There IS No Wall

photo taken May 14, 2007 • title thanks to Karen

You all never cease to wow me.  Entries were so good, I couldn’t choose.  So I let Charlie pick the winner.

Below is a list of the ten finalists, posted in the order they came in.  Below that is a video of Charlie picking the winner, which I think you all will enjoy.  Congrats Karen!  Great line, and Charlie certainly does live outside the matrix.

Someone Put Baby In The Corner
I Chink, Therefore I Am.
My Space
Naught. E.  Coyote
There IS No Wall
Red Headed Wood Checker
If you look REALLY close it looks like the Virgin Mary.
Reading Between The Pines
Reflection, No Mirror
Logging His Thoughts

Charlie Picks A Winner! from daily coyote on Vimeo.

• • • I don’t have any idea what’s going on here, and I was there.  So tell me the story you see, and leave your caption, title, or thought-bubble dialogue in the comment section of this post.  The quirkiest, cleverest entry will win a Wyoming care package, containing a number of goodies including an authentic Native American arrowhead that was half made, then discarded.  Mike found it last week and finished the other side.  It’s of gorgeous linen-colored stone, two-toned as the original edges are weathered and the new edges are newly exposed rock, and measures 2.5 inches long.  Now, entertain me!

430 Responses to “There IS No Wall”

  1. Leffe Says:

    I _said_ I’m sorry!

  2. Dixie Says:

    In the naughty corner.

  3. DrLoco Says:

    ‘Naughty Corner’ was the obvious one :)
    ‘Log Inspection’

  4. Claudia Says:

    I really don’t think I deserved a time out!!

  5. Evelien Says:

    “playing hide and seek and Charlie’s it”

  6. The Old Man Says:

    “I smell SKUNK out there…..”

  7. carolh Says:

    98…99..100… Ready or not Eli, here I come!

    What did I do to deserve this?

    Hmmm……smells like Elf leg!

  8. Nancy Latimer Says:

    Pillow “pat down”

  9. Kathy Engel Says:

    “Counting flowers on the wall . . .”

  10. Pat in east TN Says:

    ” … and stay there til you can be a good boy!”

  11. sara Says:

    “verifying the logs”

  12. Krystal Says:

    Charlie in time-out.

  13. Taryn Says:


  14. Anonymous Says:

    “Uh-oh — I think I’m stuck…”

  15. Nicole Says:

    oops, that was me, the “Uh-oh, I think I’m stuck…”

  16. mjk Says:



    bug hole

  17. Evelien Says:


  18. Shanon Says:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall… is Eli really the fairest of them all?

  19. Sarah Says:

    Time out to smell the hardwood
    Nose to the logs

  20. David W Says:

    It’s been 5 minutes… Can I get up now?

  21. Corinna Says:

    I´m an invisible coyoty, because if I don´t look at you I can´t see you and if I can´t see you, you can´t see me. ;-P

  22. Britni B. Says:

    Time out

  23. Rick's Cafe Says:

    Where’d the spider go?

  24. saxon Says:

    Probing the den of receding space

  25. moondoggie Says:

    Time out–with security pillow

  26. moondoggie Says:

    Logging in some time out…

  27. sybann Says:

    Lotsa people rising and shining today! I’m not the only one who had this thought but I elaborated:

    I put myself in a time-out for what I was thinking of doing to the pillow.

  28. pam Says:

    “but I wasn’t THAT bad!”

  29. Shannon H. Says:

    Baby’s in the corner.

    Someone put Baby in the corner.

    The Blair Coyote Project

  30. gina Says:

    Nobody puts baby in the corner!

  31. Beth Says:

    Look, predators have to start on the small stuff. Like woodworm.

    Well Mister Creepy Crawly – do you feel lucky? Well do ya?

    Balsa Bolster

    Paws for thought

    Eli made me do it!

  32. JTR Says:

    I chink, therefore I am.

  33. JannyCat Says:

    I try so hard to be good, but here I am again.

  34. Jan Says:

    Time Out

  35. Susan Says:

    OK, listen, just give me a moment

  36. ohn Says:

    How long before this door opens? What? Oh, the other side of the room?

  37. denise Says:

    what’s out there??

  38. falnfenix Says:

    punished and disgruntled

  39. Lyn Says:

    My Space

  40. vicka Says:

    i can face ANYTHING with my PILLOW behind me!

  41. Jackie Brwon Says:

    Where trouble lands you

  42. Danny Says:

    I,m Sorry, Mama

  43. Meg Says:

    Think about what you’ve done!

  44. k8 Says:

    Naughty Time Out.

  45. Tina Says:

    Contemplate the log
    BE the log

  46. Tina Says:

    Zen Coyote

  47. Wendy L. Says:

    You got cheated on this chinking.

  48. Erin Says:

    New Guy Shy

  49. Em Says:

    When I was little and we did something “bad” we were told to “Go stand in the corner.” Thus my first thought was “Time Out.” Obviously, some others thought the same thing.

    Though, reading through these, I LOVE “Nobody puts baby in the corner.” Hilarious (you HAVE seen “Dirty Dancing”, right?)

  50. Kathy Says:

    Time Out

  51. Courtney Says:


  52. Kristan Says:

    AWW I love “nobody puts baby in the corner” too!

  53. Pellegrina Says:

    The Allegory of the Cave.

  54. Tarja Says:

    “I’m sorry”

  55. Anonymous Says:

    But . . . but . . . Eli told me to do it!

  56. Theresa Says:

    [blushing, forgot to add my name]

    But . . . but . . . Eli told me to do it!

  57. Pete Says:

    I must not pee on the floor,I must not pee on the floor, I must not……..

  58. jessie Says:

    Look Ma, I’m almost one log tall!

  59. Rhonda Says:

    How long I have to stay in time out?

  60. Diane Says:

    inside peeping out

    hoping to peep thru a crack….

  61. Dave Z. Says:

    Between a rock and a soft place.

  62. bleugeu Says:

    (writing) ” I will not chomp on Eli’s tail. I will not chomp on Eli’s tail…”

  63. kelly planer Says:

    Between A Soft And A Hard Place

  64. belle Says:

    hmmmm…. looks like i got up on the wrong side of the bed;
    please help me momma!!!

  65. Feral Boy Says:

    Time Out — AGAIN …

  66. Janey Says:

    Coyote loco!

  67. Tirzah Says:

    between a log and a soft place

  68. marybindc Says:

    Looking out the window, Charlie can’t believe how thick the snow is.

  69. Megan Says:

    X-ray vision

    Why can’t I see outside?

    But I didn’t do anything wrong! (Did he put himself in time out?)

    Maybe there’s a fly on the wall?

    Be at one with the wall.

  70. Betsy Says:

    “…if I don’t look at her she’ll think I didn’t hear what she told me to do … okay ears, point forward so she doesn’t notice you!”

  71. Pam Says:

    Self-imposed time out

  72. Susan Says:

    Just loggin’ some time. . .

  73. penny Says:

    thinking about chinking

  74. Anonymous Says:

    “I will not bite the cat’s tail”
    “I will not bite the cat’s tail”
    How many lines do I have to do?

  75. Jerry Says:

    Caught at coyote capers.

  76. Stacey Says:

    “I will not bite the cat’s tail”
    “I will not bite the cat’s tail”
    How many lines do I have to do?

    sorry forgot my name last time.

  77. Bill Says:

    Please Mr. Custer, whata my doin here??

  78. Alice Says:

    Checking for termites

  79. Amy Says:

    Cement Student

    “Eli told me to count down from 100, but I’ve only got 4 toes!”

    “Charlie’s Log, Day 14: I think I’ve finally got this whole ‘sitting’ thing down.”

    Charlie Stockton was known throughout the Zoning Department for his extremely thorough housing inspections.

  80. Ursula Says:

    “I`m trying to blend in”

    Pillow Talk

  81. Heather Says:

    Naughty Nubbins

  82. Heather Says:

    Playing Hard to Get

  83. jen Says:

    Finding His Happy Place

  84. Heather Says:

    Pissed Off

  85. Heather Says:

    Nose Out of Joint

  86. Carmen Says:

    “But mom…I promise I’ll be a good boy!”

  87. Phobia Says:

    Naught. E. Coyote

  88. Danielle Says:

    Fine, be that way. That’s the last time I leave you a present.

  89. Debby Ziegler Says:

    I’ll never do it again, I promise!

  90. Dale Says:

    Is this the Great Wall of Wyoming?

  91. Jaimie Says:

    Is Charlie licking the chink? I think in one of your blog posts you said he did that for a while. If so my caption is:

    “Mmm, tasty, but not as good as ice cream”

    It’s reported that old chink receipes contained salt and that cows could ruin a cabin my licking out a lot of the chink going after the salt.


    “That cat is like talking to this wall!”

  92. Karen Says:

    ‘Between a Log and a Soft Place’

    ‘There IS no wall’

  93. cfritz Says:

    Chink’n’ Think’n

  94. Heather Says:

    Red Headed Wood Checker

  95. Audra Says:

    If I Can’t See Them, Then…

  96. Heather Says:

    Still Will

    Still Chill

  97. mannequin Says:

    “I should be sawing logs right now but I just can’t fall asleep.”


    “She calls it BLOG, but it looks like a LOG to me.”

  98. Heather Says:

    Stiff Whiff

  99. Patti Says:

    I don’t know why I gotta sit in the corner? It was Eli, not me….

    Stupid cat, always getting me in trouble!

  100. Mary DuBuisson Says:

    Time out is for the Dogs!

  101. Dale Says:

    Ms. Shreve, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!

  102. Debbie Says:

    But, I said I was sorry……

  103. Hawksong Says:

    Eli Put Me In Time Out, Humph!

  104. Barry Says:

    And my window goes here, next to the Coyote door.

  105. Molly Says:

    Self-enforced TIME OUT!~

  106. kathy Says:

    Checking out the pink elephant.

  107. Patte Says:

    Keep ‘em Guessing…

    Charlie looks as though he made an imprint of his nose in the chinking between the logs while he covertly plans his next escapde.

  108. kathy Says:

    Or just…. ” Checking out”

  109. Deidre Says:

    If it weren’t for this grey stuff I’d be able to see outside and maybe even be able to go there!

  110. Anonymous Says:

    Look Mom, I’m reading!

  111. Jen Says:

    Practicing his x-ray vision.

    (There’s a delectable rabbit just on the other side of this wall…I can almost see it!)

  112. Jeff Says:


  113. Jeff Says:

    Mom, would you PLEASE get some Oreos???

  114. R.D.L. Says:

    Decorator Coyote says chinks and bedding should not match!

  115. Deeann Says:

    I’m stuck. How do I put “me” in reverse?

  116. Tracy Says:

    “Between a log and a soft place”

  117. Anonymous Says:

    peeping yote.

  118. Courtney C. Says:

    To Lick or Not to Lick…

    Definitely Not Snow

    Where’s The Paint?

    Will She Notice If I Put My Name And Paw Print Here?

    Contemplating Vandalism

    Weighing The Consequences

  119. Monica Says:

    “That’s the LAST time I pee the bed.”

  120. Bess Says:

    “No one puts Charlie in the corner!” (Homage to Dirty Dancing)


    Lil’ Charlie’s Pity Party

  121. kate Says:

    Pillow – “Stay right where you are and you won’t get hurt”
    Charlie – “I’ll do what ever you say, just don’t tell Mom I was chewing on you”

  122. Sherri Says:

    Let me chink about it.

  123. Susan Says:

    Nobody puts baby in the corner!

  124. Sue Says:

    I need some time to chink.

  125. Stacy Says:

    “Oh… you again”

  126. Bethany T Says:

    “I promise, Eli. I’ll leave you alone. Can I be released from my time out now?”

  127. Cristy Says:

    Practicing huffin’ and puffin’

  128. Karen Says:

    “The Coyote Handbook said to sniff cracks, but I’m not sure this is the right kind.”

  129. Bethany T Says:

    “But, it’s HARD to say sorry… :( “

  130. Jeannie Says:

    “How was I to know those were Mom’s favorite slippers?”

  131. Tinare Says:

    There is a knot in this wood that looks just like Eli. Hey, Eli, you gotta come here and see this!

  132. Kathy F. Says:

    He was Fond of Cement?

  133. LHays Says:

    Lupin behind the Cushion

  134. Kathy F. Says:

    Super Charlie with Pillow Cape?

  135. Kathy F. Says:

    Nose to the Grind

  136. Kris/Shaelote Says:

    Coyote’s Corner
    Baby’s First Oops
    I didn’t MEAN to nom Eli’s ear!
    Maybe I can crawl outside this way?

  137. MaggieMNM Says:

    Time Out

  138. Judy Santos Says:

    time out

  139. Micae Says:

    Trickster Time Out

  140. Kathy F. Says:

    Learning to Focus

  141. fop Says:

    “A mouse walked across here once. If I wait long enough, maybe it will return”

    “Quick! Mark how tall I am!”

  142. JE Says:

    “Now, if I just stay veeeeryyy still…”


    There’s this chinese idiom that fits the picture very well.


    Directly translated, it means facing the wall and reflecting on one’s bad behaviour.

  143. Susan R Says:

    Stop and stare – I think I’m moving but I go nowhere…

  144. kinta Says:

    Bubble verbiage: ” Eli said sit here and count to 100. OK, one . . . umm . . . one . . .
    one . . . “

  145. KC Says:

    I am NOT wearing the dunce cap.

  146. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:

    Now that’s quality construction!

  147. gouldie64 Says:

    Forget the caption contest – I want photos of the new calf!!!!

  148. Barbara S. Says:

    Meditation with Wall

  149. gouldie64 Says:

    1,998 … 1,999 …. 2000 … okay Eli, here I come!

  150. Kinta Says:

    Practicing the Art of ZEN

    Zen’d out

    Zen’d in


  151. Aisha Says:

    “Uh-oh… She’s looking over here! Need to look like I’m doin’ something!”

  152. Deb H. Says:

    Mom? Dad? Are you out there? I miss you…

  153. Eija Says:

    One little naught-ee looking coyot-ee

    “How can I tell ‘mom” I have to go?”

    Puzzled pause

    What’s the matter, little one?

  154. schatze Says:

    Reading the writing on the wall.

  155. Barbara Says:

    Look Mom, I’m READING!

  156. Chelsia Says:

    “there were TWO in the bed and the Eli said ‘roll over, roll over!!’ – and they all rolled over and one fell OFF!”

  157. Barbara Says:

    Re my entry, I posted it earlier, for some reason it didn’t go thru. Not stolen from previous poster.

  158. Glenys Says:

    Yes, it looks like he got into trouble and was put in the corner.


    Naughty, not nice.


    Time out!

  159. Trebor Says:

    Coyozen: Perfecting the Art of Vegetation

  160. Windrose Says:

    I put myself in Time-out, you’ll see why when you look in the closet. I’ll stay here until you get back with a new pair of boots. Sorry.

    But I really like Heather’s Red Headed Wood Checker. 8)

  161. daily coyote Says:

    To the Confused (an endearment, to be sure):
    Daisy is not calving until late December!

    Current calf pics and Daisy posts:

    These should provide the info you’re looking for……..
    ~ S

  162. Heather Says:

    Wall of Shame

  163. Wehaf Says:

    I think this window is broken…

  164. Sandy Says:

    Maybe if I ignore her, she will go away with that camera thing she is always pointing at me!

  165. Dinah Says:

    Yoda Coyote: the Force is Strong in Him.

  166. Sylvia Says:

    Help.. I’m stuck!

  167. finnegansmom Says:

    Oops….I did it again!

  168. Siobhan Says:

    HEY! Who put this wall in my way?

  169. Melissa Says:

    Mortar Muncher

  170. Sandy Says:

    This is one staring contest that I think Charlie might lose!

  171. Heather Says:

    I’ll get
    “Back to You”

  172. Paul Anderson Says:

    Between a log and a soft place

  173. Laurie Says:

    “there is no wall”

  174. Lea' Says:

    Wrong side of the bed

  175. Emma F-C Says:

    Now where did I put my stuffed toy?

  176. Scout and Freyja Says:

    Just another day in Paradise…sigh.

  177. Heather Says:

    Weight of the World on His Shoulder

    Corner Mourner

    All by Myself

    Lonely, Mr. Lonely

  178. Heather Says:

    Feeling “down” on Myself

  179. Lori Says:

    Time out – Again?

  180. Kristin Says:

    Man….Eli starts it but I end up being the one in the corner…

  181. Mike Ostrem Says:

    HELLO, a lower window please.

  182. Angie Says:

    Contemplation station

  183. Nic Says:

    Sowwie Mum…..

  184. Elle-Z Says:

    If you look REALLY close it looks like the Virgin Mary.

  185. Susan Says:

    “trees now grow sideways in Wyoming?”

    “hunting his next victim, the termites”

    “….97,98,99,100!! Ready or not, here I come!!!”

  186. John Says:

    Plotting Revenge

  187. Holly Says:

    maybe if I look real cute, she`ll pick me up and cuddle me.

    Teddy Coyote

    …and your point is?

  188. Sarah Says:

    Can’t I just vote for Gina’s title? “Nobody puts baby in the corner” (a-la Dirty Dancing) I swear that’s what my caption was going to be.

  189. Anonymous Says:

    How was I supposed to know the last piece of cheesecake was Eli’s?

  190. ms martyr Says:

    I don’t know why I have to sit in the corner. Eli did it…

  191. Crow Says:

    Ooops–anonymous cheesecake comment was mine.

  192. cookie Says:

    Crouching coyote
    hidden bug

  193. mlaiuppa Says:

    I been bad.

  194. elizabeth j Says:

    Eli is that you ?

  195. mlaiuppa Says:

    I miss my Mommy and my Daddy.

  196. Bronwen Says:

    “Lost in the cracks.”

  197. Fran Wolfe-Johnson Says:

    “But I swear, I didn’t do it! I’m a good lil ‘yote.”

  198. Deeann Says:

    Tastes like chicken

  199. Barbara R Says:

    If these walls could talk

  200. Diane Says:

    That big noise skeered me!

  201. bonnie Says:

    Building inspector.

  202. Catsquatch Says:

    “Conversations with a Spider”

    So there I was, sleeping on my favorite pillow, when I heard this teeny tiny little voice, singing. I looked around and didnt see anything, but the voice seemed to come from the crack in the wall, so I slid off my pillow and went to investigate, and sure enough, there she was, the teeniest tiniest littlest little spider I ever saw. She waved a couple of itsy bitsy arms at me and said “Hi there you cute young pup!” Being a polite coyote puppy because thats how Shreve raised me, I naturally said “Hello little spider. How are you today?” She said she was fine, she had just been singing and she apologized for waking me up from my pillow nap. I told her it was no problem, I could sleep any time, but I didnt have the chance to talk to itsy bitsy spiders very often, then I asked where she came from. She said she had been washed out of the water spout and couldnt get back up again, so she made her way here to the crack in the wall so she could sing without being stepped on or vaccuumed up.
    I told her she had a pretty voice and she blushed little tiny pink spots under her eyes, all eight of them. I thought it was cute.
    Then she asked me if I knew the meaning of life, and I said I wasnt sure but I thought it had something to do with the number 42. She seemed happy with that and thanked me, then asked if I wanted her to sing me a song. I thought that would be nice, so I said “Yes, please.” and she started singing “What would you do if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me…”
    I was a bit confused because she wasnt a beetle, but it sounded beautiful so I sat and listened to her. When she was done I told her that it was a very nice song, she said some bug had taught it to her. Now we are friends, at least until the vaccuum finds her… I dont think my Shreve likes spiders much…..

  203. Mel Says:

    “Reading between the pines…”

  204. fop Says:

    thought of another one

    “I…will…win…this staring contest”

  205. Sherri Cox Says:

    “I’ve been a bad yote!”


    “Why did Eli squeal on me?”

  206. Annie Says:

    Stuck between a pillow and a hard place…

  207. Annie Says:


    Stuck between a soft and hard place… :)

  208. Maureen Says:

    Eli said I needed a time out!

  209. Jaynez Says:

    Crack addiction!

  210. Margo Grant Says:

    I’m sure this will not be original by this point in the day! But … “Tiny Timeout” … it seems so obvious!

  211. Jennifer S. Says:

    I swear there was a window here yesterday!

  212. Robin N Says:

    I didn’t meanz to.

    It was an accident.

    It’s going to be a long day…

  213. Susie Says:

    Aack! Pillow! You’re squishin’ me!

  214. Stacey Says:

    You missed a spot.

  215. Liza Lundell Says:

    Watch the wall, my darling, while the gentlemen go by! (Kipling)

  216. beth Says:

    Down and Out.

  217. ryan Says:

    “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” – Dirty Dancing quote

  218. Paula in KS Says:

    I HATE Time Outs!

  219. jeanne Says:

    then eli made charlie sit in the corner and think about what he’d done.

  220. Anonymous Says:

    The Blair Coyote Project.

  221. AmandaAmandaAmanda Says:

    Sorry, that was me up there with the Blair Coyote Project

  222. Linda in KS Says:

    Time out

  223. J. J. Says:

    What is that “thing” on the pillow?! If I don’t look, maybe it will go away.

  224. Angela Says:

    Being one with the wall.

  225. Joy Says:

    Mmmm….tastes yummy

  226. Patr Says:

    Saying my prayers before going to bed.

  227. JON Says:

    Sit happens.

  228. Tara Says:

    “I will sit here, but I am not sure who said Eli was in charge!”

  229. Paul Says:

    Charlie Hears a Who

  230. Ida Says:

    It isn’t fair! I didn’t bite Eli!!

  231. Anonymous Says:

    Chew up one little shoe….

  232. Danielle Says:

    Eli put me in time out…

  233. Laura Says:

    “Poor baby, did Eli put you in time-out again?”

  234. spondee Says:

    On the inside, looking out

    Corner Cubby

    “An elk leg says the wall blinks first…”

  235. Tara Says:

    “What ever happened to ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’?”

  236. Michelle R Says:

    Ruff Day.
    Hide and Seek; Losing Streak

    It almost looks like Charlie is hiding but has not harnessed those coyote hiding skills yet. Or he just looks pooped out and wants to go sneak a nap in somewhere. :)

  237. Maggie Says:

    Chinking Thinking

  238. htmldeity Says:

    Escape from Charlie-traz!

    Charlie: Really Thorough Home Inspector

  239. Allison Says:

    “I will not chase the cat. The cat will chase me back. I will not chase the cat. The cat will chase me back.”

  240. Eija Says:

    Pinned down by the pillow

    One pillow pinned puppy

    “I thought I was winning, but that “white big thing” is not getting off me”

    Pillow gawk

  241. karen Says:

    Caught Between a Soft and a Hard Place

  242. Kelly Says:

    No One Puts Charlie in the Corner.

  243. Karen Booth Says:

    Time out Time

    I’m stuck! Which way to go!

    Solem baby thoughts.

    Coyote Zone-out.

    Mommy, I’m Stuck!

    (thought bubble) Maybe if I sit still, I’ll be invisible!

    Whatever the headline will be, it’s the best picture!!! :) I just love Charlie!

  244. Tracye Says:

    Oooooooh Boooooooy! I have been a very Bad Coyote.

  245. Rhonda P Says:

    Woe is me…..

  246. Tracy Bessire Says:

    Lost, nowhere to run.

  247. Liz Says:

    Watching mortar dry

  248. Melissa Says:

    Wyoming Winter: Watching the caulk dry.

  249. Suzette Says:

    Coyote Koan: Is there reflection if there is no mirror?

  250. Jennifer Says:

    I know, I know. Go sit in the corner.

  251. Suzette Says:

    or just “Reflection, No Mirror”

  252. Phoenix Says:

    I spy with my little eye…. (Something brown)

  253. Shannon H. Says:

    “Care Bear Stare!”

  254. Diana Says:

    This looks like what my doggies both have done… *if I don’t see you, you don’t see me* type of thing. They can still watch you out of the corner of their eye, oh yes… but in their little canine minds, you can’t see them. Haha, they pulled a fast one on you while they sit *out of sight.* ;)

  255. Erica Says:

    “It IS exciting to watch paint dry! I don’t know what Eli was talking about…”

  256. Sandy Says:

    My back is covered, she can’t see me!

  257. heather em Says:

    Warp, Woof, Weft.

  258. Mia Young Says:

    Listening to the other side.

  259. Debra Says:

    “this corner here is very much interesting.”

    “Now, to make her wonder what i’m up to.”

  260. Kim Says:

    There’s something BIG behind me but I’m scared to look!

  261. dee Says:

    after logging in charlie found a chink in the software

  262. kallimao Says:

    “If I stare hard enough, I WILL break on through to the other side!”

    “I’m dictating MY blog to this big ol’ log.”

  263. Melissa Says:

    “Nobody puts Baby in the corner…”

  264. jesse Says:

    Chill Out…Koala Style (Charlie is sitting just like a koala bear)

  265. Susan Einhorn Says:

    “Okay, so it’s not oreo cookie filling — can’t blame a fella for trying!”

  266. Christine Says:

    Having just woken up, Charlie contemplates his surroundings with a fuzzy mind…

  267. Dave Says:

    “Uh oh….MOM!!! I woke up on the wrong side of the bed!”

  268. Sara Says:


  269. Shannon H. Says:

    Are you my Mother?

  270. Hannah Says:

    …9… 10… ready or not, here I come!!!

  271. michelle Says:

    “Every wall is a door.”- Emerson

  272. Lesley Says:

    “Charlie gets a timeout”

  273. Sarah A Says:

    Where did everybody go??

  274. Della Says:

    Perfect Fit

  275. Isobel Says:

    If I look long enough, I am sure something exciting will happen.

  276. Della Says:

    That bit tasted funny…

  277. robyn Says:

    paste eater

  278. Suzy Says:

    Can you change the channel- I have see this before!

    Watching chink dry

    Wall-e coyote

  279. The Girl Nerd Says:

    Self-imposed Time-Out

  280. Brook S. Says:

    Charlie’s early attempts at Coyotekinesis didn’t go so well!

  281. Jennifer Says:

    Woah… does anyone else see the face of Jesus??

  282. Lindsay Says:

    Time SnOut

  283. Jan Says:

    This TV is boaring,……

  284. Christine Says:

    I like it hear – but this time-out thing sucks!

  285. Kathy F. Says:

    Coyote Eye Exam~”Charlie, can you read the first line for me?”

  286. Kathy F. Says:

    Redundant Repose

  287. Lindsay K. Says:

    Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

  288. Bec Says:

    “Beyond this crack there be dragons”

  289. Barbara Says:

    “In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be”… (excerpt from a Cinderella song”)

  290. Felicia Says:

    Be the Wall

    Wallpaper reading

    I know there is a way out somewhere

  291. Cristina Says:

    The daintiest of wallflowers.

  292. Daisy Says:

    Hey Ma, what’s on the other side?

  293. RI Gurl Says:

    Mom – I did something naughty….

  294. RI Gurl Says:

    She’ll find out soon enough – might as well start the time out now :sigh:.

  295. Jennifer Says:

    Awe! Charlie’s in twouble!

  296. Colleen Says:

    3….2….1…..ready or not, here I come!

  297. Colleen Says:

    Ohm……channelling his inner coyote.

  298. Heather Says:

    Snout Pout

  299. Wes Says:

    The snozberries taste like snozberries.

  300. Thea Says:

    Coyote B-log

  301. Dana Says:


    Charlie looks like so somber.

    “I know she said not to pounch on Eli’s tail, but I didn’t know it would earn a timeout”

    Corner Caper

    Cornered Coyote

    Cornered for being Coy with Mom

  302. Luci Says:

    “I promise I won’t do it again!”

  303. Sarah Says:

    “Coyote in the corner”
    “Time out at the cabin”

  304. kacie Says:

    Sometimes you just have to stop and nom the chinking!

  305. bean16 Says:

    “Teaches me to let the cat be my look-out…”

  306. julie Says:

    Weellll, ex-squeeze me!

  307. Kristin Says:

    Leave dead tings in her shoes, Eli sez…..She loves it, Eli sez….Stupid Eli

  308. bonnie Says:

    Alice??…are you there??

  309. Helioprogenus Says:

    Ground control to major Tom

  310. Craig Says:

    The nose knows when it snows ..
    So Charlie grows anxious to romp aroun’ and discover!

  311. Joe Says:

    Charlie had a sneaking suspicion Eli had lied to him again. Though he hadn’t eaten it before, Charlie was pretty sure this wasn’t what gingerbread was supposed to taste like.

  312. pansypoo Says:

    there IS too a bug. i can hear it.

    or a itsy bitsy bug.
    cats do the same thing. or maybe it’s ghosts.

  313. Mellissa Says:

    crackin’ a smile

  314. Sara Mook Says:

    You can’t see me.
    8, 9 , 10….. Eli ready or not here I come!
    What this again?

  315. Deeann Says:

    I think I heard that contact lens go “clink” right over here!

  316. Deeann Says:

    Logged Out

  317. Joseph Says:

    It worked for Bodhidharma…

  318. Mia Says:

    Purrfect spot for a peep hole.

  319. Judy Says:


  320. Amy Nahirny Says:

    What the heck is that?

  321. Kathy F. Says:

    Snout Grout

  322. Michelle Says:

    Stuck between and wall and a pillow place.

  323. Michelle Says:


    I meant to say:

    “Stuck between a wall and a pillow place.”

  324. Anonymous Says:

    Little Red Pillowhead

    (Look how the comforter or bed looks like a cape the way it’s folded over his shoulder)

    No Taller Than Yesterday. Sigh.

    Someone Marked Here First. Hmmph.

  325. R L Roman Says:

    Pick-a-boo – I Shreve you!

  326. Shaya French Says:

    Blushes. Forgot to put name.

    Little Red Pillowhood

    (Look how the comforter or bed looks like a cape the way it’s folded over his shoulder)

    No Taller Than Yesterday. Sigh.

    Someone Marked Here First. Hmmph.

  327. Christi C. Says:

    Got chink?

  328. Kathleen Says:

    Meditation, Coyote style

    Intensity in coyote ‘sit’-y (nods to Ted Nugent)

    I see dead people

    Caught between a log and a soft place

  329. Bruce Says:


  330. debs mct Says:

    “I was told that a Coyote, (thats me right?) is supposed to be a magical, mystical animal. Capable of moving mountains…..I’ll start with the wall”.

    Eyes close…

    “Ommmmm……..I am one with the wall…..Ommmmm….”

    Eyes open…

    “Darn….maybe when I’m bigger”!

  331. Gin Says:

    Blair Wolf Project

  332. Lisa Says:

    Time Out

  333. karen hanson Says:

    “Pup Prayers”-Praying I’m staying..

  334. Heather Says:

    “I was bad so now I have to sit in the corner. Sitting in the corner is no fun, no fun, no fun.”

  335. Sue in Scn Says:

    We need to put a window right here.

  336. Creekhiker Says:

    Dazed and Confused

    Charlie’s Hiding Place

  337. jennifer Says:

    Hello I’m a coyote what are you? I know that sounds dumb but my son once said hello like that to a vacuum cleaner when he was little.

  338. Karen Hanson Says:

    I just have to say I love this picture. Being that he’s new to you and you to him, I just see this want for exceptance in his little eyes. It’s like he’s wondering ‘What will become of me’. Makes you want to scoop him up and smoosh his face with love and kisses… just my take:)

  339. Bria Says:

    It’s hard to be the littlest one

    To sit in solemn silence

    Charlie Coyote and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

  340. hpmama Says:

    OMMMM… A new level of consciousness.

  341. Diana Says:

    I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore Toto.

    Cuddle Magnet

  342. Kit.e Says:

    Nose to the grind, uh, wall stones.


  343. Teresa Says:

    I thought I saw a puttytat. I did, I did!

  344. Dianne Says:

    Photo caption:

    Logging into Myspace

  345. Rebecca Says:

    Bashful Baby

  346. Maggie Says:

    I tried counting sheep but that was too distracting so why not logs?

  347. clark Says:

    All right wall, let’s see who blinks first.

  348. Marquand Says:

    What adventures await outside this den?

  349. Kristine O. Says:

    “Mama said I was bad and now I hafta sit in the time out corner.”


    “Whoa, that was some dream.”


    “Who put that there?”

  350. Figgy Says:

    Pondering the fine points of cabin architecture.

  351. June Says:

    I’m a tiny baby coyote in my den with my soft fuzzy brothers and sisters behind me and a cozy burrow wall in front of me. I feel safe.

  352. Beth Says:

    Shreve, I’ve learned my lesson! Can I get up now???


    Shreve says I have to sit here and think about what I done, but I don’t even remember what I done!

  353. V Says:

    Staring Contest.

    Drifting to sleep.

    A “paws” in time.

    Waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

  354. Sandra Says:

    Yup, lovin’ every inch of this place.

  355. Beth J Says:

    I can’t believe she’s taking advice from the Super Nanny and putting me in the Naughty Corner.

  356. Sandra Says:

    When I’m fully awake, will this all be REAL?

  357. kristine Says:

    Out of my mind…Back in five minutes.

  358. kkt Says:

    Lazar eyes! It should start smoking any time now… don’t distract me!


    I guess they are right when they say you can get up on the wrong side of bed.

  359. kristine Says:

    cabination ( cabin fascination)

  360. Sophie Says:

    “Plaster Master”

    “Log Dog”

    “Unblinking Chinking”


    “Mortar Courter”

  361. Dave Z. Says:

    Logging his thoughts.

  362. Nicole Says:

    Camouflage Happens.

  363. James Latta Says:

    “Eli said she wouldn’t mind that word!”

  364. ariestess Says:

    Your time out cannot defeat me! I will show no fear!

  365. beth Says:

    Gather ye nosebuds while ye may.

  366. Allison Says:

    Some see More than most in simple things.

  367. Barbara R Says:

    Charl. IE. Coyote, Super Genius, Invents Smellovision

  368. Joni Says:

    “I will not tease the cat, I will not tease the cat, there I’ve promised, may I come out of the corner now?”

  369. jeanna Says:

    between a nook & coyote.

  370. Janet Says:


  371. R.D.L. Says:

    “Hello little spider! Wanna be friends?”

  372. amp Says:

    The warm side of the pillow.

  373. Colleen Greco Says:

    Are you my mother? (Dr. Seuss)

  374. Beth Says:

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  375. Milaka Says:

    Eatin’ worms (as in pouting)

  376. Janet Says:

    Maybe if I stare long enough I’ll see what Eli sees when he stares at the wall?
    (Knowing cats’ propensity to stare at a wall intently as though they see something you can’t see, I thought Charlie might be trying to mimic something he would see Eli doing.)

  377. kathy Says:


  378. Cynthia Says:

    Eli: “Look, kid, it’s easy. Just put your nose to the wall, here, and count to a trillion.”

  379. Stephanie K Says:

    The consequences of his actions

  380. Cynthia Says:

    Coyote Kleenex

  381. Sheryl Says:

    Charlie Wall Banger

  382. elizabeth j Says:

    an itsy bitsy spider crawled up the grout an itsy bitsy Charlie tried to figure it out

  383. Siobhan Says:

    He’s got that wall right where he wants it.

    Staring Contest.

    Like talking to a wall.

  384. laura Says:

    the truth is out there

  385. Kim Pierce Says:

    ‘Just love you, Shreve, and all you do.

  386. Arlene Says:

    “Shy Guy”

  387. Isobel Says:

    Charlie’s Facebook Wall

  388. Jerry Says:

    I been a bad boy.

    Be the wall; be one with the wall.

  389. ferret Says:

    No one understands me but you, Wally…

  390. mlaiuppa Says:

    Pillow pout.

  391. astro-horse Says:

    Nose Duster

    MMMMM, That Old Log Smell!

  392. alisha Says:

    Bug Watch 2007

  393. CatScott Says:

    This reminds me of my niece Bella at two and a half getting her first bad girl note home from daycare….for spitting at the teacher don’t cha know. I got a look quite similar to this one.

    My caption entry:

    You can make me sit here but you can’t make me sorry.

    Good luck picking, there are quite a few winners here!

  394. Sara S. Says:

    … So Mr. Wall… it’s just me & you… …and maybe the pillow over there.

  395. Leffe Says:

    “STILL life with coyote”

    Coyote rebooting

  396. Rebekah Says:



    (I am reminded of the story about Bodhidarma gazing at a wall for nine years … apparently no one’s completely certain why he did that, either.)

  397. dianne Says:

    If someone has the remote, please change the channel. I think I’ve already seen this episode of “Friends”.

  398. Elise Says:

    Pillowfights gone wild!


    The Log Days of Summer

    Official Termite Inspector


    Peeping Charlie

    Pillow caulk

  399. Leffe Says:

    Sorry, one more:


  400. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    I don’t think I saw this used yet – “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

    Log Jammed Pup

    Charlie and the Art of Pillow Sliding

    One Floored Coyote

    I did NOT steal M.C.’s Hammer, really I didn’t

    Who said this tasted like chicken?

    Caulk Inspector’

    Wall Wedge

  401. Amy Says:

    “I stand here by the Western Wall”

    (That’s the first line from the Rosanne Cash song, “Western Wall”). For this picture, I also like these lyrics:

    “It ain’t much but it might be home.
    If I ever loved a place at all,
    It’s the Western Wall.”

  402. carolh Says:

    A bit of bathroom wall humor came to mind

    Here I sit broken hearted
    Came to poop and only farted

  403. Steve Says:

    A Bodhidarma moment

  404. Steven Swanson Says:

    Private time

  405. Lindsay Says:

    “Stuck between a pine and a soft place…”

    “It was Eli mom, not me!”

    “The perfect pout of a pup.”

    “Pouting Pup”

  406. Hans-J Says:





  407. Becky Says:


  408. Derrick Says:


  409. Kevin Says:

    It looks like a scene from The Blair Witch Project

  410. Wendi Says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep…….

  411. Janie Says:

    During the winter of his puphood, the coyote often dreamed of a career in home inspection. Pondering the durability of log cabin mortar, the coyote decided it was likely delicious.

  412. Roxanne Says:

    I just saw this, so cute. I’m sure this is already here, but it reminds me of a toddler in “Time out”

  413. Tori Says:

    “There is no wall…”

  414. Judy Says:

    Listening to the Wild

    Intuiting What is Out There

  415. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Coyote waits…and waits…and waits….

  416. Julie Says:

    Warm my home, warm my heart

  417. Juliene Says:

    “I see dead people..”

  418. me again Says:

    puppy prayers

  419. Kelly Says:

    Looks like Charlie needed some “me” time =)

    I’m probably too late for the contest, but my first thought was “Staring Contest”, like he’s trying to stare down the wall in an epic showdown of Coyote vs. Cement.

  420. Carolyn Croll Says:

    “Gonna huff and puff and blow this thing down! Just like it says in the book.”

  421. Kat Says:

    Time out!

  422. Susan Says:

    Hope I’m not too late:


  423. Jo Says:

    Wall’eyed tyke !

  424. Suzette Says:


    Love the video of Charlie picking the winner! Very decisive choice!

  425. Roxanne Says:

    I really do bow in awe to y’all!
    SO clever…all of you!
    This is so much fun! Thanks Shreve…Charlie.

  426. Devin Says:

    Love the video, Chloe had a nibble at 8, I see!

  427. Pete Yandell Says:

    Quick, Charlie! What’s the cube root of 125?

  428. MsB Says:

    To live, to run free, and NOT have to be tied to a post (cash register) at Wal-Mart

  429. Heather Says:

    Oh oh… I think I’ve never been this far before….

  430. Torchy Says:

    This is my absolute all time favorite of Charlie. The qualities of baby-ness, softness, and the gone away look boys have, and the remote & wild inherent in Charlie. Plus, I think Shreve’s original title of this was “Little Weirdo”

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