audio and overhead impact animation here)

    My vote goes to Eddie:

    Exit Sage left

  236. mk ray Says:

    From a Distance

  237. mlaiuppa Says:

    Dawn Patrol.

  238. Janice Says:

    where you go I will follow

    The hills are alive

    Walk this way

  239. Feral Boy Says:

    A Kodak Moment

  240. Joanne Says:

    Paint By Number Perfection

  241. Helioprogenus Says:

    Crawl of the Wild

  242. Allie Says:

    Tour Guide

    (y’know, like he’s practicing his speech…)

  243. Leticia Says:

    “…where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery.”
    — Cormac McCarthy, The Road

  244. Cheryl Z Says:

    Mornin’ Charlie glory.

  245. Michele Says:

    A smile is worth a thousand words..

    It looks like Charlie is smiling for the camera. I just love that coyote!

  246. Ingrid Says:

    Master of His Universe

  247. Cristina S. Says:

    Welcome to my backyard.

  248. jennifer S. Says:

    This is WHERE I roll

  249. Lee Says:

    it looks almost like an “ode to jack london,” why not a title of one of his novels if not that?
    “a son of the sun”
    “before adam”
    or even “call of the wild”

  250. Lisa W. Says:

    Blending and Transcending
    Blending and Defending

  251. Cindy Says:

    Majesty’s Purple Mountains

  252. Nancy June Says:

    Sun-drenched drifter

  253. Judy Says:

    on the prowl.

  254. Sue Says:

    Abounding in color

  255. Kristie Says:

    “Get out of here”

    (This is directed to any intruders who think they can ambush you whenever they feel like it. Anybody who has spent even a little bit of time reading about Charlie should know better than to just drop by. It is common courtesy to e-mail or call first in any situation, but in Charlie’s and your particular case it is especially important. People should know better.)

  256. Kathy Says:

    If you ever asked why, here is the answer.

  257. Laura H. Says:

    Ramblin’ Man

  258. Evan Says:

    Splendor in the Grass.

  259. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Born Free…but choses to stay.

  260. Carmen Says:

    Hello and welcome to my home.

  261. Randi Says:

    Wild Blue Yonder

  262. Randi Says:

    Nature’s Color and Camouflage

  263. suz Says:

    The Path Less Taken

  264. Michelle Says:

    Upon his vision quest.

  265. Craig Says:

    Coyote Pretty

    (This photo should contradict whoever it was who came up with the Coyote Ugly expression! They obviously didn’t know Charlie.)

  266. Susie Says:

    Ridge Runner

  267. Gary R. Says:

    The Dawn on My Back.
    The Dusk on My Back.

    (I’m not sure what time of the day this photo was taken. )

  268. Karen Says:

    Furry Tripod on a Hill

  269. Colin Says:

    hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go

  270. Len Says:

    Trespassers beware :)

  271. Meredith Says:

    ’round the bend

  272. Susan Says:

    “Traversing his Territory”

  273. Anonymous Says:

    Cool Running/s

  274. Chris Says:

    Ah, forgot to fill in the name.

    That was me^

  275. Chris Says:

    “Is that a stranger coming up our driveway? Again!?!”

  276. Sophie Says:

    “Hiking Coyote Gulch”


    “Old Man Coyote’s Landscape Creation” (from Native American myth)

  277. Abigail Says:

    The gently strolling hills of home.

  278. Leonora Says:

    Diamond in the Rough

  279. Alice Says:

    Mountain Elegance

  280. Cher Says:

    Natural Focus

  281. Catherine Says:

    I’m Home

  282. Tanja Says:

    Los colores de coyote!

  283. Janet! Says:

    Movin’ on up!

  284. Saxon Says:


  285. Laura H. Says:

    Dusty paws, active mind, loving heart.

  286. kerry Says:

    Picture Perfect

  287. Ann H Says:

    Feelin Groovy!

  288. Kieron Says:

    “Nature’s welcome”

  289. karen hanson Says:

    Mountain Man Meander

  290. Serena Says:

    Marlborough Coyote

  291. Rhonda Says:

    Update to original submission from earlier (12:25 pm)

    Roam at the Top

    This is play on the title of a Tom Petty song – Room at the Top.

  292. Lori Says:

    Off the Beaten Path

  293. Dora and Vince Says:

    “He’s not going to be saying MEEP MEEP anymore!”

  294. Dora and Vince Says:


    “I finally got that roadrunner.”

  295. Janet Says:

    On the Sunlight Path seems to fit this photo.

    Wonderful light, as you said!

  296. Jenny C Says:

    Well, hello there – you new around here?

    The land was ours before we were the land’s.
    She was our land more than a hundred years before we were her people.
    ~Robert Frost~

    All the entries are terrific, as usual, but these struck a chord w/me:

    BethRusso’s “Roamin’ Empire”
    Craig’s “Coyote Pretty”
    Dave’s “Mountain Majesty”
    Sara’s “Smile E. Coyote”
    Heather’s and Janice’s “Walk This Way”
    Darryl’s “Road Not Taken”

  297. marilyn Says:

    . . . and with beauty all around me, I walk.

    [loosely from a Navajo prayer]

  298. Barbara R Says:

    “Basin and Range”

    (with a nod to John McPhee)

  299. liloaktree Says:

    Homeward bound
    Not as in the movie, but as in Simon and Garfunkel (I wish I was)…

  300. Sandee Says:

    The hills are alive.

  301. Lynne Woodrell Says:


  302. Barbara R Says:

    Ancient soul, ancient terrain

  303. Diana Says:

    Rocky Mountain High

    Because I am a John Denver fan and he just looks like he is high in the rocky mountains. And I love that song too!!

  304. Oz Says:

    Soaring Inside

    (And if you don’t offer this photo as a print, Shreve, you should! It would be quite popular!)

  305. Sandy Says:

    “Sunshine on my shoulders make me happy”

    from song by John Denver

  306. Colleen Greco Says:

    Mountain Man

  307. Sue Says:

    Border Patrol

  308. MJ Says:

    hilltop sentry

  309. Anonymous Says:


  310. ilana Says:

    on the way to grandma’s house

  311. Cynthia Says:

    The colors of my soul

    This is the best photo ever taken anywhere of anything. Charlie has the same colors as the land he came from; they look like two forms of the same life. I wish that poetry weren’t failing me now.

  312. Cynthia Says:

    Spirit Colors

    second try . . .

  313. Sonic Says:

    A fir piece, a fur piece.

  314. linda in nc Says:

    Home Of The Brave

  315. Jenna Says:

    Paused mid-strut

  316. Todd Says:

    Fall Fashion

  317. Craig Says:

    Lipizzaner horses ain’t got NOTHIN on me! You like my trot and canter half-pass? This is coyote dressage in all its splendor .. and the REALLY scary thing is .. I am just doing my thing. This place called Wyoming is MY arena. Beautiful is it not?????

  318. kelly reyes Says:

    “Into the West’.

  319. Isobel Says:

    There’s Spring in his Step

  320. Della Says:

    High Lonesome

  321. laura Says:

    charlie golightly
    charlie go lightly

  322. Suzanne Says:

    Light Maneuvers

    But I wish I had thought of Nancy’s “Packing Light”

  323. Jonathan Says:

    Ridge Runner

    Where the cold wind blows



    Great photo! I think you captured a truly breathtaking moment. A magnificent view, a beautiful blue-sky morning where you simultaneously feel the warmth of the sun and the chill of the wyoming wind. Anyway, that’s what I see.

    Thanks for sharing!

  324. kristine Says:

    ethereal palate

  325. Isobel Says:

    Springing Coyote

  326. John Says:

    Dawn Stepper

  327. Cindi R Says:

    Oh the Fresh air

  328. Ed Mackey Says:

    Free Range

  329. Joshie-Boy Says:


  330. Jeffrey Says:

    Life Song

  331. May Says:

    I am Charlie of the Earth.

  332. Shutter Says:

    The voices of my ancestors are calling in the winds ! I go to them.

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