Trimming The Weeds

photo taken February 2010

one year ago: Meet Daisy
two years ago: Being Corny

When I sent these photos out to the Daily email list, someone wrote back stating, “if Charlie is eating weeds, he’s malnourished,” or something to that effect.  He’s not eating weeds.

The real story behind Charlie and the weeds is so cute I’ll share it here.
When Charlie was a small pup, we spent tons of time outside, down by the tamarisk tree, or in the draws where the wild grasses grow.  And weeds, too.

One lazy day I plucked a long, dry weed and teased Charlie with it and he took the very tip between his teeth and bit it off and spit it out.  And I teased him with it again and he delicately nipped off another 1/4 inch and spit it out.  And on and on till he reached my fingertips.

This became one of our games ~ I hold out a dry length of weed and he nips off 1/4 inch bits, one after another until he reaches the end I hold.  We still do this.

And Charlie now does this with standing weeds when he wants to play!  You can see him doing this in the Home video, at the 3:20 and 3:30 minute marks ~ he’s saying, “Chloe, chase me!” And that is what he’s doing in these photos.

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