photo taken April 2009 • title thanks to mlaiuppa

Ooooh, you guys make this so difficult for me!
Loved your entries, as usual.

Neck and neck to the finish line were Frozen Yoga by Katie C, Haytha Yoga by Kathy W, and NamastHay by mlaiuppa.
Very, very clever, all three.
But since, to me, it seems that Charlie is saying Namaste every moment of his life, I was most compelled to go with that one.

Also really enjoyed:
A stretch of snow!
Toes in the Snows
Honey in the hay
Paws for a stretch.
Kneadle in a haystack!
Bending and Blending
“Bale Wolf”
Home Stretch
Snowed den
And laughed out loud to mlaiuppa’s other entry:  “Delicious. Now on to the second little pig.”

Thanks all!
Come back next Monday for more weird prizes!
I’ll be back for the wonderful titles!

• • • Howdy All!  I won’t dabble with directions, you know how this works.  Instead, I’ll give you a transcript of a conversation Mike and I had yesterday:

MC:  What are you giving as a prize this week?

ME:  I made a little curio box!  It has a piece of a spherical stone that broke and looks like a star inside, and that little fossilized snail we found collecting squid the other day {one of a kind!}, and then I walked down the road to that dead skunk that’s been there for five months and checked out the bones, but the skull was broken so I pulled out some of the teeth and put them in a little glass vial and carved a tiny cork stopper with my pocketknife!

MC:  No one is going to enter your contest.

By the by, according to this fabulous book, skunk represents respect and self-esteem. “The skunk does not get out of the way of any animal.  It moves along at its own speed, with its own mind.  It is self-assured and confident in itself.  Skunks are fearless, but they are also very peaceful.  They move slowly and calmly, and they only spray as a last resort.  Skunk teaches how to give respect, expect respect, and demand respect.”

305 Responses to “NamastHay”

  1. Ferret Says:

    “Hay there, Cowgirl…”

  2. jackie Says:

    Daily Coyote (Stretch)

  3. barbara r Says:

    Dirt and Downy

  4. Milaka Says:

    We’ve been on vacation with spotty internet so I’m just seeing this. Tell MC that the prize is one of your best! And I love the winning caption!

    Thank you again for sharing Charlie with us!

  5. Stephen Pitt Says:

    Hi Shreve,

    I’ve got no caption to give, only a few thoughts.

    What beautiful animals they are and yours is a beautiful site.

    From California, where the powers that be seem not to understand.

    Save them. Save them all.

    Give Charlie a kiss for me,


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