We don’t hear much about Eli anymore. Just wondering if he is still around and how he might be doing?

Eli is still King Kitten. I do think he was relieved when Chloe came along and became Charlie’s BFF…. he is a cat, you know, with more important secret things to do than play and play and play. However, like all cats, he does require worship.

If everyone is having too much fun without him, Eli will wake from his slumber on my bed and hop down into the midst of everything just so that the activity can center around him. Charlie and Chloe simply go nuts over Eli, whining and licking his chin and sniffing every inch of him and literally laying down before him. Once Eli’s ego has tired of their clumsy adoration, he swats the canines away and goes back to a high perch to nap where it is warmest.

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