Heart Seizure

photo taken August 2009 • title thanks to Beth aka EweMama

one year ago: Wassup
two years ago: Ghost Dog

You all amaze me! I can’t even narrow it down to a short list this week ~ the entries are all so good.  I am loving all the heart puns!  So funny & clever, I’m in awe.  Beth~ you have great entries every week and this caption nails it, in my book!

• • • That’s not a real heart.  I had several such queries after posting THIS pic last week!  No, it’s a plush heart with a squeak in it, embroidered “It’s hard being a Princess.” I knew, when I saw it, that Charlie would love it.

This photo needs a name!  Leave your title, caption, or thought-bubbles in the comment section of this post and you’ll be in the running for a Wyoming care package ~ it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve sent off a box of rocks and bones!  This week’s prize is petrified modern art… ancient sculpture… this:

One perfect Dahlite ~ a petrified stone ball aged 150 million years ~ rests in a natural cradle, which, in fact, is a section of Gryphaea fossil ~ ancient oyster-like shells fossilized in stone, which are 150 – 200 million years old.  AMAZINGGGGG!

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  1. Ida Says:


  2. Eileen Greene Says:

    Awww… have a heart!

  3. Naamah Says:

    Love Bites

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    “Look, it’s Elvis!”

  5. Shanna Says:

    All’s fair in love and war

  6. Patr Says:

    Three Hearts running amuck

    Two Hearts shared by one.

  7. Deb D. Says:

    My heart is yours to share!

  8. darlene H. Says:

    I loved your book so much I’m reviewing it January 11 for my book club. They have all bought your book and we’ll discuss it. So far, they want to know if you still have Charlie (yes) and if you and Mike are still together (yes).

    I lived many years in a place similar to Ten Sleep (extreme western Nebraska) and I understand how you handle the animals, the weather, and the small population. Some in my book club don’t understand that.

    I’d name the stones Enduring Globe.

  9. Cynthia Odell Says:

    I read your book, and it is superb; I sent you a letter addressed to you in care of your New York publisher.

    I told a friend about it; she is a special education teacher and speech therapist. She works with troubled teens in a New York special education school. She is ordering many copies of the book for her students.

    Cynthia Odell

    We had a coy-dog, who has since passed, but she was extraordinary. And a psychic told us when my granddaughter passed away that the coy-dog, Jessica, was with her. She said, “If ever a dog could wear long gloves, it was Jessie.” If we hadn’t believed before, we would have then. The psychic had no previous knowledge of this dog, and she was right on the money. This coy-dog was elegant, but she could throw down if she had to. The psychic said they (my granddaughter and Jessie) are joined at the hip.

  10. Paloma Doveny Says:

    for the beautiful rock phot0:

    “How nature holds hands” or “the stillness”

    Shreve, I loved your book, found it at the Phoenix airport bookstore, recently loaned it to my 83 year old mother who loved it too. I live in LA with six cats and a dog. My dog, Zoe and I walk/hike in Griffith park every day, picking up sharp shards of glass along the trails, well I pick up the glass, Zoe watches me. It is rugged California Park that divides LA from the San Fernando valley. The kitty-girls wait at home. We see coyotes almost every day. It makes me sad when they are starving or thirsty, I can hardly stand it. my son is devising a way for us to chain metal bowls to the base of the water fountains in the park so some water could be left for them like in the neighboring Runyon canyon. I understand we are not to feed them but without water they venture the short distance down the hills into the city in search. Too heartbreaking.

    I am a photographer and I love what you have captured, and the humor and spontinaeity (sp?), the expressions and the light. I’d love to send you some of my photo cards in appreciation of your spirit and role in this world. If you can, email me where to send. Happy New Year .

    ps. there is a book that you would love. may be out of print but you can find it used on amazon. It is called “Tracks” by Robyn Davidson, who chronicles her walk alone across Australia with three camels and a dog, when she was around your age. It is a slim volume that hooks you by the end of the first paragraph. There is also a large photo book that was published many later, that is a treasure, called “From Alice to Ocean” but read the little one first.

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