Charlie And The Moose

photo taken September 2009

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No contest today ~ too much going on with the new baby (see below)!  The Caption Contest will be back next Monday; in the meantime, I have a story for you.

Charlie got a present in the mail, and when I opened the box, I knew it was going to be his favorite toy EVER. Stuffed animals are his treat of choice, and this was a fuzzy stuffed moose, with a biteable round belly, long dangly legs, plush antlers, and a squeak inside.  Irresistible on all counts.

When I walked into the playroom with the moose, Charlie sat immediately (as is the rule), he wiggled, he could barely contain himself.  I presented him with the moose and he bounced to his feet, snatched it in his jaws, and dashed outside to race victorious laps around the yard.  After running with the moose for several minutes, he settled, somewhat warily, in the grass to investigate his prize.

This week, I’ll share the full story of Charlie and the moose…. stay tuned!

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