And The Farmily Grows

Daisy had a baby. Oh, how does one start this kind of post?  So much to say!  I have been rather preoccupied for the past two weeks, meaning I’ve thought of little besides Daisy, her baby, and when she was going to calve.  I knew I didn’t need to be there.  This is Daisy’s third calf; in theory she knows what to do.  But I wanted to be there, very much so.

I felt confident she wouldn’t calve in the night because I’ve been feeding her in the evening ~ I have no idea why this practise isn’t more accepted, but if you feed cows in the evening, they generally calve during the day.  Mike is the only one I know in the area who feeds at night and he’s the only one who isn’t night-checking every two hours throughout calving season!  Handy trick for you cow people out there.

However, the only signs I knew regarding the prediction of a cow’s calving were for beef cows.  As their udder fills, preparing for the calf, the wrinkles pop out, and when the last wrinkle between the two halves as viewed from the back pops out, you know the calf is coming within 24 hours or so.  There are other signs, but the udder is a key sign for “Oh! It is close!”

With Daisy, I had no idea what to look for.  Her udder got very full while still maintaining the back wrinkle, but I thought, perhaps, since her udder already had far more milk than a beef cow’s, that maybe it wouldn’t fill all the way before the calf came.  So I was on alert.  Then her udder filled more and the wrinkle popped out.  So I was on high alert.  Then the udder kept growing, filling more and more and poofing out the back!  Now I know for next time.  Baby doesn’t come until udder gets gigantic:

Daisy had her calf at about 6:45am on Friday morning.  It was a mild morning, relatively speaking, and it soon became the warmest, most beautiful day of the month.  Hallelujah!  The calf was wet and shivering immediately after the birth but Daisy licked it off as she should – licking the sac from its face so it could breathe, then its body to dry it off.  I couldn’t stand the shivering so I got a towel and a small space heater and used them both to help Daisy dry the calf, using the the heater like a hair dryer and rubbing the calf, then making a tent with the towel, with the heater and the calf under it – a warm pocket until the sun got strong.

After the calf is dry and warm, it is up to the calf to get up and drink the colostrom (first milk) that it needs to survive.  So gnarly…. I wanted to carry the calf to Daisy’s udder but that’s just not the way it works.  Plus, this newborn weighs about 15 pounds less than I do (that should give you an approximation of how huge Daisy is!) and I couldn’t carry it.  The calf tried to stand several times and toppled over ~ I was holding my breath for like an hour.  Finally it stood halfway up and I stood behind it, so it could lean against my legs as support, and we just stood there for a while.

After about half an hour of standing and taking a few tentative steps without falling, the calf made it over to Daisy and started nosing around for a teat.  It found one and latched on.  I was about to breathe easy, for once the calf is warm, dry, and has it’s first drink, everything is preetty much in the clear.  But no.  Daisy kicked it away.  The calf tried again, and Daisy kicked at it again.

I really didn’t think this would happen after Daisy raised the bull last summer – she had kicked him away, too, for about a week, but then adopted him and let him suck, and the rest is history.  But Daisy kicked away her newborn.  I was SO angry at her…. but then I realized it’s not her fault – she was raised on a dairy farm, where they take the babies away immediately after birth.  The mother cows get milked by machines, as usual, and their milk is bottlefed to their babies.  So Daisy really didn’t know.  And there’s always plan B.

Right about this time, Daisy expelled her placenta/afterbirth and immediately started gobbling it up.  Obsessive, single-minded consumption of her gigantic placenta.  Yes, it’s very gross but also very beautiful, that this herbivore will eat bloody tissue that came out of her own body to save her baby: if the placenta was simply left on the ground (in the wild), it would surely attract predators.

So, while Daisy was chowing on her placenta, I sat down and started milking, into a calf bottle, which is like a baby bottle but holds 1 litre and has a really big nipple on it.  And Mike showed up.  So I milked, and fed the calf most of the bottle, and then Mike helped maneuver the calf over to Daisy’s udder while I continued to milk, and the calf latched onto a teat.  And Daisy let it drink.  She just needed a reminder of the familiar with the introduction of the new, I think.

I may as well add the obvious here, the calf is black.  In this land of Black Angus Beef Cattle, my solid white Brown Swiss and Jersey cow (both typically butterscotch brown breeds), who was bred to a black and white spotted Holstein, produced a black calf.  Major eye-roll to the gods on that one.  But this baby’s coat is not just plain black.  It’s black mixed with equal amounts of silver – a black roan.  (Which doesn’t exist technically, I just invented it.)  I am quite curious to see what this coat evolves into as the months go by.

And then the sun got strong and so, so warm, and Daisy and her new baby and I were able to relax.  I left them together to bond in the straw and went with Mike to feed his cows, and sitting in his truck, feeling safe and happy about everything, I felt like I was finally starting to thaw after having been frozen with tension for so long.  Mike got out to open a gate and I relaxed against into the seat of the truck and this song came on the radio.  One of my favorite songs……. And I realized this male calf’s name is Frisco.

Frisco.  For me, the name conjures the image of a burly man with an anchor tattoo and a heart of gold.  After knowing this calf for a day, the name fits him perfectly.  And it’s a nod to what got me here.

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    What beautiful photos! and what a great name for a male calf! Also, I learned a few things from this great story. Do cows, although herbivores, possibly gain any much-needed nutrients from consuming the placenta after the effort of giving birth? I know it’s beneficial for dogs to consume a FEW placenta, but that too many is also not a good idea. Another question- white and grey horses being born black, does this hold true for cows, as well? I know with most animals it takes months and even years for the full coat color to truly develop.

  2. Lori Rush Says:

    Yea! A boy! Congratulations to Daisy and you! Hope all continues to go well! Happy life Frisco!

  3. Karen Says:

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of new life. It makes me sad that milk cows have to stay on schedule and don’t get to nurse their newborn, though. Glad Daisy and Frisco get to start out the way nature intended.

  4. Laura Says:

    Oh he’s so beautiful…reading this made me cry. I’m so glad Daisy is accepting her baby..ok must go re-read and look at the pics of Frisco again!

  5. Sheila Says:

    Congratulations to Daisy and her awesome midwife! Frisco is beautiful and a very handsome boy. Thanks for sharing his story – also brought tears to my eyes – very touching!

  6. John Says:

    Congrat’s on they new calf and on surviving the process of his coming ;-) I’ll look foreword to seeing the pics as he grows!

  7. Terrry Says:

    Thank you for writing this all down and letting us know! I have never followed the birth of a calf before, and this has been really lovely to learn about!
    I appreciate your work for all of this.


  8. RedLaRossa Says:

    Welcome to the world, Frisco! What a wonderful post, and such a joyous event so close to Christmas!

  9. Joie Says:

    Congratulations to you, Mike, and Daisy… and welcome to Frisco!! :D So happy to hear the good news. :)

  10. pam Says:

    You always “choke me up” and today was no different. The very happy tears flowed today for the beautiful life you have made for yourself and those animals who are so lucky to have found you!! and for all of us who are lucky that you have shared your life with us.

    Frisco IS the perfect name for that baby. I wish him a very healthy, calm life with all of you there.

    Thank you just doesn’t seem enough but it’s all I have. Pam

  11. Marlene Says:

    CONTRATULATIONS!!!! ON FRISCO.. he is sooooo adorable..I had never really seen a calf that small …I can’t wait for more pictures..a cute little boy!

  12. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Congratulations Shreve and Daisy and family on your new addition! New life is what Christmastime is all about…

  13. Marcia in Wyoming Says:

    OH!!! So happy for you all – I very well know the feeling of MAJOR stress the days before animal births. As my Molly cow was a first time mom I really felt the need to be there. Having not ever had her calf taken away, she was and is a very good, protective mom. In my OCD way, trying to get baby Andi going, my sweet Molly gave me a black eye with a more than gentle head butt – so watch out! Funny how he turned out all black – I bet the same bull was
    Andi’s sire. I really like the idea of “Frisco the oxen”. Oh, and isn’t it just fun to milk when that udder is SOOO huge! Best wishes from the Crowheart gang – Marcia, sister Molly and niece Andi.

  14. Sandy Says:

    Happy belated Birthday Frisco!

  15. Tamara Says:

    So happy for you Shreve and congrats to Daisy! Been waiting all week for the news. Happy holidays to you and your farmily. Tamara

  16. moondoggie Says:

    i was wondering about the twitter reference to Calgon and washing away the detritus of birth WITHOUT any mention of your new addition. congratulations and welcome, frisco!

  17. Windrose Says:

    Great news, and so wonderful an event. Congratulations to all. Seeing the photo of Daisy’s swollen udder made me think, “Ouch!” I wonder if Frisco’s first attempts at sucking were too painful for Daisy, but after you emptied the udder a bit, she was more comfortable. Just a thought from someone who has never been blessed with cows in my life. I sure hope age 60 isn’t too late to start, because when I retire I hope to get a small farm and raise as much of my own food as I can.

  18. KateT Says:

    Congratulations to all! He’s a beautiful boy.

  19. eclecta Says:

    Yay!!!! Glad to see the good news – I have to admit I was a bit tense on your behalf! Thank you for sharing your life/news with us with your amazing, beautiful perspective on life. You have a real gift, which is not your writing or photography (even though both are wonderful), but your HEART. :)

  20. J Cerno Says:

    Congratulations to both you and Daisy. What a beautiful, little boy. Thank you so much for sharing this with us as you have everything else.

  21. Diana Says:

    He’s beautiful!!!!

  22. Diane, Baxter, TN Says:

    Beautiful baby calf, and beautiful writing of the blessed event! Thanks so much for sharing, and Merry Christmas to you and all your clan!

  23. EL Fay Says:

    I’ve never thought of cows as being cute before, but that calf is adorable! I’m sure he’ll make a very handsome bull.

  24. Becky Says:

    Welcome, Frisco!

    Glad he has arrived safely and everybody is recovering.

    The afterbirth thing is really gross (I’m a farm girl) but necessary. I am sure Daisy felt much better after that was taken care of.

    Thanks for the update, Shreve!

  25. Lana Says:

    See I knew it’d be a boy! (yay for 50/50 chances)
    Congratulations on your new arrival, glad to know mama and her baby are doing well. Frisco is a very lucky boy to be a part of your farmily=) Can’t wait to see more pictures as he grows up and to find out what color his coat turns out.

  26. Karen Says:

    I’m thrilled for you and your farm-ily! Thank you for that beautiful story about how everything worked on that morning of the birth. I was (really!) on the edge of my seat, slowing down the words because I wanted to imagine exactly how the whole process went. Thank you for sharing that, Shreve, and I send you the very best wishes from San FranFrisco!!!

  27. cfritz Says:

    Yay Daisy! I was thinking Duke would have been a good name for a boy (ie; Daisy- Duke)….but Frisco is great too. Welcome to Wyoming Frisco!

  28. Connie Says:

    Congratulations!!! Your love and care for your animals is so heartwarming. You remind me of my uncle, who has been gone for many years now, and thought of his animals as his babies. When he got too sick to stay on the farm and had to auction off his animals, everybody knew without being told who they belonged to – - – they were very well fed and healthy!

    Great pics, great name – - – thanks for sahring.

  29. Lisa Says:

    Wonderful news! Frisco is adorable. Glad to hear that all worked out as it should. Looking forward to watching the farmily continue to grow over the years! :)

  30. June Says:

    Awww, lookit the baybeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a beautiful little head he has! He might weigh only 15 pounds less than you do, but he’s teensy next to his mama.
    Good job, Daisy and good job, Shreve and Mike!

    I keep going back to look at Frisco over and over. The last picture of him, with his head snuggled in the straw and his mama watching over him just tugs at my heart. I love animal mamas.

  31. Stacey Says:

    I love the picture of Frisco all snuggled in to Daisy. What a proud mama! Congrats!

  32. Phyllis Says:

    What a beautiful thing to be part of. I’m glad he’ll be your plow cow and not a meal for sweet Charlie.

    I love what you’re doing out there and hope you and your animals and Mike have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. I admire you so much. Please tell Charlie that I love him and am so happy that you saved him.

  33. Diane Says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to your farmily! Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment with us. Hugs to you all and happy holidays!

  34. dlperry Says:

    Frisco is beautiful, and adorable! his coat looks so soft and velvety.

  35. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Yay, a bull calf! I was right!

    And he’s gorgeous. Coming from a dairy-turned-beef farm family, I’m surprised as well at having a black calf from a Brown Swiss/Jersey/Holstein combination. I bet he turns out to be a gorgeous silvery color all over after he grows a bit. With the huge gorgeous brown Jersey eyes.

    Happy Birth Day, Frisco!

  36. denise Says:

    Congratulations to everyone and thank you for sharing that wonderful story with us. Frisco fits him perfectly!

  37. Vicki Y Says:

    YAY! Congrats to both momma, baby and the farmily for no complications! Glad everyone is doing well!

  38. mlaiuppa Says:

    So, you have your plow cow.

    And the name is very apt.

    It’s great you had Baby Boy to teach Daisy about calves nursing. She’ll be fine now. She’s obviously going to be a great mother. Wonderful that after three births she is finally able to enjoy the experience the way nature intended.

    Since Baby Boy isn’t related to Daisy….will she evenutally let him breed with her? If so…you may get another milking cow eventually too. But I thought Daisy supplied you with more than you need. What will you do with two milk cows? Sell the extra? Go into the cheese making business?

    And where is Charlie in all of this? Is he aware there’s a new member of the Farmily? I imagine Daisy is a bit skittish of Charlie right now with her calf so new.

  39. LaurieH Says:

    Frisco is beautiful.
    I can’t wait for Charlie to meet him — I bet he’ll love to kiss this baby.
    Enjoy the baby!

  40. Rich Says:

    Congrats to Daisy & Baby :)

  41. Athos' Mom Says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to the farmily!!! Frisco is apropos and what a beautiful baby he is! Thank you for sharing your story about Frisco–I felt like I was there with you.

  42. Tanya Says:

    Congratulations! He’s really beautiful, and such a great name.

    Have a merry Christ-moo-s, a happy Han-moo-kah, and a wonderful moo year. (I know, I’m even making myself gag.)

  43. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    What a cute little bull calf Frisco is! I am glad there were no complications with this birth, except for the kick-away that Daisy gave him. I hope she doesn’t do that with all the calves she may have in the future.

    Just wondering – HOW SOON after birth does Frisco have to be castrated? The sooner, the better? Get the painful “bris” out of the way early … it will make him much less aggressive later on, I’m sure.

    Oh, this morning I went to check on BaaBaa and her lamb, only to discover that she DID HAVE twins – the second one, obviously, came along after John and I left the scene. Mom and twins are doing fine – Jacob sheep are a very hardy breed.

  44. Donna L. Says:

    Congratulations to Daisy and you. Frisco is a beautiful boy. Looking forward to more stories and pictures.

  45. Lynne Says:

    beautiful beginnings!! congrats to Daisy ;-) so glad you were able to provide her with the wholesome and natural experience of bonding with her calf.
    and so begins a new chapter of Farmily Life by your welcoming and loving this Christmas baby. how very wonderful to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right man and surrounded by the love you give and receive.
    your writing style, along with your incredible photography, are such wonderful gifts. thank you for sharing them.

  46. Grace Says:

    Congratulations on the growing family! Fascinating and heartwarming, thanks so much for sharing the story. Love the name too.

  47. Brandi Says:

    Woo-hoo! Hopefully you’ll be able to get some sleep now Shreve. I’ve witnessed and helped with dozens upon dozens of bovine births, and it never gets old for me. I’m truly glad everything went well. Have a great day.

  48. Anonymous Says:


  49. Elaine in the UK Says:

    Happy Birthday to Frisco, and thank so much for sharing this experience with us, your internet ‘friends’, Shreve :-)

    Congratulations! To Daisy, to you and to all your farmily! :-D

  50. Bethany Says:

    Congrats on the baby! Love the story and photos! Thanks for sharing with us! What a Christmas present!

  51. Dawn Says:

    Great pictures and great story. And what a perfect perfect name for the boy who’s Mama’s name is Daisy! I love your farmily Shreve. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  52. Sasha Says:

    I’ve not commented before, but I’ve been reading for a long while now. I wanted to tell you that, though cats and cows are obviously quite different, I have a black cat who started out as a black kitten with silvery-gray tips on the end of all the fur on his torso. He also had a bizarre, kitty mohawk when he was little. Now, he’s a big, black tomcat with no more silver (or mohawk…tear…) but tons of white hairs interspersed with the black. He went from being my little silver-backed gorilla kitten to my big, black with random white hairs everywhere tomcat.

  53. Chair Says:

    I’m not sure how it is with cows, but horses are often born dark and lighten with age, perhaps Frisco will, too?

    Regardless, he is lovely. Congratulations to the farmily! :)

  54. Ingrid Says:

    Thanks for sharing this lovely event with us!

  55. AMK Says:

    Congratulations! And that song is perfect. ^_^

  56. Shelley Harper Says:

    Congratulations to you and your ever growing family. I have a beautiful black rottweiller named Nemo and I often refer to him as my black man. Here’s a toast to you and your new black guy Frisco. He is so handsome.

  57. Nancy Says:

    Wonderful news! In fact, this really makes my day. Frisco is a perfect name, and love that connection with Scott McKenzie’s anthem. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all in the farm-ily.

  58. montanarose Says:

    Congrats to you, Daisy, Mike and, of course, Frisco! How special to have a Christmas (well, almost Christmas) birth in your very own manger.

    Hope you have one of those bottles of champagne around so that you can toast the wee lad. Plus, Charlie can enjoy the cork when you’re finished with it ;-)

  59. bonnie Says:

    congratulations, and thanks!

  60. Belle Says:

    “For me, the name conjures the image of a burly man with an anchor tattoo and a heart of gold… And it’s a nod to what got me here.”
    Haha, sorry, but when reading this I just imagined a burly man with an anchor tattoo literally carrying you to Wyoming.

  61. Lisa Says:

    Congrats Daisy! I was reading your post as I bottle fed my foster puppies, I love seeing a baby with its real mom! Happy Holidays and keep us updated!

  62. Marie Says:

    Congratulations to the gorgeous Daisy!
    Shreve, thank you so much for posting the story of Frisco’s birth. What a beautiful start to my morning to read such a happy story.

    I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy the time with the newest addition to your farmily!

  63. Ricky Says:


  64. Eve Says:

    Yay!!! I’m so happy it all turned out so well. You’re such a sweet mom to bring out the blanket & space heater. It reminds me of when I was caretaking an orphaned fawn overnight. The Wildlife experts told me to put her in a laundry basket in the laundry room overnight. I couldn’t stand for her to be alone so I dragged couch cushions & a blanket in there & slept on the floor next to the basket.

    Welcome to the world, Frisco Stockton!

  65. feralchick Says:

    Beautiful! Time to get started on next year’s calendar! :-)

  66. steph in Oregon Says:

    Congratulations on thenew life!

  67. Melissa Says:

    Shreve…Again, your writing has moved me to beyond words. I’m so happy that Daisy and Frisco are doing well. I knew Daisy would have a male calf!! Just a gut feeling! I was wondering though….does Charlie ever go around Ranger and Daisy? If so, how does he react to them and vise versa? Or do you have to keep them seperated? I’m curious to know since he became friends with Eli and Chloe.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with all your animals and Mike. You are one lucky gal to be living such a blessed life!

  68. Sandra Hagan Says:

    Oh my, how thrilling to be a distant part of the wonderful event of birth. It was good of you to share. A picture is worth and thousand words. However, I like the expanded version delivered in words too! Welcome to Frisco! Good job everyone!

  69. Bronwyn Says:

    I think this is the first time I’ve commented on this blog which is odd since I’ve been following it for well over a year now! I just wanted to say how much I loved this entry. I’ve never managed to see the birth of an animal (I merely heard my pet rat in labour from beneath some tissues) save for some birds but I’d very much like to someday. I missed my aunt’s foal’s birth by only an hour! I think these are my favourite entries, the ones that seem like a continuation of your wonderful book. :)

  70. Carolyn C. Says:

    Thanks for sharing this new edition to your farmily saga.

    Wishes for you, Mike, Charley, Eli, Chloe, Daisy and sweet Frisco for
    a happy holiday and a healthy and happy New Year.

  71. Tricia M. Says:

    Congrats to all & a warm welcome to Frisco! I am looking forward to watching him grow. Will he interact with Charlie?

    I am SO happy to hear that except for that little hitch at Frisco’s first drink, all went well. It is awesome news that Daisy, Baby Frisco and Shreve are all doing great.

    As always, thank you so much for sharing.


  72. Cyn Says:

    Frisco–FABULOUS name, and will be when he is big and handsom instead of tiny and cute! Congratulations–

  73. Penny Says:

    Shreve congrats on the successful birth! What a wonderful gift..and great timing! Wishing you all a blessed and happy Christmas, and a healthy 2010! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  74. Gabriella Says:

    Wonderful news! Congratulations to sweet, sweet Daisy girl and to all of you. What a wonderful addition to the family and I love you have decided not to eat Frisco. Your animal family is very lucky to have you and what you do for them is indescribably amazing.

    PS. Daisy is really such a pretty girl, she reminds me of the cows in Germany, storybook illustration quality cow…. a real beauty.

  75. Micaela Morris Says:

    Thanks again for sharing this magic moment with us! Little Frisco will no doubt be a remarkable plow cow (or bull, depending) and we will be waiting to hear how he does. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

    Your story reminded me of my midwifery with a young doggie and her first litter, born in my living room in Cameroon. We video taped the puppies and played it back for them when they were bigger….they just loved hearing their puppy voices again!

    Good luck to you and your farmily…and Mike!

  76. Alyson Says:

    Congratulations to both new mommies!! :-)

  77. Ava Says:

    There you go, spreading life around again. So happy for calm, gentle Daisy and little Frisco–and even the weather cooperated! Now Daisy is lighter of one calf, Frisco is safely launched into life and your vigil is over.
    Best wishes to all!

    P.S. Extra scritches to Charlie, Chloe and Eli because they probably wondered what the heck was up with you hanging out in the barn with pen, paper, clementines and vodka. Yes, critters, humans is weird. But you guys lucked into one of the best!

  78. Dori Says:

    Congrats on the new addition! Frisco is a great name!

  79. RI Gurl Says:

    What a wonderful photo of your new farmily member. Frisco is just adorable and Daisy looks very happy with her new son :-). I’ll be interested as well to see how Frisco’s coat turns out as he grows. I’m so happy for you all (and that I was actually correct in my guess – for once the 50/50 chance came out on my side! ;-).

  80. Aimee Carpenter Says:

    So exciting and he’s so beautiful. Congratulations to you all. More photos of Frisco please!

  81. Rose Marie Says:

    Congratulations Shreve and Daisy on your healthy baby boy! I can’t wait to see pictures or better yet video of Charlie’s first meeting (nose licking) with the new kid in town. Thank you for letting us share in your life. :) Peaceful New Year to you all!

  82. mlaiuppa Says:

    Oh, yes. More pictures or even video please.

    I’d love to see Daisy snuggling and kissing her new baby. I am so happy for her. She is so lucky to have you and the great life she is enjoying. She has no idea how blessed she is. Or Baby Boy. Or Frisco. Charlie, Eli, Chloe, the whole bunch. Animals are so wonderfully in the here. They never worry or dwell on what might have been.

  83. Tanya Says:

    Congratulations! Next up, maybe a goat?

  84. AmberStar Says:

    Congratulations on your new arrival. We have had horses so I’m familiar with the sex of them. stallion, mare, gelding What will Frisco be if he is neutered? I’m sure I could look this up, but he will never be a cow. The plural of a herd is cattle…cuz not all are girls (cows). I’ve been reading your blog for years, but never commented. I think the comments were closed or something. Anyway, you have a happy, healthy baby bull and it really is just like Christmas isn’t it with a real manger and all. :D

  85. Kim Philpot Says:

    Congratulations!! It is so fun to read your commentary on this exciting process. Thank you for sharing this important occasion with us.
    Frisco is a wonderful name!
    Merry Christmas!

  86. Carrie Says:


  87. Roxanne Says:

    I have a huge smile reading this. Welcome to the world Frisco!

  88. Alice Says:

    Congratulations on your new baby! Glad everything went well with the delivery. Can’t wait to see more pictures of Frisco as he grows up.

  89. Craig Says:

    Congratulations Ms. Stockton! We are happy for you here in San Antonio, TX! Thanks for sharing with us. Your site brings smiles to us every single day. You have no idea.

  90. Linda Says:

    I so hope have abandoned any thought of using lovely little Frisco for meat. As you probably have already contemplated, this is not necessary.

    If for any reason he cannot just remain a beloved friend and companion at your wonderful place, I would be happy to help you place him at a permanent haven where he will live his life free from harm as the wonderful non human person that he is.

    Thank you for what you have done for Charlie and others. I look at your site for updates almost every day and am so moved by you and your relationship with beautiful Charlie.

    And also, thank you for your inspiring message about the amazing sentence of our canine latrans brethren.


  91. Donna Says:

    A new baby, how wonderful. I am amazed looking at the pictures of Daisy, her beautiful eye lashes. Never really seen a cow up that close. She is absolutly stunning and don’t get me started on the cute little Frisco. I just want to eat him up, and in a good way….

    Thanks for your website, I look at it everyday and it starts my day off with a smile.

  92. Bobbie Says:

    Congratulations! What a beautiful mama and baby and story….I can’t stop smiling! This just warms my heart and I think I’ve just found that Christmas spririt I was lacking this year! Wonderful, simply beautiful and absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  93. Barbara Says:

    Mother and Child. Beautiful. Love to you all.

  94. Linda W Says:

    Congratulations, Daisy and Shreve! Welome to the world, Frisco. It can be big and scarey sometimes, but you have some really powerful mamas there to help you.

    Happy Holidays, Shreve, Mike and the entire farmily from the Watsons in So Cal.

  95. Martha Says:

    Yay! All are well. Daisy and baby safe and healthy. You must be over the moon. “Frisco,” I whisper and my throat swells.
    Love that he carries the West Coast name and all that comes with it.
    What an amazing story and at such an amazing time of the year.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. You, Charlie and Eli (and all the new-comers) have been part of our morning routine for several years now. After I first discovered you, I had to seek out and read all your adventures on the Vespa. This was wonderful.

    I can’t wait for my son to wake up and show him.

  97. Britni B. Says:

    Congratulations, he is beautiful and should make a handsome ox one day, I’m sure he’ll turn out to be big and strong being Brown Swiss/Jersey/Holstein (well maybe not due to the Jersey…) And I’m sure Daisy is as happy as you are to be milked again! That bag is so full!

    Also for reference to those who don’t know, they take the calves away from dairy cows as quickly as possible not because they want the milk to sell, but to keep the calf as healthy as possible. It’s much cleaner and warmer in the calf houses than anywhere momma cow is. There are so many pathogens that can make the poor little baby sick if he stays with his dam (mother). It also lets them pay more attention to the cows health and makes sure they are getting as much food as they can to make up for all the milk they will produce. The people who raise beef cattle want their calves to grow big and fast, and generally have their cows on much more land so they don’t have to worry about the pathogen level as much. Plus beef cows don’t produce nearly as much milk so don’t have as much of a negative energy balance to recover from.

  98. Holly Says:

    Oh my! What a handsome calf….Good girl Daisy. Congrats to you all, your farmily is now one more. Welcome Frisco, and what a special time of year to be born.

    Thank you Shreve for sharing with us this most special event! I have been checking almost every day waiting for the good news and now we can share in his growth as well.
    Wonder what Charlie will think of all this! Probably just take it in his stride, as he has with all else.Fantastic!

    Happy Holidays to all of you !

  99. Judypainter Says:

    So glad all is well. Love your stories. One of my first prints, was of a pastel coyote. Portrait of a Songdog.
    I remember when I lived in Montana, I watched the birth of a calf. The mother was a young Black Angus bred to a longhorn for easy birthing. The calf came feet first and had to be pulled for some time. He was very long and they named him Stretch.

  100. Ingrid King Says:

    Congratulations, Daisy and Shreve, and welcome to the world, little Frisco!

    Happy Holidays to the newly enlarged family!

  101. Jim Says:

    What I want to know is, how’d the vodka and clementines hold out? I think you’re like me in that once you have an animal, you love that animal and would never want to let it go. So be careful how big a herd you build.

  102. Keitha Says:

    Welcome to the world baby boy! He’s darling! Frisco fits! Glad you and Mike worked things out and Daisy accepted him. Looking forward to the adventures of this new addition. Thanks so much Shreve for sharing your farmily with us. It’s the next best thing to being there. Y’all have a wonderful Christmas!

  103. frannie Says:

    What a wonderful, uplifting story! The world is a better place because you’re in it, Shreve. I love how you love your critters, the land, life in general. Give all your furry ones a hug for me, and an extra one for Baby! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  104. Morgan Says:

    Oh my goodness….thank you for sharing the story of your new addition to the Farm-ly!!! Awesome!!!!

  105. Luci Says:

    Congratulations and welcome Frisco!

  106. Mamba1-0 Says:

    Congratulations! He’s beautiful.

  107. Melissa Says:

    Thank you for taking me back to my childhood. To the beauty and wonder that everyday on our farm brought. I miss it so much and Frisco and Daisy’s first day together brought tears to my eyes.

  108. Tee Says:

    Congrats on the new baby! He is too cute. I really love the third pic of Daisy with Frisco, and I’m really looking forward to hearing about Daisy’s experience as a mother to him.

  109. Marlene Says:

    Shreve! Please tell us more about “Baby” and his issues???????????
    is he jealous?? I really am interested in the dynamics between all the other animals once the new baby from Dasiy came???? Its so interesting and people that do not have the oportunity to experience farm life..really find this facinating!!!!

    thanks Marlene from Cambria

  110. Ursula Says:

    Welcome little Frisco. I bet you are so proud of Daisy, this made me smile. Congratulations Shreve and Daisy.

  111. wright Says:

    Many congratulations! And many thanks for you continuing to share your life with so many of us. Your writing is engaging and clear, your appreciation of the world informed but far from cynical.

    Quite happy to be wrong about the calf’s gender as long as all of you are happy and healthy.

  112. Bethrusso Says:

    What a great story – did you ever believe you’d be such a farm girl?? That’s just AWESOME!!!!!!!! Frisco’s a great name by the way ~ ♥

  113. Janet in NYC Says:

    How Wonderful! Merry Christmas to the Farmily and Welcome to Frisco!

  114. hello haha narf Says:

    i’m thrilled to read of the new blessing to your life. congrats to daisy on doing a fantastic job of being a mom. and congrats to you for all the help you gave!
    frisco is a terrific name for your new addition. i wish you all health and peace!

  115. epeefencer Says:

    WOW!!! Made my day, as usual. Beautiful pics and congrats to the newest member of the farmily :)

  116. Marva Says:

    Congrats, Shreve. Thank you for bringing your readers in to your life with the farmily. Makes picking up a half gallon of milk mean much more that usual for this city dweller. Happy Holiday!!

  117. chook Says:

    bebeh cows are the sweetest, with their long eyelashes.

  118. EquosDesigns Says:

    i used to love watching the calves get born on our farm. those are good memories. it is amazing to see a herbivore munch down the huuuge placenta too.

  119. Tina Says:

    Thank you for sharing….brought tears to my eyes!

  120. Loretta Says:

    I got kinda choked up too, reading that manger story on The Solstice…sweet Frisco has the look of our old tortoiseshell cat Komiko, wild but dear, tough and vulnerable. Thanks, Shreve, for letting us ride along on your adventure — the good energy warms me like your space heater and towel warmed the babe.

  121. belle Says:

    Congratulations!! All of your animals are so lucky to have you and your love. God bless you for taking the time to care for all of them.

    Merry Christmas to you and your farmily and to Mike – Have a wonderful 2010!!

  122. JayneZ Says:

    Mooy good! (sorry just couldn’t resist!) Love Frisco’s profile — absolutely perfect.

    Happy holidays and an even better New Year to you and your 4-legged companions!

  123. Siobhan Says:

    Is there anything more serene than Daisy’s face as she watches over her adorable baby? I think Frisco is the perfect name for him and he is soooooo cute! So glad things went (mostly!) smoothly and that everyone is safe and sound.

  124. Carmen Says:


  125. Michelle Says:


  126. Theresa Szpila Says:

    Congratulations, Daisy and Grandma-Shreve!

    Welcome to the world, Frisco!

    Thanks so much, Shreve, for sharing all this with us. I’m thrilled to bits that momma and baby boy are doing well and thriving.

    Hugs to all!!!!!

    (Can’t wait for Charlie’s reaction. Chloe’s and Eli’s, too.)

  127. Gretchen Says:

    Welcome Frisco, and congrats to Daisy & Shreve!

  128. Angela Says:

    Congrats Shreve on the newest member of your family–He’s beautiful!

  129. June Corbett Says:

    Shrieve, How wonderful your new addition is! I have followed you since I saw your article in People Mag. and I marvel at your words. We had such problems with Coyotes here in Colorado that I was drawn to your story of a saved animal. There is such fear & mis-information that it was refreshing to see a story written about the good in nature instead of placing fear. Your pictures are something to marvel at. I shared your book with all my employees & they want me to print out the pic’s you send out so we rotate them on our info-board each time another comes out. I even send his pic to my daughter, Tandra, who is deployed at the time & she shares his pic with people deployed in the AF with her. Thank you for Charlie’s story. It inspired me to learn more about Coyotes. Merry Christmas to you, Charlie and all your farm family. June Corbett, Westminster, CO

  130. Kari Says:

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, and story. Here is hoping that you all have a wonderful Christmas.

  131. Angela Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! Merry Christmas, Shreve. I hope you have a GREAT 2010.

  132. Evi Says:

    Congratulations. What a beautiful Boy. Thanks for sharing your critter adventures with us. What a lovely Momma Daisy is.

  133. msdramateacherlady Says:


  134. LeaAnn Says:

    Congratulations on your new addition! Just happened to come across this, and wanted to comment. I grew up on a farm where we had Brown Swiss cows that were bred with Holsteins. All of the babies ended up solid (pretty much) black. Must be something in the genes.

  135. Mercedes in Florida Says:

    Congradulations Shreve & Daisy! I loved your book and always look forward to your weekly pictures. Now I will look forward to the updates on Frisco as well! Thanks for sharing all your joys of your amazing life with us.
    Welcome to the world Frisco!

  136. gabrielle Says:

    hello im a big fan of your book im only 9 years old and I was 8 when I saw the book up in estes park my papa bought it for me on christmas and since then I have treated the book like its a precious baby and not stopped reading I sware its like non stop do not pay atttieon sorry if I spelled that wrong any way its like a reading day and by the way when does chole get in the book or is she not in the book?cause I dont know you do

  137. Peg Schoenfelder Says:

    I am betting on a she-calf named Yuma.

  138. Kat Says:

    Thank you for posting pictures and continuing the story of your growing family. My husband and friends LOVE your book, your spirit and your thought process. We have always loved animals and the way you have trained Charlie has been an inspiration to us with our current highly intelligent “rescue” dogs…a Border Collie mix and a purebred Jack Russell Terrier. You trained a coyote, we should be able to train these two crazy dogs!!

    Thank you, Shreve!

  139. ginny Says:

    Wow. Nothing sweeter than a brand new little being. Oh, and those calf eyelashes!!! Closeups, please. =0)

  140. Emily Says:

    Wow, Shreve. Congratulations on the new calf! Those are great pictures of Frisco and his beautiful mom. Daisy looks like she’ll be a great mom. I hope she is. And don’t stop taking pictures of Charlie. I enjoy them so much. I’ll see some here in AZ now and again, but I see them everyday with your pictures. Congratulations again and good luck!

  141. Debbie Says:

    Hey Shreve, just browsing old your pics, Frisco is adorable! After reading through I’m glad you explained what breed Daisy is. I manage a dairy here in Colorado and when I saw her udder I thought “wow, she looks like a dairy cow!” From her color I thought she might be Charoilas but turns out she is a dairy cow. I know these are at least a year old but enjoy browsing anyway. Hope you are well.

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