Has Charlie taken on any of Chloe’s behaviours and has Chloe taken on any of Charlie’s?

Chloe has been a remarkable influence on Charlie ~ she has such a carefree and fearless nature which has been a wonderful balance to Charlie’s neurotic coyote nature.  They speak the same language – fluent canine – yet come from completely opposite lineages: Charlie is hardwired for survival, with no one to count on but himself, while Chloe has thousands of years of domesticity in her blood and understands trust and teamwork with humans.

I believe Chloe has helped Charlie find the bridge between his innate coyote instincts and the reality of his life with the Farmily and with humans.  Since she arrived, Charlie has become more confident and more at peace than ever before.  He is still coyote – absolutely.  If an unfamiliar truck pulls in, Charlie dashes over the hill to hide while Chloe races to the front lines barking with a vengance.  He hasn’t really taken on any of her behaviours, but he has found the bridge thanks to her.

As for Chloe, she learned the coyote zig-zag run and became quite adept at it when she was younger.  But now she’s figured out that she’s more successful in the chase (and expends less energy) if she waits for Charlie to circle past her at top speed and then launches herself after him in a leap, chomping down on his tail to take him down.  The girl plays dirty.  But Charlie likes it.

She has altered herself in one major way because of Charlie, and it kind of makes me sad.  Charlie’s voice, especially when he’s yipping, is extraordinarily high pitched.  Chloe has the low hound voice, but she tries to bark and howl as high as she possibly can to match Charlie’s octave.  I miss her low hound howl.

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