photo taken April 2009 • title thanks to mlaiuppa

Ooooh, you guys make this so difficult for me!
Loved your entries, as usual.

Neck and neck to the finish line were Frozen Yoga by Katie C, Haytha Yoga by Kathy W, and NamastHay by mlaiuppa.
Very, very clever, all three.
But since, to me, it seems that Charlie is saying Namaste every moment of his life, I was most compelled to go with that one.

Also really enjoyed:
A stretch of snow!
Toes in the Snows
Honey in the hay
Paws for a stretch.
Kneadle in a haystack!
Bending and Blending
“Bale Wolf”
Home Stretch
Snowed den
And laughed out loud to mlaiuppa’s other entry:  “Delicious. Now on to the second little pig.”

Thanks all!
Come back next Monday for more weird prizes!
I’ll be back for the wonderful titles!

• • • Howdy All!  I won’t dabble with directions, you know how this works.  Instead, I’ll give you a transcript of a conversation Mike and I had yesterday:

MC:  What are you giving as a prize this week?

ME:  I made a little curio box!  It has a piece of a spherical stone that broke and looks like a star inside, and that little fossilized snail we found collecting squid the other day {one of a kind!}, and then I walked down the road to that dead skunk that’s been there for five months and checked out the bones, but the skull was broken so I pulled out some of the teeth and put them in a little glass vial and carved a tiny cork stopper with my pocketknife!

MC:  No one is going to enter your contest.

By the by, according to this fabulous book, skunk represents respect and self-esteem. “The skunk does not get out of the way of any animal.  It moves along at its own speed, with its own mind.  It is self-assured and confident in itself.  Skunks are fearless, but they are also very peaceful.  They move slowly and calmly, and they only spray as a last resort.  Skunk teaches how to give respect, expect respect, and demand respect.”

305 Responses to “NamastHay”

  1. Jonesy Says:

    Downward Facing Dog?

  2. Jonesy Says:

    Or Downward Facing Coyote, even.

  3. JE Says:

    Morning Stretch.

    Bowing in Reverence.

  4. Craig Says:

    Hay, it’s the beginning of a new day!

  5. Nancy Says:

    Snap Crackle Pop

  6. Susan Says:

    After a mid-winters nap…

  7. Vegas Princess Says:

    Baleful Spotter

    “No, this hay bale needs to go HERE.”

  8. Fiona Says:

    Bale out

  9. lizardek Says:


  10. Tina Says:

    You put your front paws in
    You take your front paws out
    You put your front paws in and you shake them all about

  11. Ilana Says:


  12. Erin Says:

    A Sepia Stretch

  13. Lizzie Longenecker Says:

    GOT IT! That bug ain’t goin nowhere!

  14. Terry Says:

    Charlie’s mantra


    Charlie in monochrome

  15. Hef's Mom Says:

    I’ll build the fire right here! or Before I could huff and puff the pig just ran away!

  16. Patr Says:

    The 3 S gym: Straw, Snow, Stretch

    And SKUNKS are very cool animals. I have a collection of skunk figurines.

    And now a quote from Pepé Le Pew: “Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no?”

    No doubt what you said the first time you met Charlie.

  17. Nicole Says:

    The Home Stretch

  18. sybann Says:

    Upward pup in Downward dog.

    I love skunks.

  19. nancy Says:

    streching out under the hay

  20. Pat Says:

    Bowing in reverence to a new day.

  21. mj Says:

    Afternoon D’light


    Nothing like a nap in the hay

  22. Claudia Says:

    Hay Mom. Thanks for taking the picture from this angle!!!

  23. J. J. Says:

    “Whew! I smell a skunk!”

  24. Wo Says:

    Bail vs Bale.

    I feed a stray cat every morning – when she’s done eating/drinking and wanders off, up comes ‘Flower”. She’s very small and has a bad hind leg so she’s referred to as ‘hoppy’ too. My husband thinks I’m crazy for enjoying feeding a skunk, but I say waste not/want not. Flower’s a stray too.

  25. Erika Says:

    A Good Stretch & A Smile

  26. Mary Says:

    “I just love a roll in the hay!”

  27. PAM Says:



    It’s too early!!!

  28. Michelle R Says:




    I think I’ve looked through that book before at the library! It’s really interesting.

  29. Chris Says:

    Surya Namaska
    (Salute to the Sun)

  30. danielle Says:

    “Hmmm. No shadow. Six more weeks of winter.”

  31. Bethrusso Says:

    A tail in the bale

  32. Jayne Z Says:

    Hey – Stretch!

    I feel good — nanna, nanna, nanna, na! So good . . .

    Puttin his back into it!

    On your mark, get set . . .

  33. Bethrusso Says:

    A stretch before a fetch

  34. Brigid Says:


  35. Bethrusso Says:

    The winter warm-up

  36. Kristan Says:

    LOL to MC!

    “Put your back into it”
    “Morning stretch”

  37. Janie Says:


    (Charlie’s paws look sooo adorable here.)

  38. Courtney C. Says:


    Hay luge!

    Unique hay flake among snowflakes

    Perfect blend (he has all the colors of his background)

  39. Rebecca Says:

    Hey! HAY!

  40. SheilaE Says:

    No more hitting the hay; it’s time to make the doughnuts.

  41. Audra Says:

    Snowing in the Hay

  42. Sarah Says:

    First a downward facing dog to be followed by a series of cat and cow. Now where are Eli and Daisy????

  43. Angela Says:

    Coyoga in the Snow

  44. Audra Says:

    Downward Facing Dog

  45. Sherri Says:

    Hay there! It’s SNOW time!

  46. Jessica Says:

    ‘Oh (stretch) the life of a supermodel.’

    ‘Is it Monday already?’

  47. Snooze Says:

    Bow wow!
    Take a bow

  48. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Downward Dog with a Twist of Hay.

  49. Cat Says:

    Hay Charlie
    I found a fabulous cowboy hat at a place in Utah years ago called Hay Charlie – Charlie stretching in the hay reminds me of my wonderful hat

  50. MJ Says:

    As we say EVERY morning around my house, “Ooooooooh, Stretch! :-0 “

  51. Karen Says:

    It’s a yoga thing!

    Adho Mukha Svanasana– Downward Dog

  52. Kat Says:

    “Hay Hay Good Lookin’”

  53. Beth Says:

    Haymaking for a stretch

  54. Trisha Says:

    Paying “Haymage” to the sun!

  55. Shadowydreamer Says:

    “And stay down!” Pesky ground would always try to wander off it weren’t for the vigilence of Charlie!

    Skunks are cute! I know peeps who have them as pets :)

  56. Robin N Says:

    Stretchy boy.
    Paws forward, ears back, smiiiiiiile!

    (I have the book and several others like it… skunks are my fave. Especially the leetle ones that walk around with fluffy tails for no reason!!)

  57. Anonymous Says:


  58. Ticia Says:

    Life, I love you!

    (from Paul Simon’s Feelin’ Groovy)

  59. GD Says:

    Wo, I love skunks. Thank you for feeding the little injured one (Flower). Ahhhh…

  60. Jessica Says:

    Contemplating Manicure

  61. Sandy Says:

    No, I don’t want to take a bath….(as he is being pulled back in)

  62. Heather Lyles Says:


  63. ChrisP Says:

    Missed it!

    (He seems to be looking a bit to the side of where his paws are – tracking a bug?)

  64. Diane Says:


  65. KTBug Says:

    Hay now! There’s a good butt scratch.

    [Charlie's expression looks like 'Ahhhhhhh...']

  66. jaimie Says:

    A smile and bow.

  67. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Coyoty yoga

  68. Heather Lyles Says:

    Charlie in his “hey day”

  69. Catsquatch Says:

    “No one is going to enter your contest.”


    MC, you are one of a kind ;D


    “I BLEND!”

  70. Julia Says:

    Down dog behind the hay bale.

    The teacher in me recognizes the teacher in you. (One translation of namaste.)

  71. Heather Lyles Says:

    “Yawn….Stretch…..Time to Bale”

  72. belle Says:

    zippidity do dah
    zippidity yeh
    I love how my tootsies feel in the hay!!!

  73. Kris Says:

    “Snow Salutation”

    {from yoga, like ‘Sun Salutation” but here Charlie is greeting the snow}

  74. Anonymous Says:

    and 100 ;) lets play.

  75. Shanna Says:

    Coyote Hayday

  76. sal Says:

    The illusive hay-yote seen emerging from den

  77. Says:

    Snow Angel

  78. Martha Says:

    Downward Facing Bales

  79. MoonEcho Says:

    Okay, here’s a nerdy caption:

    “Abiogenesis” or “Spontaneous Generation”

    In reference, of course, to the archaic belief that living things could spontaneously develop from non-living things, especially decaying organic matter. It sorta looks like that hay is generating a coyote… :)

  80. Eve Says:

    Hay, Hay Mama, seen the way you move

    (“Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin)

  81. MoonEcho Says:

    Whoops, forgot to leave my e-mail… heh heh.

  82. arescuemom Says:

    Hello Morning!

  83. Mark Says:

    If the coyote sees his shadow…

  84. Tori Says:

    “Encore bow” It looks like he’s coming back out from behind a curtain and giving an encore bow.

  85. david brown Says:

    Cold Coyote Toes

  86. Tina Says:

    Ah, when to the heart of man was it ever less than a treason to go with the drift of things to yield with a grace to reason and bow and accept at the end of a love or a season. – Brendan Francis


    I bow before the authority of special men because it is imposed upon me by my own reason. – Mikhail Bakunin

  87. Kathy F. Says:

    “Thank you Lord, I’m a coyote.”

  88. Holly Says:

    “Mornin` Sunshine”

    Snow under paws and stretch.

  89. Kathy F. Says:

    Smile Awhile

  90. marsha Says:

    Cool paws salute the sun…

  91. cj Says:

    Little Boy Blue – he wakes!

  92. Becky Says:

    Yup, feels like Monday out there!

  93. Jennifer S. Says:

    On your mark, get set…..

  94. Sylvia Says:


  95. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Hay There!

    Bale Burrow

  96. Kari Says:

    Just haying out!

  97. Misti Says:

    A stretch of snow!

  98. Kristen Says:

    “Winter Yogi”

  99. phyllis Says:

    now that i have your attention………..

    skunks can be thought of as the best natured members of the weasel family. they can afford to be. but in a crunch they are as formidable as their cousins–otters, badgers, wolverines, mink, and the others. they are capable, fast and well armed–something rarely seen, except when skunk fights skunk.

  100. dilettante Says:

    Downward Facing What?

  101. denise Says:

    butt rub

  102. Lizard Says:


    Playing Twister

    The opposite of bikram yoga.

  103. Penny Says:

    half seen, full stretch

  104. Jayne Zabala Says:

    Snow angel – coyote style.

  105. jeff2 Says:

    Who needs bricks?
    A pray in the hay!
    ……Flowers’ relative visited my yard the other night….I didn’t see it or hear it, but I sure knew it was there.

  106. Tammy A. Says:

    “I know you’re there.”

  107. Beth Says:

    home stretch!

  108. Ursula Says:


  109. Farmer Lady Says:

    Hay Stretch
    Smile and Stretch
    Smiley Stretch

    ps: I think your prizes are COOL!

  110. sailorjohn Says:

    “Let’s see….. What trouble can I get into today?”

  111. Lynne Woodrell Says:

    Charlies’s Heyday!

  112. Rhonda Says:


  113. J. Bo Says:

    Making snow biscuits

    (My previous submission seems to have been swallowed into the great maw of the interwebs…)

  114. TJ Says:

    Good Day Sunshine

  115. Andrea (noricum) Says:

    “Yoga? I wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga!” Later: “Dang, how’d you find me?!?”

  116. Kelly Planer Says:

    “Lost Contact Lens!”

  117. Laura H. Says:

    The elements of nature.


    A stretch, a grin, let the day begin!

  118. B Says:

    Cow-towing in the morning.

  119. Janet in NYC Says:

    Stretch in Sepia

  120. Alice Says:

    Big stretch after a long winter’s sleep

  121. Laura H. Says:

    No hind sight
    No rear view.

  122. Laura H. Says:


  123. Melanie Says:

    Sun Salutation

  124. Kristina S. Says:

    Paws for a stretch.

  125. Laura H. Says:

    Hay harmony.

    Coyote conformed.

  126. C. Batista Says:


  127. Laura H. Says:

    Whoops – With “Coyote Conformed” I also meant to include

    Conformed Coyote.

  128. Barbara Says:

    My very own skunk tooth!

  129. domenico Says:

    had another sleepover so here you go….
    Toby says, Hey Pup!
    Nick says, Hay Tail.
    Jack says, Blending in.
    Tyler says, Perfect slope.
    Reese says, Hay butt. (sorry)
    I’m going with, Coyote Bales.

  130. Barbara S. Says:

    Blending In

    I love how Charlies’ legs are light near the snow and the rest of his body is like the hay.

  131. bonnie Says:

    Good morning!

    Bowing to a new day.


  132. Susan Says:

    Yoga Pose: Down Coyote

  133. Karissa Says:

    Stretching before the Huff and Puff

  134. Teresa Says:

    Downward facing dog coyote style.

  135. Rick's Cafe Says:

    When’d it snow? Guess it was a longer nap than I thought.

  136. Megan Says:

    Hay, there!

    I don’t think this is what the President meant by the term “Bail Out.”

    He looks like he’s holding onto the snow or a piece of hay so it won’t move.

    The Power of Focus – and attempt to control snow with will power

  137. mlaiuppa Says:

    Delicious. Now on to the second little pig.

  138. mlaiuppa Says:



  139. Kathy W Says:

    Haytha Yoga


    Hay! Where’s the Other Half?

  140. Danielle Says:

    Morning Stretch
    It Takes a While to Wake Up

  141. Jocelyn Says:

    Hay is for horses but coyotes can sleep in it, too.

  142. Caroline Says:

    best of both worlds

  143. Betsy Says:

    Welcoming the goddess of Spring.

  144. Katie C. Says:

    Are you there God? It’s me, Charlie.

    Frozen Yoga. :)

  145. Maggie Says:

    Bale Butt and Snow Slide

  146. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Long face.

  147. roxie Says:

    Arch of Triumph

  148. Kelly Lewis Says:

    Downward Wolf Yoga Pose

    (I think skunk teeth are a really cool prize but then again I have a box with all my teeth from chidhood, all my kids’ teeth, shark teeth, and the big huge gross wisdom teeth from my daughter. My kids think it’s disgusting but I think they’re fun. They do get mad if I get them out when company comes…)

  149. Tinare Says:

    And he awoke from a long winter’s nap.

  150. Deeann Says:

    Bale Out

  151. roxie Says:

    Paws de Deux (with hay)

  152. katblue Says:

    I’ve got nothing to beat these captions, but your transcript with MC made me snort my yogurt and all-bran. Love it!

  153. CarolC Says:

    Home sweet hay

  154. The Girl Nerd Says:

    Bowing to his fans

  155. Mary Says:

    Stretch’n The Straw

  156. Suz Says:

    “Inclined to Decline”

    Comment is for Charlie’s downhill stretch, not for this week’s prize!

    The photo and book prizes are wonderful, but I always try harder for bone and squid and such. You can tell MC that. :)

  157. goldfish Says:

    Straw Dog.

  158. Carole Groman Says:

    Snow Salutation…..

  159. Ember Says:

    Coyote in Reverence


    Reverent, Repose, Repeat

  160. Mia Says:

    Yes, I do bow to the snow. You don’t live in Wyoming!

  161. Roxanne Says:

    I think it’s an awesome gift! Glad I’m not the only one.
    I love it when I see the Vultures around something. I know I’ll
    go behind them and find a beautiful skull or bones! So far, coyote, fox,
    rattlesnake, squirrel, rabbit and some old cow teeth *smile*
    As usual, beautiful photo.

  162. Evan Says:

    Yoga Dog

  163. Judy Says:

    Invigorating Stretch

  164. Justin Says:


  165. Anonymous Says:

    waking up from hibernation

  166. John Says:

    Making Hay While the Monkeyshines

  167. tarja Says:

    just realized that i didn’t add up my e-mail address to my posting of “waking up from hibernation” – it’s has been a long Monday…

  168. beth Says:

    Hey, I thaw a bug.

  169. beth Says:

    Or, to keep the punning parallel:

    Hay, I thaw a bug.

  170. carolh Says:

    Hay…Z Shades of Winter

  171. Nat W. Says:

    “Arg, six more weeks of winter!”

  172. Darryl Aoki Says:

    Okay, now… stretch. Ahh.

  173. Joanne Says:

    Slow bow with snow aglow

  174. Angie P. Says:

    Toes in the Snows

  175. Jennifer Says:

    Lazy Days

  176. Liza Lundell Says:

    Honey in the hay

  177. Helen Goulden Says:

    Stretch, eat, sleep. Stretch, eat, sleep.

  178. SK Says:

    Transformers! Coyotes in disguise!

  179. HPmama Says:

    The first, built a house of straw…

  180. Aisha Says:

    I asked you to wake me when winter was over.


    This is totally how you play hide-and-seek. (’cause his paws blend in so well with the snow)

  181. Jen Says:

    Bale-ling out from a long winter’s nap

  182. Isobel Says:

    What a big stretch for a little hayseed

  183. Dinah Says:

    Downward Dog Greets the Morning!

  184. Beverly Says:

    Downward Coyote, Yoga The Wild Way

  185. Ida Says:

    And one and two and three and four …. and one and two and three and four ….nothing like a morning workout

  186. woozy Says:

    “Now on to the house made of sticks.”

  187. Jay Says:

    Lotus Yote-us.

    The yoga sensation that’s sweeping the canine nation Haha.

  188. beth Says:

    With all due respect to Tolkien:

    The King of the Golden Hall

  189. V Says:

    “Snow day, hay! It’s time to play!”

  190. Sue Says:

    Coyote Snowplow

  191. J. Jeffrey Says:

    “One small stretch for Charlie
    One Giant stretch for Shreve”

  192. kristine Says:

    just another maniac monday

  193. eddie Says:

    latissimus gluteus coyoteus

    (The wifey tried twice to get this in and both times it failed to show up…..)

  194. Gary R. Says:

    I love the feel of spring snow.

  195. Helioprogenus Says:

    Snowed den

  196. Beth Giddings Says:

    A long stretch after a long winter’s nap.

  197. kallimao Says:

    through amber bales of hay


    the kneadle (vs needle) from the haystack

    kneading the snow

  198. RS Says:

    Snow Stretch!

  199. Shari from PA Says:

    Bow to Eli. He’s the boss applesauce. :)

  200. Lauren Says:

    Yes Eli, whatever you ask….

  201. Kristine O. Says:

    Hay Bow.

  202. Susan Says:

    Salutation to the Sun.

  203. jessie Says:

    “Good morning”, he said, with a hint of a smile.

  204. resigned idealist Says:

    “Guess what I have under these paws.”

  205. MJ Says:

    Charlie van Winkle

  206. Feral Boy Says:

    Morning Yoga

  207. Dori Says:

    “mlaiuppa Says:
    August 3rd, 2009 at 12:41 pm
    Delicious. Now on to the second little pig.”

    That made me laugh so hard I nearly peed myself. I have nothing to top that…

  208. Jo Says:

    “hey, hay-hay, it’s a new day!”

  209. Nancy Says:

    Down to Earth (looks like he just came in for a landing)

  210. Melonie Says:

    Caption: “I will practice being a Teton, here, behind the hay!”
    “Ok Eli, now just slide down my back. It’s like a ladder.”

  211. Carol Says:

    Good morning beautiful day!

  212. heather em Says:

    Right paw on white!

    (Game of haystack Twister)

  213. Bria Says:

    Frosty Pause

  214. Sue from New Zealand Says:

    Hay look at me

  215. Pepper Says:

    Crossing the Border of the Winter Kingdom
    The Earth is Stirring

    Also, Charlie’s fur looks so warm in that picture.

  216. Tina Says:

    A door between two seasons

  217. Patti Calandra Says:

    Satisfying stretch in strewn straw.

  218. MD Says:

    Time for another perimeter check, gotta bale…

  219. Craig Says:

    My eyes may be hazy ..
    but Pilates in the hay is ..
    oh so .. LAZY!!!

  220. Kathy F. Says:

    Long Legs, Long Smile ,Long Day

  221. Wehaf Says:

    Paws out, ears back.

  222. Wehaf Says:

    Paws for a morning stretch…

  223. Annthelibrarian Says:

    A Pause in the Hay

  224. Have Mercy Says:

    Okay, I couldn’t blow the house down, let’s see if I can do it with a BIG fart!!

  225. Elizabeth J Says:

    Returning Dreamer

  226. NWRain Says:

    Playing coy, getting ready for the catwalk.

  227. Sue Says:

    Putting his best feet forward.

  228. CB Says:

    I have everything I knead right here!

  229. Ingrid Norton Says:

    Once upon a time there were three little pigs…

  230. Angela Says:

    Surrender to the Snow

  231. Sophie Says:

    “‘Tis the Gift to be Simple”


    “To Bow and to Bend”

    (From the song Simple Gifts by the Shakers, who were known to “bow and bend” in worship)

  232. pansypoo Says:

    so, how does that downward dog go?

    so, the skunk skull i snagged from the family lake shore is a good thing?

  233. Mark Gustafson Says:

    Hittin’ the Hay

  234. Ruchi Says:

    Half a coyote, better than none!

  235. Celia Says:

    Stretching the Boundaries

  236. LittlePack Says:


  237. Chris B Says:

    Diving right into the day

  238. Dianne Says:


    Bow . . . Wow!

  239. Cyn Says:

    Did anyone suggest just plain “Hay Day” ?

  240. Stacy Says:

    I have that book; it is Fabulous!

    “I’m not puttin my other two feet on that stuff, it’s COLD!”

  241. Victory Says:

    Konnitchiwa, Sensei-san.

    (In a formal oriental setting, you’re supposed to bow all the way to the floor. I’m not oriental, but my impression is that the less formal the occasion, the more shallow the bow becomes. Something like that.)

    (My above explanation sucks. Sorry.)



    (What I do in the morning. )



    Hey, MC–everyone on here wants to enter the contest!

  242. Diane Brown Says:

    Hay, wake up!

  243. pam Says:

    “Safe at Home”

    Charlie just looks sooooo relaxed.

  244. felis_sidus Says:

    Good morning, Sunshine.

    A play on Sun Salute and Charlie bringing sunshine into our lives.

  245. mlaiuppa Says:

    Darn! I broke a nail.

  246. mlaiuppa Says:

    Cold paws….warm a$$.

  247. Dani Says:

    “Spinning gold from straw..”

  248. Kit.e Says:

    Hay there!

    The baleful look of a winter morning.

    S’no day for getting up, hay Charlie?

  249. Jane Says:

    Hay Baby!

  250. Stacey Says:

    Kneadle in a haystack!

    I LOVE this photo of him! :)

  251. Susan Says:

    And two more and one more

  252. Xtine Says:

    Oh, I’ll show you a roll in the hay!

  253. mlaiuppa Says:

    Full Hay Moon.

  254. Gem Says:

    Worshipping the ground he walks on

  255. Linda in NC Says:

    Turkey In The Straw (affectionately speaking)

  256. Maegan Says:

    Bow Wow
    Bowing Out

  257. Sue Says:

    Getting cold feet

  258. Michelle Says:


    Though you can’t see her, he could be playing “wheel-barrel” with Chole.

  259. Michelle Says:

    oops, didn’t mean to spell her name wrong. I meant “Chloe”

  260. tallchickjenn Says:

    “Hayed” and seek

  261. Karen Says:

    Winter Awakening

  262. Mira Says:

    Faded From The Winter

  263. moondoggie Says:

    Yep, time for a manicure…

    (I am secure in my masculinity, of course:)

  264. Laura H. Says:

    Bending and Blending


    Blending Bend

  265. Travis Sheppard Says:

    You can’t kick me out Chloe!

  266. Maria Says:

    Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your bale in!

  267. Debi Says:

    Pushing winter away from the door….

  268. sara Says:

    bowing down to shreve …

  269. glenda Says:

    Gee that feels so good

  270. Coloradolady Says:


  271. Lisa Says:

    Putting the paws on snow

  272. CristinaS Says:

    Discovering the magical properties of snow

  273. Sue Says:

    Look at all of this Gluten Free Flour!

  274. Lucky Says:

    new snow brings endless pawsibilities…

  275. Glynis Says:

    another day in paradise ~^..^~

  276. KC Says:


    It looks like the Hay or a Chloe In The Hay is trying to suck Charlie back in for a longer nap while Charlie had barely stepped out…

    “Chloe .. no Chloe, I think we’ve play house for long enough … *gets slowly sucked back into the bale* … ”

    Also reminds me of an amoeba’s outstretched pseudopod.

  277. Caroline Says:

    It’s gonna take me a while to get used to this cold stuff!

  278. Caroline Says:

    kinda cool

  279. domenico Says:

    katie says, Haybred (???)

  280. Rachel Says:

    ” Paws for effect. “

  281. mlaiuppa Says:


  282. Susan Says:

    Cantilevered Coyote, or

    Study in Terra Coyo-ta (as in terra cotta, shade of brown?) Sorry, it’s past my bedtime and it shows! or

    Terra Coyote Camoflage

    ( I know I’m going to regret these submissions in the morning!)

    I just finished your book. I never wanted it to end. BTW, tell Mike that I think your prize is as magical as your writing and photography. ;)

  283. Cynthia Says:

    Shit, shower, shave and . . . stretch!

  284. mellissa Says:

    poking out of the haystack

  285. Sue Says:

    Good moooooring.

  286. ln Says:

    The paws that thaws.

  287. Dave Z. Says:

    “Bale Wolf”

  288. Alex Says:

    Hay guys! What’s going on in this thread?

  289. saxon Says:

    bail out

  290. candace Says:

    “just got my nails did”

  291. John Says:

    Will Ten Sleep *EVER* get a Starbucks?!?!? I need coffee… STAT!

  292. Holly Says:

    “Stretching into Spring”

  293. dave Says:


  294. Trebor Says:

    Prairie Ashram

  295. Anonymous Says:

    Home Stretch

  296. Jaylee F Says:

    Bowing to the Spirit of Winter

  297. Alyxx Says:

    One toe at a time….


    (to the snow) GOTCHA!

  298. R J Says:

    Oh what a night.

  299. Darlene Says:

    What is this!?!

  300. Patr Says:

    Found the NEEDLE!!!!

  301. Ferret Says:

    “Hay there, Cowgirl…”

  302. jackie Says:

    Daily Coyote (Stretch)

  303. barbara r Says:

    Dirt and Downy

  304. Milaka Says:

    We’ve been on vacation with spotty internet so I’m just seeing this. Tell MC that the prize is one of your best! And I love the winning caption!

    Thank you again for sharing Charlie with us!

  305. Stephen Pitt Says:

    Hi Shreve,

    I’ve got no caption to give, only a few thoughts.

    What beautiful animals they are and yours is a beautiful site.

    From California, where the powers that be seem not to understand.

    Save them. Save them all.

    Give Charlie a kiss for me,


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