Back, By Popular Demand!

photos taken September 2009

Daisy and Baby, who ain’t so little anymore.
He has to practically drop to his elbows in order to drink.

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  1. Laura Says:

    Do they both follow you around when you are out with them? Cows have the most expressive eyes and beautiful eye lashes. It’s been a day since I saw this picture…. I still want to kiss their schnozzes. Love from IL

  2. Marlene Says:

    I was looking at Daisy’s picture again and I thought …she has the same photographic look as charlie…she really looks ino the camera..What is the calf’s personality like? What made you change your mind about the calf to keep him instead of using him for food? and I am curious ?

  3. Ingrid Says:

    When is Daisy due with her own calf?

  4. Evan Says:

    What kind of cow is Daisy?

  5. Kit.e Says:

    I guess this might be a weird question… But I’m really curious.
    I’m sure there is the occasional wildlife meets livestock “accident” in Wyoming, but I wanted to know if the proximity of Charlie to your cows means wild canines don’t pose as much of a threat? Or (just to turn this into a question in two parts) does it entice other coyotes to the area, curious of his smell/calls.
    Sorry if you’ve already answered this (I live in Australia and currently can’t buy a copy of the book until a reprint, boo!) but I’ve always wanted to know if Charlie’s had any encounters with his own, wild kind.

  6. Sue Says:

    Maybe when your finger is better you can give us an update on this site about Daisy and her foster son answering the questions people have written. It would be great to see your responses to those questions. I get a smile every day when I check your site for Charlie and fam pics and commentary.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sandy F Says:

    So many questions! How big will the steer get? How old before he can begin breeding duties? What care do the cows need? Feeding? Grooming? Medical needs? Is the “baby” playful? How much pasture do they need? Is this the beginning of your own “herd”? Will you keep Daisy’s calf? When is it expected? Will calf get all her milk at first or do you get some too? What wonderful things have you done with daisy’s milk? I can think of a million more. I think I love cows.

  8. Keitha Says:

    Cows are gorgeous! I love how they are so curious and all come to the fence if you walk up to it. I also wonder what kind they are? The black & white together looks so nice together. But the Mare, The Mare! Dying to see a picture of her. What is her name?

    Can’t imagine how you got that picture of Charlie in the air! I try to do that with our dogs and as they are jumping up & down in the field chasing grasshoppers and never can manage it.
    You know I just had a thought. This could go on for years. We may all be doing this ten years from now when Charlie & Chloe will be old and gray.
    This was a great idea you had, we are all connected, even with your grandmother, all because of Charlie. I love it!

  9. Bumblebee Says:

    Awww Shreve, I am SO sorry about your poor finger! OUCH!!
    Charlie is the most handsome coyote! What a gorgeous fella is is! Wow!!

  10. Yvonne Says:

    Do you have barn? Are the animals inside shelter during the winter? I bet Wyoming gets colder than the Methow Valley in Washington State and we need to bring the animals into a barn or some kind of enclosure. I wondered how cold it got in the winter in Wyoming.

  11. Isabel Says:

    Wean that rascal!

  12. tigeron Says:

    A Pearl – ” What’s valuable is not WHAT we have in our lives, but WHO we have in our lives.” You have been blessed and you are a true blessing to others.

    Deep In The Heart of Texas

  13. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Wow! Little Calf is HUGE! He’s almost as big as Daisy! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. They are gorgeous and look serenely happy. Is there much (or any) interaction with Charlie and Chloe? Or Eli?

  14. Anna Says:

    Daisy has the sweetest face. She just looks so laid back.

  15. Deborah Says:

    I love your life!!!

  16. Carrie Hirsch Says:

    I simply LOVE your critters & you. (A your book) You have the absolutely best blog in the world. When I visit your site I am reminded that the world is a beautiful place. Be well & keep the amazing pictures & stories coming. Best Regards, Carrie

  17. Darlene Says:

    You take the best pictures, I love them!! And, of course, your subjects, are remarkable, all of them. Thank you for your blog and your pictures and sharing your life .

  18. Lindy Says:

    I started receiving the Tuesday Charlie pix when you started your website. I always look forward to your photography but never actually read too much since the beginning.
    Today I have looked at lots of photos and read your entries. Good work, Shreve. Not just for collecting this and documenting your life but for sharing this invaluable knowledge you discovered early on your journey: “living Life is what it’s all about.”
    You took the slow road to living deeply rather than the corporate or institutional money earning life-path you could have followed. One that so many new, debt-burdened graduates are desperately trying to get into.
    I honor you for doing IT. That you have decided on the correct and best path.
    I am much older than you and have only recently (maybe last week) discovered the point of life is to live it. I am glad you have such a large farmily to share your life and that you take the time to share it with those who read your writings.

  19. Mollie Says:

    I guess I’ve been looking at icanhascheezburger (and my 4 kitties) for too long. My first thought was “basement cow/ceiling cow”.

    Keep up the good work, my friends and relatives in England are all enjoying your website, book and calendar as well!


  20. Emily Says:

    I was just curious – you mentioned that Daisy was due in December – growing up on a small farm in OK we always had cattle around, but one thing that I think was somewhat controled by my father, and putting away the bull; we had all of our calves in the spring. I just can’t imagine poor Daisy delivering in the middle of winter in WY. Was there a reason this was done, or just nature/accident?

    I think the reason we had our calves in the spring was in case there was a problem it would be easier to handle than trying to pull a calf in the dead of winter in several inches of snow… which we did have to do once – not quite sure how that happened, maybe a late snow.

  21. daily coyote Says:

    Emily – I bought Daisy from a dairy farm where they breed and calve year-round to keep their overall milk supply steady and Daisy was bred when I bought her. Definitely not ideal to calve in deep winter in my book.

  22. Bruce Says:


    I came across your book, ” The Daily Coyote”, yes that one, a few months back, at a local library. For the several days it inhabited my nightly reading routine, I was in Wyoming observing a coyote pup being assimilated into a loving family of humans and four-legged critters. A wonderful heart warming story, of committment to an ideal. Your writing, and photography are exceptional. Of course many of us are envious of this life you lead, but so happy to be able to share it with you.

  23. Brooke Mediger Says:

    Is he adopted or does he just look like his daddy?

  24. Annette L.A. Says:

    My dog sitter gave me your book last X-mas, it touched my heart. Thanks
    for sharing your stories and pictures of the farm, I enjoy them very much.

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