Notes On Charlie – September 24

Charlie and I have spent the past few days at MC’s – the cabin was starting to feel like a den of sickness and I thought Charlie would like the change of scenery. Yesterday I was down at the cabin briefly and the cat wandered in so I scooped him up and took him up to MC’s, too. Charlie got the most excited look on his face when I walked in with Eli in my arms. They spent the evening curled up on the downstairs bed like yin and yang, in what was obviously some very special brother time. I peeked in on them later and they were lying nose to nose, with their little front paws all intertwined.

And later, Charlie drank water twice without throwing up afterwards. A great sign of improvement. And I squeezed into bed with the cat and the coyote and finally had my first night of real rest since this all began. Charlie’s still been pretty mellow so far today, but he has made the rounds around the house twice, and MC said when he left this morning (I had already left for work earlier), Charlie and the cat were running around upstairs together.