A Looker Under The Cooker

photo taken June 7, 2007 • title thanks to Bethrusso

Bethrusso, Queen of Puns, you’ve been in the top five of my favorites almost EVERY week.  I can’t resist your cleverness any longer!  I love this rhyme, and while I’m partial, I think Charlie’s quite a looker.  He’s also the verb form of a looker in this photo.  Plus, this title honors one of my favorite winter hobbies: cooking in the woodstove (it also cooks us when I get it blazing).  Thanks Bethrusso!

Runner’s up were HPmama’s Hot Crossed Buns and LauraH’s Warming Up To Each Other.  Many thanks to one and all!

• • • An oldie but a goodie ~ Charlie and Eli hangin’ out under my woodstove in June.  Can’t wait to see your take on this one.

Leave your title, caption, or commentary for this photo in the comment section of this post and you’re in the running to win a prize that perhaps only rock-lovers like myself will appreciate (I know you’re out there!) ~ two tiny parallel petrified squid embedded in stone, some sparkly lavender lepidolite, a slice of petrified bone from eons ago, and a few other goodies from the earth.  Rock it, and you’ll win it!

269 Responses to “A Looker Under The Cooker”

  1. liloaktree Says:

    Hot Crossed Loves

  2. ln Says:

    Time out times two.

  3. Kit.e Says:

    Hyde and Pip-squeak.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Cat “trap” fever

  5. Ladyfox Says:


  6. vicki Says:

    i wasn’t doing anything i swear!

  7. Kelly F. Says:

    “Charlie’s Cove Under the Stove”

  8. sunnypie Says:

    Hunting Big Game: Dust Bunnies

  9. June Says:

    5 toes
    4 ears
    3 warmers
    2 eyes
    1 family

  10. carolh Says:

    A Wyoming version of aPush-Me/Pull-Me (think Dr Dolittle.)

  11. MJ Says:

    play den

  12. dutchman from ohio Says:

    HONEST! Were just hanging out! Honest!!!

  13. MH Says:

    It’s nice just to be.

  14. Sharon Paschall Says:

    Two heads are better than one!

  15. Pam Says:

    Oh…you’re home early…uh, HI!

  16. Jay Says:

    We are the ones hiding under your bed, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red

  17. Rose Says:

    Go to sleep. I’ll take this watch.

  18. Maddy Says:

    home on the range…..no…..home under the range!!

  19. MC Etcher Says:

    How cute is that? Somehow, he reminds me of my cat.

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